Fun Soccer Party Ideas To Kick Off Soccer Parties Success!

Fun And Fabulous Soccer Party Ideas
To Help You Score A Goal With Your Fans!

If it is time for you to take one for the team and host a soccer birthday party, then let this page be the kick-off to your exploration of party ideas. I'm sure you will find lots of options that will work for you and score big with your party fans!

In fact, if you do a really good job, I hear that you could be a part of the all-star team for party planners. To insure your party isn't a banana kick start planning early, otherwise you might have to take a diving header to save the day. So let's get down to your party execution and start planning this baby. Start scrolling, maintain your follow-through, give and go as needed, and ultimately you will make the goal!


SOCCER BALL INVITES #1 - Write all of your party info on mini soccer balls and hand-deliver to your guests.

SOCCER BALL INVITES #2 - Cut out large white circles from card stock and color in the black markings to create the look of a soccer ball. In the alternative you could cut out pieces from black card stock and glue to the white circle. On the reverse side put all your party details.

SOCCER BALL INVITES #3 - Cut out large white circles from card stock and color in the black lines and markings to make it look like a soccer ball. Write your party details in the white squares that are exposed. Across the top write, "Name" Is Turning "Age"! Also put the number sign and the age in the center of the ball, e.g., #9.

Soccer Invitations

SOCCER JERSEY INVITES - Cut out of colored cardstock the shape of a jersey using your team's favorite colors. Add a soccer sticker on the front to serve as the emblem and put all your party details on the reverse side.

SOCCER TRADING CARD INVITES - Take a picture of your child dressed in his or her soccer uniform and write the party info on the reverse side. Slide the photo into a hard plastic trading card holder.

PENNANT INVITES - Cut out the shape of a pennant from colored card stock that coincides with your team or party colors. Add a logo on one side that matches your child's team or your favorite pro team. Put the party particulars on the reverse side.

SOCCER BALLOON INVITES - Blow up a soccer ball balloon, but do not tie it off. Write all the party info on it with a black marker and deflate the balloon. Place it in an envelope with instructions to blow it up for a party invite.

After you have selected which soccer invitation you are going to make, you will want to be sure to add some fun wording that will play off of the soccer terms. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Head's up! We're kickin' off a load of fun at "Name's birthday party

  • Join us for Name's birthday party.
    We're gonna have a ball.

  • We're kickin' off one great time
    Join us as we celebrate "Name's" Age Birthday.

  • Get your kicks at (Name's) birthday party

  • Join us for some all-star fun
    As we celebrate "Name's" "age" birthday.
    V-i-c-t-o-r-y will be yours for the taking.

  • We're kickin' up some fun
    As we celebrate "Name's "Age" birthday!

  • The fun kicks off at:
    Charge on over to:


To keep the theme alive, invite your guests to wear their soccer uniforms or their favorite soccer team jersey. In the alternative, you could hand out t-shirts that have a soccer emblem or design on them so everyone is wearing something soccer-related.


You can use colors that coincide with your child's soccer team, go with soccer ball black and white with a touch of green, or opt to use the colors of your favorite team. Here are some fun ideas that will help you create a World Cup atmosphere that any fan would be proud to attend:


  • Staple some soccer ball cutouts to yard stakes and line the walkway or place them throughout the front yard.

  • Tie a bouquet of balloons in your party colors to the mailbox.

  • Hang a soccer banner across the garage door to let your guests know the party location.

  • Turn your walkway into a soccer field by covering it with green butcher paper and draw out the field lines.


  • Create lots of bouquets of balloons in your selected colors and place them throughout the party area.

  • Bring some theme to the ceiling by hanging soccer swirls or various sized soccer ball cutouts hanging from fishing line.

  • Hang streamers and/or soccer goal tape throughout the room to jazz it up.

  • Hang streamers in your archways and doorways for added fun.

  • Twist streamers around your windows and door frames to accent them.

  • Fill your ceiling with balloons using your selected colors.

  • Twist streamers across the entire ceiling to give it real pizazz. Start early as this will be one of those long-involved projects.

  • Hang soccer garland around the perimeter of the ceiling or accent doorway and window frames with it.

  • Accent special areas of the party room with Mylar's shaped like soccer balls.


  • Hang soccer themed posters on the walls.

  • To help surround you with soccer related items, hang decals of soccer balls and players on the walls.

  • Hang soccer jerseys on the walls of your favorite players.

  • Hang signs on the walls that say things related to soccer like, "Charging", "Foot Trap" "Header", "Drop Ball", "Penalty Kick", "Score More", etc.


  • Turn your party table into an all-star success with a fun soccer themed tablecloth.

  • Another idea would be to turn it into a playing field by covering it with green butcher paper and drawing on the white lines or using white painter's tape.

  • Use a soccer themed placemat or make some placemats out of artificial grass. These can later be given out as favors.

  • Decorate the backs of the chairs with various soccer pennants.

  • Tie small bouquets of balloons in the party colors to the backs of the chairs.

  • Create a fun soccer centerpiece to serve as a focal point for your party table.

  • Toss some soccer confetti on your table tops to give them a little more of a party flavor.


SOCCER GAME - If your yard is large enough or you're hosting the party where a soccer field is nearby, be sure to have your guests play a game or a shorter version of a game with less points.

SOCCER OBSTACLE COURSE - Set up an obstacle course and have everyone take turns kicking a soccer ball around and through the course. Time each person and whoever has the best time is the winner.

In the alternative, you could set up two identical courses and split your guests into two teams and have them compete against one another running their respective course. Whichever team gets through all of their teammates first shall be the winners.

WHO'S GOT SKILLS? - Have your guests compete by doing various soccer drills. Here's a few ideas to get you started:

DRIBBLE CONTEST - Set up several orange construction type cones and have your guests dribble the ball around the cones to the finish line. Whoever does it the fastest shall be the winner.

AGILITY ABILITY - Designate a game area that is about 20-30 yards each way. Have all the players line up on one side and run to the opposite side of the field while the "coaches" stand in the center of the field with soccer balls and attempt to hit the players from the knees down with a ball. Once a player is hit, that player joins the coaches and tried to knock out the remaining players. Whoever is the last player who has not been hit shall be the winner.

KEEP IT IN THE AIR - Whoever can keep the soccer ball in the air the longest by bouncing it off their head shall be the winner.

BALLOON HEAD-BUTT - Provide each player with a balloon and on "Go" everyone must toss their balloon in the air and proceed to keep the balloon afloat with only the use of their heads. Whoever keeps the balloon up the longest shall be the winner.

SCORE ONE FOR THE GIPPER - Okay, it's not football, but you can still score one for him. Create a soccer goal and have your guests compete against one another to see who can kick it in from the furthest location.

Soccer Party Games

HEAD/CATCH - Mom or Dad can serve as the coach. Everyone else must form a circle around the coach. The coach yells either "head" or "catch" while throwing the soccer ball at a person's head. The player must quickly determine if he or she needs to catch the ball and toss it back to the coach or head-butt the ball back to the coach. If the person fails to perform the command correctly, that person is out of the game. Last person standing is the winner.

SOCCER BLOCKER - This game is best played with at least 10 people. The "soccer blocker" stands in the middle, while everyone else forms a circle around that person. Everyone then tried to kick the ball from one side to the other without the "soccer blocker" stopping the ball. If a successful stop is achieved, the person who kicked that ball must switch places with the "soccer blocker."

SOCCER BOWLING - Fill plastic water bottles with water and line them up in a bowling pin formation. Have your guests kick soccer balls to knock the bottles down. With the exception of kicking a soccer ball instead of rolling a bowling ball, the game shall be played and scored like bowling.

BLINDFOLDED GOAL - Create a soccer goal and have your guests line up and try to kick a soccer ball into the goal while blindfolded. Each player will have three attempts after being blindfolded and spun around. Whoever gets the most balls into the goal shall be the winner.


"Trap" your guests with some fun party food. Be sure to opt for concession type foods to coincide with attending a soccer game. Here are a few ideas to consider that are easy and always a hit:
  • Hamburgers
  • Hotdogs
  • Pizza
  • Nachos
  • Chicken wings
  • Snow cones
  • Soft pretzels
  • Popcorn
  • Bottled water
  • Gatorade


SOCCER BALL CAKE - Make your favorite cake in a soccer ball cake pan and decorate that cake to look like a soccer ball. Add a fun birthday message.

SOCCER BALL SHEET CAKE - Make or buy a sheet cake and frost it green. Then top it off with green tinted coconut to create a grassy look. In the alternative, you could cover the sheet cake with green fondant. Make a half soccer ball by baking a cake in a large round Pyrex pan. Frost it black and white to look like a soccer ball. Place the ball onto the cake and pipe out a birthday message.

Soccer Cake

SOCCER SHEET CAKE - Make or buy a sheet cake and frost it green. Then add a fun soccer cake topper to bring the theme to life.

SOCCER JERSEY CAKE - Make a large sheet cake and cut it into the shape of a soccer jersey. Then cover it with fondant to coincide with your favorite team colors. Add a large number on the jersey to represent the age of the birthday recipient, along with a birthday message.

SOCCER CUPCAKES - If you're thinking of having cupcakes instead of a cake, then you might want to use some soccer themed cupcake wrappers. All you need to do is fill them up with your favorite cake recipe, pipe out a little frosting, and you could even top them off with a soccer cupcake topper.


Fill a soccer theme cellophane bag with your favors or opt to create a favor holder using soccer-printed fabric. Here's a few ideas of some goodies that you can tuck into the bag. Just be sure to pick out soccer themed items.
  • Bookmark
  • Zipper pull
  • Stickers and tattoos
  • Notepad and pencils
  • Soccer bounce balls
  • Water bottle
  • Whistles

YOUR Favorite Soccer Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite soccer party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your soccer cakes and costumes.

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