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Spiderman birthday cakes ideas range from simple cakes that are red and blue in color to elaborate cakes that feature three dimensional images of the comic book hero, commonly referred to as “Spidey”. If you're having a Spiderman party, read on and snag a few ideas for your cakes.

Spiderman Birthday Cake Ideas – Creating a Web-Slinging Birthday Cake

Spiderman is a fictional character that has been featured in comic books, cartoons, movies, video games, and more. He is an orphan teen that is being raised by his aunt and uncle; however, he also has the ability to fight crime due to his super strength, his ability to cling and swing from various surfaces, and his keen, “spider-sense”.

If you have a desire to create a cake for a Spiderman-themed birthday party, you will be pleased to know that we have posted many pictures on this page. By taking a look around, you will come up with many creative ways to create your very own Spiderman cakes.


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spiderman cake ideas images
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spiderman cake ideas images
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Cake Submitted By:
Shane - U.S.
Spiderman Cake

spiderman cake

I first found a picture of Spiderman that I could work with and enlarged it to create a pattern. I placed it on the cake and used pins to hold it in place and then I cut around the edges to create the shape.

I frosted the entire cake with buttercream frosting. I used a toothpick to layout where the white lines were to go. I filled in the areas with blue frosting. I used a small tip on the decorating bag, filled the bag with white frosting, and piped out the white lines. Then I used a star-type of a tip and filled in the squares with black frosting. I filled in the eye area with white frosting.

I placed the cake in a pan I had prepared to create a spiderweb background, which was white frosting with black lines.


Many of the Spiderman cake ideas that you have observed in the pictures on this page take an exceptional high level of skill; however, there are many cake designs that are perfect for the beginner, or the individual that has a bit of skill in cake creation. As you can see, most utilize the colors of red, blue, and even black. Many display Spiderman, while others also integrate other features, such as webbing, city scenes, buildings, and spiders. The design that you choose will be a personal choice. If you need a little help in getting started, the following instructions will help you:

Instructions for Creating a Simple Spidey Cake for All Ages

Items Needed:

  • Edible Cake Topper Frosting Sheet That Displays Spiderman
  • Square Cake Pan
  • Yellow Cake Mix
  • White Icing
  • Red Gel Paste
  • Red Fondant

Step 1: Prepare the yellow cake mix and bake it in the square cake pan.

Step 2: Combine the white icing with the red gel paste to create red frosting. Once the cake has cooled, apply the icing to the cake.

Step 3: Roll out the red fondant and place over the entire cake.

Step 4: Place the edible Spiderman frosting sheet on the cake.

Now that you have pictures of Spiderman cake ideas and instructions, it is time to get to work on creating your own Spiderman cakes. As you are creating the dessert, be sure to write down instructions on how you did it and take a lot of pictures of your creation. Then, revisit this page and submit the information using our easy submission link. Once you share your creation, we will then review it and share it with our subscribers who are actively searching for Spiderman cake ideas.

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I can't wait to see a photo of your homemade Spiderman cake, along with reading the story behind your masterpiece. Thank you sharing!

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