Sponge Bob Square Pants

by Ria at Ria's Cakes
(Waterlooville, Hampshire)

SpongeBob's Under The Sea Adventure Is Certainly Inviting

SpongeBob's Under The Sea Adventure Is Certainly Inviting

I was given a picture to make into a cake and this was the end result. All characters and sea weed were made from modeling paste in advance to give them a chance to dry.

Ria (Ria's Cakes)

If you’re looking for cool SpongeBob cakes, this cake is a beautiful one to check out for some great inspiration. It obviously took a lot of time to make and it is a stunning piece of cake art! If you’re looking for some more cake ideas you can use for a Sponge Bob birthday party, this cake made me think of a few more cool options.

One idea that is pretty easy is to start with is a nice base cake, like one that is square or rectangle and then make a Sponge Bob shaped cake to go on top of the bottom cake. All you’ll need is a Sponge Bob birthday cake pan and a big square or rectangle cake pan to make the base of your cake. When icing the base cake, you’ll want to use a color that will really make Sponge Bob stand out, such as a deep blue. Then, you’ll need to ice the Sponge Bob shaped cake in “Bob’s” colors. Most pans will come with some instructions for you to follow when icing Sponge Bob. Place the Sponge Bob cake right on top of the base and it will look incredible.

Another fun idea for a Sponge Bob Birthday cake is to start with a round cake that has been iced in a pretty blue to look like the Ocean. A few days before you make the actual cake, trace a picture of Sponge Bob on a piece of wax paper or you can just place a piece of wax paper right over the image you want to use. With the wax paper on the image (secure it so it won’t move), start using icing to create the picture on your wax paper. You’re basically coloring the picture with icing. Then, you need to let the icing decoration have a couple days to dry well so it can be easily taken off the wax paper and then placed onto your cake.

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