Splatter Paint Party

by Ashwey

Mega Fun At The Ultimate Splatter Paint Party!

Mega Fun At The Ultimate Splatter Paint Party!

Have everyone wear white and then splatter them and spray their hair with different colors of paint. You can use paintball guns or fill balloons with paint instead of water. But it's all good as it comes out when you go in the pool!

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A splatter paint party is sure to be a huge hit with teens. It’s messy, and teens love messy! For a fun paint party, you can incorporate many other great teen party ideas to keep the fun coming throughout the entire party. Here are a few ideas that came to mind.

However, if you would like to have a little more control in your life, you could instead invite everyone to come wearing their splattered attire and have a contest to see who comes up with the best splattered paint costume. If you opt to do the party this way, don't forget the finger and toe nails. Of course, this would not be nearly as fun for the teens as it would be to create the splattered mess as they go along.


Consider covering the walls of your party venue with butcher paper in the color of your choice. Have paints available for teens to use so they can enjoy painting designs and writing on the butcher paper with paints. It’s probably a good idea to choose paints that will come off with water so you avoid any paint damage.


If the party is going to continue into the evening then do this activity outside and have everyone use glow in the dark paints. When all the artwork is done, it can be hung up on a main party room wall or if the party is being held outside, you could hang it off a fence. Wherever you choose to continue the party to, just be sure that you are able to turn black lights on so you're able to get the full effect of your guests' glow in the dark artwork.


Another of the cool teen party ideas for a splatter paint party is to hold the party at a paint ball gun course. Let the teens get all that energy out by using it up on the course. They can divide into teams and have a big paint ball war. Just make sure that everyone is wearing the proper safety equipment, which should be available at quality paint ball courses.


Splatter paint (glow or regular) on various shaped glass jars and bowls and fill them with your munchies. Decorate the party room with white bows that have been splattered with various colored paints. Large bows can be tied to the back of chairs. Smaller bows can be strung on a ribbon like garland, hung from the ceiling on fishing line, or attached to yard stakes to decorate the yard or walkway.


To carry the splatter paint theme through to the cake, after you've baked your favorite flavor and allowed it to cool, decorate it with white buttercream frosting. Then, distribute icing in various colors all over the cake to make it look like paint was splattered all over it. The cake will look incredible and it won’t take a lot of work to make this fabulous cake that your teens will love.

Keep in mind, this type of a party is sure to be pretty crazy, so be prepared. This is not for the faint of heart! Use these teen party ideas with caution and be ready to do some cleanup when the party is finally over. On the bright side, you’ll be sure to be the cool mom on the block!

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