Spongebob Under The Sea Dominican Birthday Cake

by Chanel Williams
(Bronx, NY)

Dive Into Bikini Bottom For Fun -- SpongeBob Style!

Dive Into Bikini Bottom For Fun -- SpongeBob Style!

My son loves SpongeBob so from forced to watch all the cartoon shows an idea popped in my head why not make him a cake this year instead of wasting my money on a stale bakery expensive cake. So I did some research and with practice I did a few tries and I nailed it.

I reside in the Bronx and there is a perfect craft store that sells Wilton products, so, I bought the ruffled base rotating table so I could easily ice it. I also got some sparkle sprinkles in blue, red, and yellow, the sprinkle beads in yellow, and spray icing in a can – awesome for effects. I used purple, yellow, and red. I had some stickers I cut out and made a topper too.

The colors used on this cake are cool and can definitely give you some inspiration if you plan to try your hand at making SpongeBob birthday cakes of your own. While you are probably serving up a great cake for the party, you also need to have a nice party menu to serve the guests that attend your Sponge Bob birthday party. The colors of this cake made me think of some fun food choices.

Focus on foods that are yellow and blue when figuring out your menu. For example, you can make blue punch to serve up for drinks. Choose some yellow foods, like yellow cheese trays, yellow chips, pineapple or bananas. Making some cookies or cupcakes using blue and yellow icing will also add to your colored food theme as well. You could even serve up some seafood inspired foods, such as Goldfish crackers, fish and chips or even some popcorn shrimp. If you do serve something like shrimp, make sure that none of your little guests are allergic to shellfish. Have fun with the food choices and be sure to make them look exciting and inviting for your young guests.

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