Spider Costume

by Krish
(United States)

Leggy & Ready To Rock N' Roll!

Leggy & Ready To Rock N' Roll!

I have a six-year-old son. Last month at my son's school they organized a costume competition.

I made a special costume for my son and turned him into a spider. I bought some black cotton material and made a pair of pants and a t-shirt. I then attached six arms with hands to it, and counting my son's legs, the spider then had its eight legs. I made the six arms out of the black material and stuffed it with sponges, but you could use batting. I used white yard gloves for the hands and filled them with batting.

I then used a black snow cap and attached eyes to it to look like a real spider head. I got the idea from a TV ghost movie. I am happy to say that my son won first prize in the costume competition.

Reply: Great Spider Costume Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Krish did a great job making a spider costume for her son. Bravo! This costume would not only be great for a traditional Halloween party, but would also be a great option for a birthday party that falls on or around Halloween. This costume gave me a few ideas for some party decorations.

You could start out by hanging some orange and black garland around the party room to give it a splash of color. Garland offers many options for what it might be made from--for example, you could tie orange and black balloons to a piece of twine and use it as garland.

Another garland idea might be to cut out the shapes of pumpkins, ghosts, black cats, bats, and spiders from card stock or poster board and attach them to twine using curling ribbons. All you would need to do is punch a hole in the top of the cut out item, run a piece of ribbon through the hole, and tie it to the garland.

Although not garland, you could take your cut-out shapes and attach them to fishing line or curling ribbons and hang them from the ceiling at various heights.

If you make larger shapes, you could accent a wall or the corners of windows and door frames with them.

Turn mini pumpkins into spiders by drawing on a spider face and gluing eight bent, black pipe cleaners to the sides to create the legs.

Hang a black and orange foil curtains in your doorways and around your party table. You can also cover a wall or a corner area with one or two of these curtains to help create a backdrop for photos. If the curtains don't go floor to ceiling, you could add some balloons across the top of them to accent that area, along with giving it a more finished look.

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