Space Odyssey Birthday Party Ideas

by Dee B.
(Si NYC 10302)

Suit Up & Get Ready To Blast Off!

Suit Up & Get Ready To Blast Off!

A space odyssey birthday party is a really cool party for kids. Start out by making your invitations in the shape of a rocket and cut them out of construction paper. Decorate with stickers and glitter.

Make space suits out of disposable coveralls. Cut off the excess arm and leg fabric or roll it up and hold it in place with duct tape. Decorate the space suits using various colored duct tape.

Make the various planets out of poster board and hang them up against a fence. Have everyone either try to hit a planet with a bean bag or a squirt gun from various distances. Give points according to distance and size of planets. If they hit a small target they get more points than if they hit something bigger.

Make a cake in the shape of a rocket. Decorate it with frosting in red, white and blue.

A space party is such an exciting party theme, especially for kids that are entranced by space and astronomy. Dees cool idea of having the kids make their own cool space suits is one of the cool space party ideas you’ll definitely want to try at your party.

Another of the fun space party ideas to try is to purchase small rocket building sets – just the cheap ones; you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Have fun letting the kids build their own small rocket. You could even have them help an adult build a larger rocket that can actually be launched from an outdoor area. The kids will love seeing that rocket launch up into the air.

For the games at the space party, consider doing a bit of space trivia. Have some questions ready and make sure that they are age appropriate for the kids that will be at your party. Divide the kids into two teams and see which team can get the most trivia questions right.

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