Soak Up Some Fun Sponge Bob Birthday Party Ideas!

Fun And Fabulous Sponge Bob Birthday Party
The Perfect Choice For Your Sponge Bob Fans!

If you are ready to dive right into Bikini Bottom and host a Spongebob Squarepants party, then keep reading for some "Sand-sational" party ideas that will help you break through the great barrier party reef!

sponge bob birthday
Photo courtesy of: Neeta Lind
To help get you started planning your Sponge Bob extravaganza you will want to be sure you have your sea legs as you will be wading through lots of options. I'll take you from getting the word out with great invites to feeding the gang with grub that Krusty Krab would be proud to serve, along with showing you ways to turn your home into the wonderful world of Bikini Bottom.


LARGE SEASHELL SPONGE BOB PARTY INVITATIONS – When you’re inviting guests to an exciting Sponge Bob birthday party, you want to start the party right with fabulous invitations. For this cool invite you’ll need to purchase some large seashells, purchasing enough seashells so you have one for each guest that you plan to invite to your Sponge Bob party. Make sure shells are large enough for you to write on. Using a permanent marker, write the party information on the back of the seashells you have purchased. Place them in padded envelopes and deliver them by hand to your guests.

SPONGE BOB BUBBLES PARTY INVITATIONS – Another easy and fun idea for invitations is to send out bubble invitations. Purchase small yellow bottles of bubbles, buying one for every guest. Then, write all the party details on a large address label or print out the labels. Apply the labels with the information to the bottle of bubbles, covering the bubble label. You can add some Sponge Bob stickers to the bottle as well. Deliver these bottles of bubbles to your guests by hand. They’ll enjoy a chance to blow bubbles before the big party.

SPONGE BOB BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITATION - Using yellow and brown card stock, create a Spongebob invitation. Use the above Sponge Invitation information as a guide for decorating this invitation.

PINEAPPLE INVITATION - Cut a pineapple shape from yellow card stock and glue a green leafy top cut from green card stock. Add some yellow and green glitter to the pineapple for a little pizazz! On one side write, "Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea?" On the reverse side write:

"Sponge Bob Squarepants!"

And he's inviting you to a birthday party for (name)
Located at (address) in Bikini Bottom.
Dive time commences at (time) and resurfaces at (end time).
"Sea" ya' there, or be Square-pants.
RSVP to (name and phone).

STARFISH INVITATION - Cut a starfish from tan card stock and decorate one side with some tan glitter. Put the party details on the back.

SPONGE BOB BIRTHDAY PARTY SPONGE INVITATION - Create a sponge invitation to be hand-delivered.
  • Use a yellow 2 3/4" x 4 1/2" (approx.) sized sponge to make the invitation.

  • Push 2 yellow pipe cleaners through the sponge to create the arms and legs using an upholstery needle to push them through. One should be placed in the upper one-third of the sponge and the other through the lower portion of the sponge.

  • Glue wiggly eyes and a red felt mouth on the sponge to create the face.

  • Make pants by cutting a brown felt rectangle the width of the sponge by 2" in length. Cut out a small triangle at the bottom center to make the felt look like pants. Draw a broken line with a black Sharpie across the top of the felt to make the belt. Glue the pants to the bottom of the sponge.

  • Make a red tie from felt and then glue it to the bottom center of the sponge, allowing it to hang partially over the top of the pants.

  • Cut a piece of card stock slightly smaller than the entire size of the sponge and write all of the party details on the card. Glue to the back of the sponge using a hot glue gun.

Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea?
Sponge Bob!
And he would like you to come and party with me!
Location: Bikini bottom at (Address)
Dive Time: (start time); Resurface time: (end time)
"Sea" Ya, or be Square-pants.
RSVP to: (name and phone).

SPONGE BOB BOTTLE INVITATION - Take empty water bottles and remove the labels. Fill about 1/4 of the bottle with sand and small seashells. Using decorative scissors, cut an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of yellow paper into fourths. Write party details on each piece of paper. Roll up, tie with green raffia (seaweed), and place inside the bottle. Decorate outside of bottle with Sponge Bob stickers. Hand-deliver.

Suggested Invite Wording

Calling all sea creatures, Come one, Come all.
Dive into action, we're sure to have a ball.
Be here, or be Square-Pants.
Add location and R.S.V.P. info.



  • Cut head and arm openings a cardboard box. Once the openings are cut, the box should hang down to about the knees.

  • Spray paint or hand-paint the entire box yellow and let dry.

  • Sponge on (no pun intended) "sponge holes" over the body portion of the box with light brown paint.

  • Make shirt by painting a white stripe all the way around the box. Paint a red bow tie on the shirt.

  • Make the pants by painting a brown stripe all the way around the box. Draw broken, black rectangles around top of brown pants to create the belt.

  • Use a Spongebob picture as a guide to draw the face, bow tie, and pants on the box. Go over your drawing by painting in the face using black, blue (eyes), white (teeth) red (tongue), etc. paints.

  • Have child wear a long-sleeve yellow shirt, yellow leggings, colorful striped tube socks, and black shoes.


Adjust the amount of yellow felt you purchase to coincide with the size of the child.
  • Sew felt to create a small pillowcase, leaving an openings for the head and arms.

  • Sew 2" width of white felt on bottom of yellow felt.

  • Sew 4" width of brown felt on bottom of white felt.

  • Either sew or glue a face to cover the majority of the yellow felt. Use white for teeth and the whites of the eyes, blue for the eyeballs, red for the smile, black for the center of the blue eyes and eyelashes.

  • Glue or sew red tie or bowtie on white felt.

  • Glue or sew broken, black rectangles of felt at the top of the brown felt for the belt.

  • Have child wear a long-sleeve yellow shirt, yellow leggings, colorful striped tube socks, and black shoes.

For some more Sponge Bob costumes, check out our SPONGE BOB COSTUMES photos and how-to tips. They are nothing less than fun and fabulous!


Decorate up your party area like Bikini Bottom, by designing your own underwater adventure. To get your mind thinking along these lines, check out the following Sponge Bob birthday ideas.
  • To create a wonderful Bikini Bottom party room and a fun and fabulous photo-op, add a SpongeBob Scene to your party room wall. After the party is over, then transfer the mural to one of your child's bedroom walls.

  • Cover the front door with a large sign that reads "Bikini Bottom" or "The Krusty Krab."

  • Decorate and accent your ceilings with 2 shades of blue twisted streamers. Then hang various lengths of streamers in between the twisted streamers to create the underwater effect. Attach small plastic fish to the ends as if they are swimming in your underwater sea adventure.

  • Add a SpongeBob Bikini Bottom wall covering to create the undersea feeling.

  • Create a boat bottom from a refrigerator box and paint it brown. Hang it from the ceiling. Make an anchor from cardboard scraps and paint it in your party colors. Hang it from a rope off the boat. Also, create some fishing poles to come off the sides with plastic fish dangling from the lines. Then add blue balloons around the boat bottom to create the surrounding water.

  • Create "jellyfish" balloons by taping a ring of streamers around clear or white balloons. Hang from ceiling that is covered with twisted blue streamers.

  • Fill ceiling with blue balloons to create the underwater atmosphere.

  • Hang posters and enlarged pictures of SpongeBob characters on the walls.

  • Add Sponge Bob birthday party banner on wall.

  • Hang dark blue streamers all around the party room to create "waves."

  • Decorate archways or doorways with dark green streamers for seaweed.

  • Hang fishnets and white net lights on the walls and then add a few plastic fish to the nets.

  • Lighted strings of fish and seashells can be placed around door frames, windows, or hanging from ceiling.

  • Use water-printed gossamer to give areas an ocean feeling. For example, you might not want a certain piece of furniture to be exposed in your Bikini Bottom room, so covering it up with the water-printed gossamer will instantly make it look like it's part of the ocean.

  • Cover windows and light covers with blue cellophane to create the ocean atmosphere.

  • Replace light bulbs with blue and green bulbs to maintain the underwater effect.

  • Cover tables with disposable Sponge Bob birthday party tablecloths and tie corners with curling ribbons or cover with fishnet.

  • Use party colors to select plates, cups, napkins, and utensils.

  • Enlarge pictures of SpongeBob, Gary, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, and the rest of the SpongeBob crew. Laminate the pages, and use them as placemats and favors for your guests to take home.

  • Create a centerpiece using a large fish bowl and fill with live fish or plastic SpongeBob characters, and attach SpongeBob Mylar balloons to the bowl.

  • Sprinkle small seashells on table tops.

  • Create table centerpiece using a large stuffed SpongeBob toy and place him in a basket with napkins in party colors, curling ribbons, and helium balloons.

  • Make Sponge Bob birthday party hats using solid color cone hats in party colors and decorate with SpongeBob stickers.

  • Attach Spongebob foils balloons to the birthday child's chair and Spongebob latex balloons to the other guests' chairs.

  • Create a Sponge Bob birthday party photo-op corner by hanging blue foil fringed curtains against the walls in a corner. Decorate with large, laminated Sponge Bob characters, tissue paper pineapples, surfboard, and Mylar balloons.

  • A fun addition to this type of party would be a bubble machine. You could initially put it in the vicinity of your party entrance so everyone does into a sea of bubbles as they enter the party. After everyone has arrived, move the bubble machine to the party room.


When it's time to swim into a sea of fun, you'll want to think about planning some games that have a Spongebob theme to them or have a water and/or underwater theme. I came up with several ideas and created this Spongebob Party Games and Activities page. It contains everything you need to know about the following game options:
  • Spongebob Wet Relay Race
  • Spongebob Toss 4 Points
  • Mr. Krab Crab-Walk Race
  • Octopus And Fish Tag Game
  • Guess The Sea Animal
  • Squidward May I...
  • The Hunt For Spongebob's Friends
  • Seashell Necklace Activity
  • Guess The Number Of Seashells
  • Spongebob Plays
  • Spongebob Sponge Toss
  • Sponge Bob Sponge Painting
  • Sponge Bob Sponged T-Shirts
  • Squidward Balloon Creation


To delight your SpongeBob fans, place small signs by each dish to identify the names of your Krusty Krab cuisine:

KRABBY PATTIES & KRUSTY KRAB FRIES - Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and French fries of course.

SQUIDWARD DOGS - Cut hotdog in half lengthwise leaving 1"-2" end intact for head. Cut each long section in half again until you have 8 octopus legs. Cut 3 holes with knife point for eyes and mouth in head. Boil until legs curl and hotdog is cooked through. Serve with goldfish crackers.

SANDY'S SUBS - Set out various meats, cheese, spreads, lettuce, and bread and let everyone build their own sub sandwich.

GARY'S SEA SNAILS - Unroll refrigerator croissant dough and fill with sliced hotdogs cut lengthwise and strip of cheese. Roll croissant and bake until golden brown.

SEANUT & JELLYFISH SANDWICHES - Peanut butter and jelly.



PLANKTON'S PIZZA - Either make or buy the frozen Mini bagel pizza.

Round out your meal and choose from the following Sponge Bob birthday party side dishes and treats:

TURTLE TREATS - Place large lettuce leaf on plate. Place pear half in center of lettuce to create turtle shell. Cut apricot into quarters to create 4 legs. Place 2 on each side of pear. Place apricot half at top of pear half to create head. Press chocolate chips into apricot to create eyes and nose.

SPONGEBOB SALAD - Cut-up fresh fruit and place in hollowed out half pineapple shells.

JELL-O FISH BOWL - Make blue Jell-O. Scoop into fish bowl and press gummy fish into Jell-O. Top with whip cream and gummy life preservers.

PATRICK'S DELIGHT - Make pan of orange Jell-O and cut out starfish shapes with cookie-cutter.

JELL-O MOLD - Make a Jell-O mold using green, blue, and yellow layers. Mix into each layer a filling, e.g., mandarin oranges, pineapple tidbits, marshmallows, or cherries. Make a layer, refrigerate, when firm add another layer, repeat process until done. Turn out mold onto platter. Decorate with plastic SpongeBob characters.

GOLDFISH - Serve small fish bowl of goldfish crackers or rainbow goldfish crackers.

SEA SHELL SNACKS - Fill sea shells with various snacks, e.g., goldfish crackers, dried fruit pieces, pretzels, crackers, Animal Crackers, Teddy Grahams, Cheerios, rainbow Pringles, Chex Party Mix, M&M's, Jelly Belly's, gummy fish, gummy worms, gummy sharks, etc.

FISH CRACKERS & CHEESE - Serve fish-shaped crackers with fish-shaped cheese created with cookie cutters.

PATRICK COOKIES - Prepare child's favorite cookies and cut into star shapes and bake.

Be sure to provide an appropriate Sponge Bob birthday party drink. A few ideas follow:

SHARK PUNCH - Day before party make shark ice by placing gummy sharks or fish into ice cube trays, add water, let stand for 30 minutes to remove air bubbles, and freeze. Day of party prepare blue Kool-Aid according to package directions and place in punch bowl or large fish bowl. Add 2 liters of ginger ale. Right before serving add shark cubes.

BUBBLE BASS BREW - As you serve your child's favorite drink, add a few Pop Rocks candies into each glass. Upon contact, the drink will crackle, pop, and spit.

SEA KELP JUICE - Lemonade with green food coloring.

sponge bob birthday
Photo courtesy of: Neeta Lind


PATRICK'S STARFISH CAKE - Make 2 round cakes and cool. Cover a large piece of cardboard with foil and place blue frosting in the center to create "water". Then place one cake in the center of the frosting. Cut the second cake into 5 pie sections and trim curved edges to fit tightly against the round edge of the center cake. These pieces will create the starfish legs. Attach with icing. Frost with pink icing. Create Patrick's face with black and white icing.

SAND PAIL CAKE - Bake two 8"-square cakes and cut into 1" slices. Prepare 3-oz package of vanilla pudding. Fill a new, plastic sand pail with alternating layers of cake and pudding, ending with pudding. Sprinkle crushed vanilla wafers (sand) and top with chocolate shell-shaped candies or plastic starfish, crab, or shells. Serve with plastic shovel.

SPONGE BOB 3D BIRTHDAY CAKE – Making your own Sponge Bob 3D birthday cake is actually pretty easy. Start by baking a 9” round cake and then bake an 8” square cake. Frost the round cake in blue icing. Then, take the square cake and place it on its side on top of the round cake for an instant 3D version of Sponge Bob. Use icing to add all Sponge Bob’s features, such as eyes, mouth, pants, etc. Make his short legs and shoes out of fondant and add to the top of the round cake, attaching to Sponge Bob’s body. You’ll end up with a fabulous 3D cake that your party guests will love.

SPONGE BOB PINAPPLE CAKE – Bake three 8” round cakes in your favorite flavor. Once the cakes are cool, stack the three cakes on top of each other, using icing to keep them from sliding. Once you have the triple layer, use a knife to make the top of the cake a bit smaller, rounding it like the top of a pineapple. Decorate the cake using orange and yellow icing, decorating it to look like Sponge Bob’s pineapple house. Use blue icing to add a door and a couple windows to the pineapple. Create the top leaves of the pineapple using some green fondant and attach to the top of the pineapple cake. If desired, write a birthday message in icing on one side of the pineapple.

SPONGE BOB BIRTHDAY PARTY SHEET CAKE - Make or buy a sheet cake. Then add an edible sugar art image of a Spongebob scene to make your cake look spectacular.

SPONGEBOB CUPCAKES #1 - Make cupcakes and frost in aqua blue for water look. Decorate with SpongeBob cupcake picks.

SPONGEBOB CUPCAKES #2 - Make or buy some cupcakes and frost them light yellow. Then decorate them with some adorable Spongebob cupcake toppers that cover the top of the cupcakes.

SPONGEBOB PHOTO CAKE - Take picture of your child in a SpongeBob character costume and have bakery put it on the cake.

SPONGEBOB CHARACTER CAKE #1 - Bake or buy sheet cake. Decorate sides with multi-colored sprinkles or edible colored sugar. Decorate with 1 plastic Spongebob character topper.

SPONGEBOB CHARACTER CAKE#2 - Make your favorite cake and pour it into a SpongeBob Character-Shaped Pan. Then just decorate it according to the pan's directions.

For some more ideas for your SPONGEBOB CAKES, here's a page that I created that have several cute cakes that very talented people created.


For your Sponge Bob birthday party favors fill a Sponge Bob cellophane bag, treat box, or plastic sand pail with any combination of the following items: Sponge Bob bouncy balls, sunglasses, gummy candy sea animals, sticker sheets, square yo-yos, Sponge Bob fruit snacks, coloring book, ocean-themed toys, fish squirters, Sponge Bob blowout, shell necklace, jelly bracelets, Beanie sea animals, or bubbles.

Create a memorable favor by wrapping up some nice drawing paper, pieces of sponge cut into various shapes like squares, triangles, rectangles, etc., add some washable paints, and a paint brush. Wrap it all in cellophane, tie off with a green ribbon (seaweed), and add some Sponge Bob stickers to decorate the cellophane.

Sponge Bob Birthday Party Ideas

Do you have some favorite Sponge Bob birthday party ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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