Sleepover Theme

by Suzanne Mawhinney
(Northern Ireland)

Birthday sleepover cake

Birthday sleepover cake

Birthday sleepover cake
Sleepover dessert table

My 11 year old son wanted a sleepover with his friends for his birthday. I've seen plenty of girly sleepover cakes but none for a boy so I made a large bed cake with smaller ones for all his friends - hair style and colour to represent the actual boys. They all got to take their own cakes home and really enjoyed eating themselves!

There was also a matching dessert table with more treats - popcorn, sweets, jellies, etc.

Sleepovers aren’t just for girls and Suzanne made a delightful cake that is perfect for boys having a sleepover. If you’re planning to have a sleepover for boys and you need some sleepover party ideas, this gave me a few great ideas that you can use.


One of the cool sleepover birthday party ideas you can use is to have your son help you pick out a bunch of cool movies that he and his friends will enjoy watching. Have a few movies already picked out together so you don’t end up dealing with squabbles over movie choices. Pop up plenty of popcorn and let the guys enjoy the movies.

Video Games

Having some fun video games to play is another of the sleepover party ideas. Boys love video games, so it’s nice to let them enjoy playing some of these games at the sleepover.

Party Food Ideas

For food, make sure you stock up on plenty of guy friendly chow. Finger foods are going to be your best choice for this rowdy, hungry crowd. Have plenty of chips on hand, cookies are great and cupcakes may be a better choice than a regular cake, since they technically qualify as finger foods too. Sandwiches are nice for the guys. Don’t forget you’ll need to feed these guys some breakfast, so plan out your breakfast menu in advance. Keep it simple with a selection of yummy cereals or go all out with pancakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast.

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