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If you have decided that you and your friends need a day of pampering, perhaps a Teen Spa Party is the answer. To help you create an atmosphere conducive to pampering, relaxation, and a comfy cosey atmosphere, click on over for some ideas to help you turn your home into a spa haven.

To help you figure out how to create that Aaaah sensation at home and create an extra "Spa-cial" home spa birthday party getaway, here are some activities that you might want to consider incorporating into your event:


Select from the following spa party games (activities) for creating stations for the various activities:

MANICURE & PEDICURE STATIONS - Depending on how elaborate the manicure and pedicure will be, the supplies you may need are hand towels, nail polish and remover, cuticle remover, nail and foot files, nail brush, cuticle and nail clippers, cotton balls and Q-Tips, hand and foot scrubs, Epsom salts and foot soaks, toe separators, hand and foot heated mitts and booties, pedicure tub, manicure bowl, paraffin, and plastic wrap or bags to wrap paraffin-dipped hands and feet with.

FACIAL STATION - Depending on how elaborate the facial will be, the supplies you may need are hand towels, microwave to heat towels in, cleanser, toner, exfoliator, facial mask, fan mask brush, facial sponges, cotton pads, cotton balls and Q-Tips, trash bag or can, body lotion to use for neck and arm massage, lounge chairs for treatments, and blankets for warmth. The "estheticians" may have to kneel on the floor in order to reach the face. Provide pillows to kneel upon.

MASSAGE STATION - Depending on how elaborate the massage will be, the supplies you may need are massage oil and/or lotion, aromatherapy oil, sheets, blankets, lounge chairs, and pillows for "massage therapists" to kneel upon. You can either buy or make an herbal neck wrap.

Fill a tube sock with rice and lavender or rosemary and either tie off top or sew it closed. Microwave for 3-4 minutes and place on neck.

HAIR STATION - You might consider hiring a local hair stylist to come in and give all the girls "up-do's." Otherwise, provide decorative hair combs, barrettes, ribbons, faux hair extensions, etc.

MAKEOVER STATION - Provide various foundations, lipsticks, lip liners, eye shadows, blush, cotton balls, Q-Tips, and pencil sharpeners. Be sure to take before and after photos.

PRINTABLE GAMES - Here's a great site for some fun Print & Play Birthday Party Games that would be a perfect party game add-on:

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