Sleeping Beauty

by Priya

Pucker Up Baby & Turn Me Into A Prince!

Pucker Up Baby & Turn Me Into A Prince!

This game is very simple for your little princess to play.

Tell all the children who have assembled to lie down on the floor and pretend as if they are sleeping. Tell them they have a spell cast down upon them by the bad queen and instruct them to lie down still without any movement.

Then have someone start to tell jokes or do something funny to try and get one of the kids to move and laugh. Sooner or later some one will giggle or move. Once this happens, that child is out of the game. The kids who are out, may try to make the other children move.

The winner will be the one who sleeps until the end of the game and she will be titled as Sleeping Beauty.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

If you’re looking for some great princess party ideas, this fun game submitted by Priya is sure to be a big hit with your little princesses and princes. Everyone is sure to be giggling by the time this game is over. But you'll probably need a few more fun princess party games to entertain your royal guests, so here is another fun idea that you might want to use.

Kiss The Frog Prince Game

Kiss the Frog Prince game is an easy game that little girls will really enjoy playing. What you’ll need is a picture of a Frog, or you can use a poster of a real prince. Have your guests put on bright red lipstick, spin them around and then have them try to kiss the frog or the prince. Whoever gets their kiss closest to the frog’s mouth or the prince’s mouth will win the game. Just be sure that you protect the wall area around the picture to make sure you don’t end up with lipstick on your walls. You can also cut out lips for the kids to "pin" onto the poster if you aren’t brave enough to deal with all that red lipstick.

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