Skeleton Twins

by Peter
(United States)

Twice As Cute!

Twice As Cute!

My sister is a talented mom. She makes fabulously creative birthday cakes, puts together detailed parties, and makes the kids' costumes for Halloween or dress-up days at school. I thought I'd show off some of the costumes the twins recently wore.

The boys were only five months old for their first Halloween, but for their second one they were skeletons. Here they are sitting in the pumpkin patch that the art teacher from school made with the students.

The costumes are white sweatshirts and pants with black bones on the sleeves and legs. The front of the sweatshirts has cream-colored ribbons to make the ribs.

Reply: Great Costume Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Peter's skeleton twins are absolutely darling and they deserve to show off their "skele" best at a fun party. And since I love to come up with party ideas, here a few that would be perfect for this dynamic duel:

Of course the best colors would be orange and black, but you could also add some purple and lime green.

Given the age of the potential party, there's no need to go to massive expense on decor, but you can still create a really fun party atmosphere on a shoe-string budget.

Streamers are one of the best decorating options. They give you great splashes of color and more bang for your buck then just about anything. If you have a large wall that is crying out for decor, alternate your colored streamers by twisting them from floor to ceiling along the wall. This will create a great backdrop for photos, along with jazzing up a ho-hum wall.

You can also hang various lengths of streamers from the ceiling to give your ceiling a colorful facelift. If you want to mix it up a bit, you could also hang some pumpkins, bats and ghost shapes that are cut from orange, black and white poster board.

Of course, streamers certainly lend themselves to serve as garland which can be twisted around bannisters, window and door frames, accent a fireplace mantel, or run them from a ceiling chandelier to the corners of the room.

Another great garland creation is made from 1" wide fabrics that range anywhere from 6" to 18" long. All you need to do is tie them onto a piece of twine, jute, ribbon, or baker's twine and then hang it as you would any other kind of garland.

Balloons tied off with curling ribbons are the next best decoration that you can incorporate into your decor that cost next to nothing. You can start by creating a few larger bouquets of balloons that can jazz up empty corners.

Another fun option would be to tie small bouquets to the backs of the party chairs, along with tying them off, once again, with colorful curling ribbons. If you really want to add lots of color, you can cut the ribbons extra-long--even down towards the floor.

As you can imagine, this alone would make any party room pop! And the best part is the cost-factor--next to nothing.

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