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Fun And Fabulous Spa Party Ideas
The Perfect Teen Girl Party Choice!

Ooooh la la! These ideas for a spa party will help you create the perfect home spa birthday party getaway for your special young lady. After all, who doesn't want to primp and be pampered with a facial, massage, manicure, and/or pedicure?

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Ideally, if you have the same number of helpers as you do guests, then everyone will simultaneously be given a treatment in rotation. If you are lacking a few helpers, then be sure to create a resting area for those girls who are waiting their turn. Try to keep each treatment to 30 minutes. Read on to discover how you can turn your home into a fun spa retreat for the day.


To create pre-sparty excitement, you will want to start out by sending your guests some fun invitations. A few spa party ideas for creating unique invitations are listed below:

SPA MASK PARTY INVITATIONS – Using green cardstock, draw the shape of a spa mask. You can print out a template by printing out a spa mask shape from the web. Cut out the spa mask, then attaching some stretchy string to both sides of the spa mask. You can cut out eye holes in the mask as well. Decorate the front of the mask using glitter and other fun embellishments. On the inside of the mask, write the party details along the edges of the mask using a silver or gold gel pen. Tell guests show up to the party wearing their spa masks.

GIFT CERTIFICATE INVITATIONS – Another of the fun spa party ideas for invitations is to make your own gift certificate invitations. Make the gift certificates out of cream cardstock. At the top of the “certificate” write “SPA DAY GIFT CERTIFICATE!” Format the gift certificate as follows:

This Gift Certificate is For: (GUEST NAME)
This Certificate is Good for 1 Spa Day at the (LAST NAME) Spa
Redeem Gift Certificate On (DATE) at (TIME)
Please Notify Spa Management if You Intend to Visit the Spa: (ADD RSVP INFO)

CUCUMBER SLICE INVITATIONS – Use pale green cardstock or construction paper. Cut out a very large circle from the paper and decorate the circle with seeds to make it look like a cucumber slice. After decorating it, fold the “cucumber slice” in half. On the front of the cucumber slice invitation, write “Come Celebrate a Relaxing Spa Day!” Then, on the inside write:

“We’re celebrating (Child’s Name)’s birthday and we’re going to relax
She’ll be turning (age) and that’s a fact!
We want you to come along for a fun spa day
You’ll enjoy cake, treats, manicures and spa fun all day.”

Be sure to put the party details inside the cucumber invite as well.

FLIP-FLOPS OR SLIPPERS INVITATION - Cut a piece of card stock into four pieces with decorative scissors. Type or write party details. Decorate with spa-related stickers and glitter. Laminate the invite and hole-punch the left corner. Then run a piece of curling ribbon through the hole and tie it to a pair of flip-flops or slippers, which instructs the recipient to bring them to the Sparty. Hand-deliver invitations.


Follow the instructions for the invite portion of the Flip-Flops Invite above and then attach the invite to a sleep mask or head band, which instructs the recipient to bring the head band to the Sparty. Hand-deliver invitations. Attach the invites to a mini manicure set, mini soaps, or candles.

APPOINTMENT CARD INVITATION - Design invitation to look like an appointment card. Either name your spa after your daughter, like Tina's Day Spa or Woodward's Luxury Day Spa. Request guests to bring whatever you do not wish to provide. For example, their favorite slippers, robe, towel, etc.


Comfortable spa attire is a must and the following spa party ideas are provided for the home spa party. Request your guests bring their favorite robes and slippers, or t-shirts and boxers, or t-shirts and drawstring pants, which they will wear throughout the party.

Have helpers dress in uniform, e.g. black pants and white t-shirts, white shirts, or white esthetician jackets.


Incorporate some of the following spa party ideas for decorations to bring a day spa atmosphere to your home:
  • Around the party area, set out some candles, making sure you choose candles in very light scents so they don’t become overwhelming. Light them for the party and keep the lights dimmed so the candlelight is prevalent, giving the party area a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Place overstuffed pillows and comfortable blankets around the party area. This way guests can enjoy lounging and relaxing in comfort. They’ll add to the décor and they’ll keep guests comfortable during the spa birthday party.

  • Place some Chinese lanterns around the party area. Consider getting some with LED lights that will add some soft lighting while adding colorful decorations that will add to the spa themed décor.

  • For a nice spa themed centerpiece for your party tables, take a lavender or sage colored pillar candle and place it on a pretty silver charger. Then, add fresh white daisies or other white flowers all around the candle, covering the charger. Place in the middle of one of the party tables.

  • Consider hanging crisp white cotton sheets all around the party area. It will give the room a spa-like, dreamy feeling and you won’t have to decorate the walls if you hang up the sheets.

  • Include plenty of fresh flowers all around the party area. Use clear vases to let the flowers stand out. They can be placed on the party tables and all around the room to add to the décor. Choose flowers in white or pale colors. Green plants also will be a great addition to your spa party décor.

  • Make a decorative sign to put on front door that identifies your "spa."

  • Stack towels in decorative baskets at various stations as needed.

  • Create a changing area with screened area or hang sheets to create dressing rooms.

  • Food table should be simple, yet elegant. Consider using a white tablecloth with spa color accents. Intertwine lights and greenery to lace between plates and trays.

  • Use light pink, lavender, or bright pink partyware.

  • Create a fun spa atmosphere by transforming your party room walls, ceiling and floors with gossamer, seamless paper and metallic curtains.

  • Place lots of potpourri and scented candles on tabletops and/or use candle wall sconces.

  • If weather permits, put lounge chairs covered with white sheets or towels in yard for girls to rest upon.

  • Add vases of flowers in party colors.

  • Cluster star-shaped balloons around the party room.

  • Fountains are always a great addition to your spa rooms.

  • Make sure there are plenty of mirrors in the spa rooms.

  • Hang spa-related posters on walls.

  • For fun, you could serve everyone's food on a personalized placemat that has a spa theme picture. After the party is over they can take their placemats home as a party favor.

  • Hang a spa themed personalized party banner over the cake table, on a wall, or out in the front yard over the garage to let everyone know about the party.

  • Hang mosquito netting or sheets over various spa stations to give the feel of an exotic spa getaway.


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Creating Spa Party Activity Stations are of course the required add-on to a spa party. To get some ideas for setting up your stations, click over to the above page to get all the info on the following stations:
  • Manicure & Pedicure Stations
  • Facial Station
  • Massage Station
  • Hair Station
  • Makeover Station


The best spa party ideas for food are munchies.

MINI SANDWICHES - Cut bread into star or heart shapes or use mini croissants and fill them with various deli meats and cheeses.

VEGETABLE TRAY - Cut various vegetables like celery, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, and cauliflower into pieces and serve with dill dip.

SHRIMP COCKTAILS - Platter of large shrimp served with shrimp cocktail sauce and wedges of lemon.

CHEESE & CRACKERS - Provide a tray of various gourmet crackers and cheese--both sliced cheese and spreadables.

PETIT FOURS – Petit fours are a dainty treat that will make a great addition to your spa birthday party. They are small and easy to eat, which is perfect. You can purchase petit fours for the party or try your hand at making them yourself.

CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN – Another great idea is to have a chocolate fountain. You can have fruit, marshmallow and other dippers for guests to dip in the chocolate fountain.

SALAD BAR – Salads are popular at spas, so consider making a salad bar so your guests can serve themselves. Put out salad and various salad toppings. Great toppings include shredded chicken, shrimp, chopped tomatoes, onions, cheeses, sunflower seeds, cucumbers, broccoli, red cabbage and other favorite toppings. Be sure to have a selection of salad dressings as well.

FRESH FRUIT SKEWERS – Cut fresh fruit into pieces, or use whole berries if you’re using strawberries. Thread the fruit onto skewers and place on some trays. It offers a healthy, easy snack for your guests to enjoy. You could also serve up some fruit dip.

YOGURT AND FRUIT PARFAITS – Yogurt and fruit parfaits make a delicious snack to serve at your spa party. Layer yogurt, granola and fruit in some parfait cups. Top with a dollop of whipped cream.

FRUIT SMOOTHIES – Make fruit smoothies, starting with ice and bananas as a base, adding other fruits, such as strawberries or blueberries for fun flavors.


topsy turvy cake images
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CUCUMBER BEAUTY MASK SPA CAKE – Start with a basil double layer round cake. After putting the layers together, make the “skin” with white icing that has just a touch of pink in it. Decorate the entire cake with this frosting. Then, over the eye area, use green icing to make cucumber slices (or you could place a beauty mask there with icing). Use brown frosting to draw on the eyebrows. Make a mouth and nose using red icing or some red licorice. Dust just a bit of powdered sugar on the “face” to outline all the facial features on the cake.

SPA LADY CAKE - Bake two round cakes, one smaller than the other. Trim the bottom off of the smaller cake. Then lay the smaller cake flush against the top of the large cake. Frost the face with white or light tan frosting. Frost the top of the cake pink or purple to create a turban style towel. Add pink lips and thin cucumber slices for the eyes.

SPA/GLAMOUR SHEET CAKE - Start out by frosting a sheet cake with light pink frosting. Then purchase a fun edible art image made from sugar like flip flops or a spa scene on top of the cap and decorate the sides with sprinkles.

MAKE-UP CAKE - Bake a heart-shaped cake and frost it pink. Decorate with purple and yellow flowers or piping around bottom of cake. Either make a flat design of a lipstick tube, nail polish bottle, and compact out of icing to decorate top of cake or make these items out of frosting or fondant in a 3-D form and lay on top of cake.

SPA PARTY CUPCAKES - Make some cupcakes and frost them pink, yellow, purple. Decorate with colored sugars using flower stencils or top them off with beauty salon-related pics.


Send all your spa-going guests home with some fun spa party favors. Here are some ideas that would go great with this type of party:
  • Flip-flops, spa slippers, sleeping mask, relaxing CD, and candle.

  • Manicure/pedicure items like nail art sets, decorative toe separators, nail polish and files, hand lotion, and files.

  • Body items like body glitter, mini soaps, loofah, bath mitts, lotion, gels, scrubs, bubble bath, sachet bags or decorative jar filled with shimmering bath crystals, bath beads, bath salts, homemade scented Epsom salts, shimmering soap paper, and magic towels.

  • Hair items like decorative combs, ribbons, or barrettes, along with a fun decorative wooden mirror or bracelet tattoos.

  • Cosmetic bag, compact mirror, spa mask, eyelashes with crystals, cell phone eye shadow, cell phone lip gloss, lip gloss rings, etc.

  • Face cloth wrapped around bar of soap and tied with raffia.

Spa Party Ideas

Do you have some favorite Spa Party Ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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