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Fun And Fabulous Sock Monkey Party
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We often hear the expression that the only thing you can count on is “Death and Taxes” to this we can add the Sock Monkey. As long as there are mothers and children, the Sock Monkey will be with us. This little fellow has been around since the early part of the 20th century and is growing stronger every day. To help keep the tradition alive, I've planned a 1st Birthday party with a Sock Monkey Theme.

No need to go bananas trying to figure out what to do. You can easily swing into action by following this guide. Just pick and choose what will work for you and leave the rest behind. Your little monkeys will be partying down in no time at all!


Sock Monkey parties are very popular and there are numerous printed invitations out there from which to select from, or you can opt to make your own invite.

SOCK MONKEY INVITATIONS #1 - Start by choosing a color of card stock that is in keeping with your party colors. Look online for a Sock Monkey picture to download and use on the front cover of your invitation. When you find one that you like run off copies onto your card stock. Then jazz them up a bit with a little glitter which can add a bit of sparkle. Type out your party details--date, time, place, RSVP, etc. and run off onto half sheets of decorative scrapbook paper that coordinates with your sock monkey birthday party theme. Glue onto the inside of the invite. Place in an envelope and seal them with a monkey sticker.

SOCK MONKEY INVITATIONS #2 - If you have time on your hands, enjoy being crafty, and want to add a special touch to kick off your sock monkey birthday party, then start early and make some little sock monkeys. Then type out all your party info and print it onto decorative sock monkey printed scrapbook paper. Laminate and attach to a sock monkey. Then have Dad dress up in a sock monkey costume and hand-deliver the sock monkey invitations. Be sure to have him ape it up for each of the little ones. They'll all be counting down the days to the party with anxious anticipation to see what you will be doing next.

Sock Monkey Party Invitations

BANANA INVITATIONS - Prefer to go bananas? Okay, using yellow card stock draw a large banana on one side perhaps saying “LOOK WHO IS TURNING 1 AND HAVING A PARTY." For added interest, use lots of yellow glitter on one side of the banana. Turn it over and write out the party details. This is a good project for a talented teenager or perhaps a sibling. Plus it will relieve you of the tedious work, freeing up your time for more important party planning details.


Red sock monkey t-shirts are a great costume/favor choice. Hand one out to each guest, along with a party hat, when they arrive at the party. This is sure to put everyone into the sock monkey party mood.

If you want the real deal, then invest in a sock monkey costume for your baby monkey. If you go this route, then be sure to take a picture and turn it into the cover of a sock monkey invitation.

After your guests receive their t-shirts, direct them to the face painting area so they can have a little sock monkey painted on their cheek or hand. A couple of talented teens will be more than happy to assist you with this endeavor. If you can locate a sock monkey tattoo, this will work great and speed up the process.


Now the fun really starts for you and your helpers--decorating of the party room. Here are a few ideas to help you decide which sock monkey party decorations you might want to use for your 1st birthday party soiree:

  • We will be using the sock monkey colors of red, brown and white for our balloons and streamers.

  • First impressions are very important and they begin with the guests arriving at your home. Place a slate or a bulletin board outside the front of the house announcing the party. Tie Mylar balloons to the sides of the board and add red and white balloons. Cut out a string of little monkeys from a sheet of construction paper and attach to the top of the board. You can use a picture from the internet as a template to make the monkeys.

  • Welcome guests inside and escort them to the party room. Have some fun "monkey" music playing in the background. There are many numbers to choose from using various Disney films.

  • Add some bouquets of balloons. Be sure to weight them down with a small toy monkey or sock monkey tied to the bottom.

  • Using crepe paper streamers, twist them around the party room to resemble vines. For added interest, attach small cutout monkeys to the "vines".

  • Hang some inflatable monkeys around the room to create a fun atmosphere. You can hand them out at the end of the party as an additional favor.

Sock Monkey Party Decorations

  • Hide some monkeys in the party room that will be easy for little ones to find when it comes time to do a monkey treasure hunt game.

  • Create an outdoor look to the room by covering a wall with green butcher paper using two-sided tape. Then tape some monkey posters, decals, and tree cut-outs to the paper. Hang a birthday banner over the top of your creation. This can serve as a backdrop for a group picture of your party guests and your birthday child.

  • Fill the room with as many monkeys as you can beg, borrow or steal. The more the merrier.

  • Add some green plants, real or fake and set them around in groups of three on pieces of furniture, window sills, shelves, or the floor.

  • Suspend a pull-string sock monkey pinata from the ceiling.

  • The party table is a good focal point for the room. Cover the table with white butcher paper and attach 3 rows of red streamers through the center. Place a small red toy wagon in the center of the streamers and fill it up with cellophane bags of cookies cut into monkey shapes and decorated like our friend the sock monkey. Tie with a red curly ribbon and place a sock monkey sticker on the front of the bag.

  • Set out small bowls of an assortment of red, white and brown M&M's, cinnamon bears, Swedish fish, Hershey kisses, gum drops and jelly beans. Line the bowls up on both sides of the toy wagon, 3 on each side for balance.

  • To really create the wow-factor to your party table, be sure to use sock monkey printed party ware and matching napkins. This will really carry out your sock monkey party theme. Be sure to add some party confetti to the table to give it a little more pizazz.


MONKEY HUNT - Let's have a monkey hunt and see how many we can find in our party room. Have parents or helpers take the babies to find the elusive monkeys hiding in the room or hanging on the streamers, door knobs, in a plant, or behind a picture. Give everyone a small toy monkey as a prize.

MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO - Have the little tykes sit on the floor with a parent or helper and have the leader of the game seated in front of them. The leader will make monkey sounds or act like a monkey and the little ones will try to copy the action or sounds. The leader could scratch their head, walk with arms dragging, jump up and down, make monkey noises, monkey faces, or whatever it is that monkeys do. Reward everyone, including parents and helpers, with homemade monkey-shaped cookies. (Use your favorite recipe and a monkey cookie cutter.)

Sock Monkey Party Games

DANCING - Turn up your monkey music and have a dance contest. Little ones at this tender age of 1 really love to dance, so let them work off some of their sugar-high by dancing.

SOCK MONKEY PINATA - End the games with each of the little ones pulling the string on the pinata. Ultimately it will open up and spill out its contents for all to enjoy.


When planning your party menu, be sure that it is age appropriate for all guests, both big and small. At the age of 1, finger foods are the best options as they are easy to handle.

MAIN DISH OPTIONS - Chicken nuggets can be wholesome if made properly, they're easy to eat, plus well-liked by the little tykes. Mac n' cheese or Spaghetti O's are also favorites to consider.

HEALTHY MUNCHIES - Sliced apples, cut-up seedless grapes, watermelon cut into small bite-sized pieces, and string cheese are all yummy options. Carrot sticks with Ranch dip is a favorite that you might want to serve to older guests.

SANDWICHES - Another choice might be sandwiches cut into fourths or cut with a sock monkey cookie cutter. Fill them with a choice of peanut butter and sliced banana, small cut-up hot dogs, tuna salad, or cream cheese and jelly.

Sock Monkey Party Food Ideas

ADDITIONAL MUNCHIES - As an add-on to any of the above, consider serving Goldfish crackers, Cheerios, or pretzel sticks.

CHILI - For the older guests, you might want to serve bowls of steaming chili accompanied with a tray of assorted cheese and crackers.

BEVERAGE OPTIONS -Glasses of lemonade for all or perhaps milk for the little ones.


SOCK MONKEY CAKE - Sheet cakes are ideal for a 1st birthday party because you can easily cut them into small servings for the young guests and larger slices for the older generation. In addition, they are easy to make and decorate if you're doing the baking. I like to take shortcuts whenever I plan a large event. I suggest you opt for using a prepared cake mix like Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines and their respective frostings.

I would suggest that you use a white cake mix and frosting. Then pipe out a brown decorative edge around the bottom of the cake and along the top edge. Then use a sock monkey cookie cutter as a template to create 3 monkey faces out of fondant and lay them across the top of the cake. Jazz up the sock monkey hat and give it some dimension by piping out some red frosting. You can also use Oreo cookies for the ears, mini Oreo's for the eyes, and red gel for the mouth. Finish by piping out Happy Birthday "Name" in brown frosting.

Sock Monkey Party Cake Ideas

SOCK MONKEY CUPCAKES - Cupcakes are also very easy to make with a prepared cake mix and frosting. Top each one off with a little sock monkey made out of fondant. The babies will really enjoy their own little sock monkey cupcake and they'll certainly be easy for them to eat with their tiny little hands. Remember, whether you bake from scratch or use a mix to add a very special ingredient--a mother's love.

SOCK MONKEY CAKE - Of course there is always the commercial route. A local bakery is sure to have some fun sock monkey cake ideas, or perhaps you have a specific idea in mind. Either way, this is a great option to consider to save a little time and not having to concern you with all the details.

EXTRA-LARGE CUPCAKE CAKE - Make an extra-large cupcake using a pan like the one pictured above. Then decorate it with sock monkeys made out of fondant.


Monkeys are a very popular theme for all types of parties and there are a multitude of items that can be given out as favors. You can find monkeys of all sizes and colors, stuffed or plastic, squirt monkeys, monkey t-shirts, monkey printed caps, or bean bag monkeys just to name a few. You can also consider a party blow-out, ball, sock monkey stickers, bubbles, and the list goes on. Set a budget and let the search begin.


As your party begins to conclude, be sure that you have taken pictures of all your guests so you may include them with your thank you notes. Also, take one final picture--a group shot for your own personal memory book. You'll be sharing this 1st birthday celebration with your child one day in the not so distant future. The pictures will help you relay all the fun of that special sock monkey party.

As your little party guests leave, present them each with a balloon that has been floating around all day a sock monkey attached to it. Close the door and breathe a sigh of relief--you did a great job Mom!

YOUR Favorite Sock Monkey Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite sock monkey party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your sock monkey cakes and costumes.

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