Spa Birthday Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Spa Birthday Party Ideas
To Help You Kick Back & Get Ready To "Spa-ty!

If you’re trying to choose a relaxing birthday party theme that offers the guest of honor some time for pampering, a spa party is a wonderful idea. This party theme allows guests to enjoy a time of unwinding and relaxation while still having plenty of great fun.

Of course, you want your party to turn out perfectly, which means you’ll need some great spa party ideas to help you kick off the planning phase. To help you plan a terrific party, the following ideas offer some great inspiration for your invitations, party favors, menu, activities and more.


Have fun choosing invitations for the party that will let guests know about your spa theme.

READY-MADE INVITES - One of the easy options for spa birthday party invitations is to purchase some lovely premade spa themed invitations. You’ll find many great premade options that will look amazing.

MANICURE INVITES - Another idea is to actually make the invitations yourself, which allows you to personalize them for your party, making them extra special. If you’re going to make your own invitations, one DIY idea is to print out invitations on a pretty pink or purple or blue piece of cardstock. Attach the invitations to a small manicure set with some ribbon, hand delivering the invitations to guests. The little manicure sets will help show off the theme and they are sure to be used and appreciated by your guests as well.

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FLIP FLOP INVITES - Another fun invitation idea is to cut out cardstock in the shape of flip flops. You can choose any color that goes with your party décor. Write the party information on the invitation. If you want, you can even send the sandal shaped invitations to guests with a pair of nice sandals.

ROBE INVITES - Another cute and fun idea is to cut out white cardstock in the shape of a robe. Decorate it to look like a luxurious terry robe and then add your party information on the inside.

SPA MASK INVITES - You can also create invitations shaped like spa masks for a creative and unique invite. Other items you may want to attach to your invitations include spa masks, mud masks or other spa treatments.

It can really add something special to your invitations if you add some spa themed wording to the invitations. Here are some helpful wording ideas to try:

- (Name) needed some rest and relaxation…

- You’re invited to the (Last name) Luxury Spa to celebrate a pampered day of relaxation

- Show up ready to be pampered and relaxed

- Kick back and let us pamper you at a spa party


If you need some spa party ideas for decorations, you want to keep in mind that the main thing you want to create with your décor is a relaxing environment. When guests arrive at the party, they should feel like they’ve stepped into a relaxing spa.

  • It’s nice to start out with a table at the entrance that is stacked with soft, fluffy robes for guests to wear during the party. Make sure you have somewhere when guests can change into robes.

  • To help set the mood, it’s a great idea to have plenty of candles around the room. Choose a color palette for the party, using soft relaxing colors, such as soft pink, soft blues or pale greens. You can purchase candles in these colors to distribute throughout the room.

  • Make sure you have plenty of comfortable chairs set up for guests where they can relax.

  • It’s also nice to set up some fake trees around the room and some white lights to add to the relaxing atmosphere.

  • Fresh flowers can help dress up your party area as well. Choose flowers that fit your color scheme and flowers that smell great as well.

  • If you have a small water fountain, the sound of flowing water is relaxing and the fountain will add to your décor as well.

  • For your food tables, go with simple, elegant tablecloths that go with the rest of the color scheme.

  • You can choose paper goods that match your color scheme too. Use beautiful serving plates to add elegance.

  • Greenery and candles on the tables can make your tables look elegant and help carry through the theme.


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    Of course, with a spa birthday party theme, you’ll have plenty of great activities going on and it’s also exciting to add some fun games to keep the party going as well. Of course, when choosing games, make sure they go along with your theme, since the main point of the party is to relax and enjoy the pampering.

    BEAUTY STATIONS - For activities, you can set up various beauty stations in the party area, offering different spa treatments that guests can enjoy. Set up a pedicure station and manicure station where guests can get pedicures and manicures done. Another good idea is to set up a nice facial station where guests can enjoy getting a home facial done. You can also have some fun styling each other’s hair as a part of the wonderful spa treatment.

    POOL AND/OR HOT TUB - If you have a pool or hot tub, you can also spend some time relaxing in the pool or hot tub.

    SPA CROSSWORD PUZZLES - One great game idea is to create some spa crossword puzzles that guests can enjoy. Create your own crossword puzzles or you can find printable crossword puzzles that can easily be printed out for your guests.

    TRUTH OR DARE - Truth or dare can be a fun game that you can play at your spa party as well.

    SPA BINGO - Another fun idea is to play spa bingo, using spa themed pictures on the bingo cards you use to play.


    It’s definitely fun to serve up party foods that go along with your theme.

    FINGER SANDWICHES - One of the great spa party ideas to consider is serving up small finger sandwiches. Small cream cheese sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches or other small finger sandwiches make great menu choices.

    TORTILLA ROLLUPS - Tortilla rollups are delicious options that can easily be eaten by the fingers.

    CHEESE, MEAT & CRACKERS - Since finger foods are easy to eat at a spa party, consider having some nice cheese and meat platters along with crackers.

    FRUIT & VEGGIES - Fruit and vegetable platters taste great and look amazing on your food tables as well.

    PETIT FOURS - Of course, it’s nice to have some tasty desserts on the menu as well. Petit fours are a delicious and dainty choice that guests will enjoy.

    PASTRIES & COOKIES - Small pastries and cookies make great dessert options that you can serve up as well.


    You can really have fun with the cake you serve up at the spa birthday party.

    BEAUTY MASK CAKE - One fun idea is to make a cute beauty mask cake. It’s easy to create by baking a round cake. Ice the cake with a pale white frosting as the skin for the face. Green frosting can be used to create cucumber slices over the ideas. You can use red frosting to create the lips and brown frosting to create some eyebrows on the face.

    CUPCAKE CAKE - Another fun idea is to create a cupcake cake, which makes it easy for everyone to eat. Decorate the cupcakes with icing in various pale, beautiful colors. You can add cute cupcake picks to your cupcakes that go along with your theme.

    ROBE-SHAPED CAKE - You may also want to consider making a cake in the shape of a robe, decorating it with fluffy, white icing to make it look like a soft, plush terry robe.

    READY-MADE CAKE - Of course, you always have the option to purchase your cake from a bakery, having them make the cake to go with your spa theme.


    Once your party is winding down, it’s nice to give all your spa birthday party guests something special to take home. If you need some spa party ideas for favors, you can choose favors that go along with your spa theme. Consider sending guests home with:

    • Nice bottles of bubble bath
    • CDs with relaxing music
    • Nice assortment of one time spa treatments
    • Pedicure sets
    • Nail polish
    • Face masks
    • Brush and comb set
    • Compact mirrors also make a great choice
    • Hair treatments can also make for a wonderful favor gift to hand out.

    YOUR Favorite Spa Birthday Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

    Do you have some favorite spa birthday party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your spa birthday cakes and costumes.

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