Spiderman ala Natural

by Debbie
(Tampa, FL)

My son absolutely loves Spiderman, but hates wearing clothes. He has always been a fan of running around the house naked, or just in his underwear. He insisted on being Spiderman for Halloween, so I had to find a way to make his costume. Of course, there were the classic store-bought costumes, but this clearly would not work for him.

I did some research on body painting and found that washable markers work best. I bought a set of Crayola markers and allowed him to help with the decoration, especially on his face. The whole process took about 45 minutes, but in the end he was so excited and proud of his own work. His friends were so jealous, and it was a huge success and easy to clean off that night. He is already excited for next year's costume, but hopefully by then he won't be so outgoing.

Reply: Great Costume Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Wow! Debbie certainly has her hands full with a little guy who puts the Ixnay on wearing clothes. But you've got to admit that she certainly came up with a "unique" Spiderman costume. His little painted body made me think about having someone at the party to paint a spiderman mask onto all the kids as they arrive.

With thoughts of Spiderman dancing in my head, I started to think about a few ideas that would be perfect for a Spiderman theme party. First of all, blue and red will probably be the party colors since these are the mainstays of Spiderman. However, you could easily add accents of yellow in order to break it up a bit and add splashes of bright, cheery color.

Start by creating a backdrop for photos. You can cover a wall with twisted red, blue and yellow streamers. Add balloons at the top of the streamers for an added accent and finishing touch. In the alternative, you could cover cardboard boxes with colored butcher paper and paint on windows to look like buildings. You can also stack and tape a few boxes together to create the look of larger buildings. Then place the buildings in front of some of the streamers and/or accent corners of the room and any other areas that might need a bit of a fun party decor.

While you have your paint out, why not create some signs to hang on the walls and the backs of the party chairs. You can paint them each a solid color and then add "fighting" words like "Pow", "Kaboom", "Bang", "Splat", "Blam", etc. You can also tie a balloon or two to the chairs for a little more added decor.

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