Sponge Bob Cake

by Katarina
(Pleasanton, CA)

Let's Get Ready For A Splash-Tastic Good Time!

Let's Get Ready For A Splash-Tastic Good Time!

Let's Get Ready For A Splash-Tastic Good Time!
I'm All Lit Up SpongeBob Style!

This was walnut- chocolate cake. I made it for my son's 4th Birthday. It's decorated with marshmallow fondant.

Marshmallow fondant is such a great choice for a SpongeBob birthday cake and other cakes that require a stiff icing. While the marshmallow fondant can be pretty messy to work with, it tastes amazing, so your party guests are definitely going to enjoy the cake.

This adorable SpongeBob birthday cake got my creative juices going and made me think of a few fun ideas you may want to use for your Sponge Bob birthday party. While you are probably serving up a piece of your beautiful cake at the party, you can make or purchase a batch of cupcakes decorated with Sponge Bob cupcake toppers. Pop the cupcakes into individual cupcake boxes and label them with the names of your guests. This way your guests will have a yummy treat to take home as a party favor at the end of the night. Delicious!

Need a cool centerpiece for your Sponge Bob birthday party? A cool idea is to purchase a big punch bowl or a fish bowl if you don’t have one already. Purchase some Sponge Bob toys or cake toppers. Then use some tacky glue to attach the characters to the bottom and sides of the punch or fish bowl. Next, add some water to the bowl, filling it at least three quarters of the way full. Add a couple drops of food coloring to the water to really make it look blue. If you have a few waterproof LED lights, add them to the water to light up the bowl. You will have a stunning centerpiece that looks incredible and it really doesn’t take much time to make it. The kids are sure to be entranced by this Sponge Bob under the sea centerpiece. Your child may even want to have the centerpiece in his or her bedroom after the party.

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