Slumber Party Game Ideas That Won't Put You To Sleep!

by C.J.

Friend Fav's & Other Fun Games

Friend Fav's & Other Fun Games


The object of this game is to see how well you know your friends. Start by having everyone sit in a circle. Give them each a piece of paper and pencil so they can write down their answers to the questions of what is their favorite color, animal, store, movie, song, book, etc. Be sure to tell everyone to keep their answers to themselves and not utter a word.

Then go around the circle and have each person guess what they think a certain person wrote down. Then write down how many answers you got correctly for each friend and see how well you know them. Whoever answered the most correctly is the winner.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Slumber parties are exciting for teens, but you need to make sure you direct all that energy with some good slumber party games. C.J. offered one great idea for a game, but if you need some more helpful slumber party ideas, I have a few more that may help you out.


Truth or Lie is one fun idea that works great at slumber parties. Give each teen a notecard and have them write down three things about themselves. They should write down two things that are actually true and one thing should be a lie. Once everyone is done, choose someone to start the game. That person will read off their three facts and the rest of the guests have to guess which statement is the lie.


Guess that Celebrity is another fun game, especially if you need slumber party ideas for a teen girls’ party. Write the names of popular movie or music stars on notecards. Tape a notecard to the forehead of each teen. They have to figure out which celebrity they are supposed to be. Have guests sit in a circle. Go around the circle and allow each person to ask yes or no questions about their identity. They only get one question and then it’s someone else’s turn. Go for several rounds and see who can guess their identity first.


Another fun idea to try if you’re looking for slumber party games is an indoor scavenger hunt. Hide items throughout the party area that go along with the sleepover theme. Some great ideas include pajamas, pillow cases, toothbrush and a DVD. Have every teen work on their own to find each item on the list for the hunt. The person who finds all the items first will win the game. You can make this even more fun by doing it in the dark, giving each teen a flashlight to use in their search.

Here's another fun hunt to consider. This option allows you to create your own customized hunt with a few mouse clicks or you can opt to use one that is ready-made. You also have the choice of making it a hunt for inside or outside, so if you want a little peace and quiet, send the troops outside, but if you want to keep everyone close at hand, make it a hunt that keeps them within the confines of your home. For additional info, click below to check out your options!

Treasure Hunts at
Fun Scavenger Hunt Clues

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