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There is no need to sleep on it, just take a deep breath and make up your mind that you are going to throw a Teen Slumber Party; it will all be over before you know it. You'll never know that you had a house of teens--Ha! Glad it's you and not me. Been there; done that and I'm glad I'm now only writing about it.

Anyway, to make sure you keep those energetic teens occupied, plan some fun and exciting teen sleepover party games. After all, you don't want them to have all that time on their hands with nothing specific to do. Otherwise you might find yourself out teepeeing a house at 2 a.m.; well, you may still find yourself doing that anyway--who am I kidding. Here are some teen games that would work well for a slumber party. Check them out and see if your teen is willing to play any of them or if they are just too lame!


If you're planning a sleepover then also plan on having some activities and/or games to entertain everyone and occupy those wandering young minds so they don't come up with any ideas of things that might get them into trouble. To assist you in keeping those teens occupied, I've put together the following ideas:

PILLOWCASE DECORATING #1 - Provide iron-on fabric crayons, colorful polyester pillowcases, iron, and ironing board. Follow fabric crayons' instructions to transfer designs to pillowcases. Add pom-poms, glitter, sequins, lace, buttons, etc. to complete decorations.

PILLOWCASE DECORATING #2 - Provide colorful polyester pillowcases, fabric pens or Sharpie pens in various colors, and cardboard to prevent bleed-through and have everyone draw or sign each other's pillowcase.

GRAFFITI GALORECover windows or wall with black butcher paper and provide gel pens nearby with sign inviting teens to be artistic.

GLOW-IN-THE-DARK ART - Cover windows or wall with white butcher type of paper and make available some pens and paints that glow in the dark. Have teens create with lights on and turn off lights to see their artistic creations come to life.

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SLUMBER SCRAPBOOKING - Take photos during party and/or have teens bring digital cameras and do the same. Download and print out photos. Provide mini scrapbooks, papers, and decorations to embellish pages.

SLUMBER PARTY GAMES - BALLOON VOLLEYBALL - Use a streamer as a net and a blown up balloon as a ball. Divide the teens into 2 teams and let them play volleyball.

PAJAMA FASHION SHOW - Now is the time to put on all those crazy PJ's, nightgowns, footies, etc. and create a fashion show.

CRAZY HAIR - Provide several cans of colored hair spray, glitter hair spray, hair extensions, braids, Bobbie pins, combs, pony tail ties, beads, etc. and have teens create crazy hair.

More Slumber Party Games & Activites

TATTOOS - Provide tattoo gels pens and stencils or washable tattoos and let the teens create some body art.

OPEN MIKE - Breakout the Karaoke machine and have teens sing and do stand-up comedy.

TRUTH OR DARE - Before party, write down on slips of paper various truths and dares and place into closed box. Be sure questions are fair, safe, and no one will get their feelings hurt in the process of playing. Question examples are, Truth - What is your most embarrassing moment? Dare - Act like a pig for 30 seconds. Everyone takes turns drawing a question from the box and if they refuse to perform or answer, then give them the boot--just out of the game.

PLAY GAMES - Have decks of cards and board games available to play throughout the night.

More Slumber Party Games & Activites

MAKE-UP ARTIST - Provide lipsticks, blushes, loose powders, eyebrow powders, lip liners, eye shadows, cotton balls, and pencil sharpeners. Divide teens into 2 teams. One player is the model and a teammate is the make-up artist. Blindfold artist and give her 2 minutes to apply make-up on model. Play continues until everyone has make-up on and has been a make-up artist. NOTE: To keep make-up bacteria-free, use cotton balls to apply eye shadows and sharpen pencils after each use.

FOIL MAKEOVERS - Divide teens into 2 teams and provide them with heavy and regular weight rolls of foil, rubber bands, and string. Have each team create tops, skirts, pants, hats, booties, eyeglasses, hair, etc. from the foil. Take pictures, remove foil, and play goes on until each person has had an opportunity to be the model.

TOILET PAPER BRIDE - Divide teens into 2 teams and provide them with several rolls of toilet paper. Have each team "dress" a teammate in a bridal gown of toilet paper. Take pictures, remove the toilet paper, and the game will continue on until everyone or all those who want to have a turn at being the bride.

MUMMY - Divide teens into 2 teams and provide each team with 2 rolls of toilet paper. Let teams decide who they will mummify and have teams race against one another. Take pictures, unwrap and play again until everyone has been mummified.

SCAVENGER PHOTO FUN - Divide teens into teams and be sure each team has a digital camera or a Smart Phone so pics can be taken. Also give each team a list of photos that they will need to take. Each team should be chaperoned and driven to various locations to secure the photos, which may not contain anyone from the party. For example, a married couple holding hands, a red car stopped at a red light, a baby less than 6 months old, a parent pushing a child on a swing, etc.

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