Simple Asian Theme Party

by Sara S.

Asian Cake

Asian Cake

Had an Asian theme party and it came out really good. I didn't really focus too much on any specific country--I just let it be an Asian theme. I had everyone come dressed in costume and sit on the floor for dinner. I wore a kimono but I got to say it was challenging to get around the room quickly as I could only take little steps and I have long legs that wanted to go faster. I also had everyone take off their shoes to keep with tradition.

We all decided that we didn't have enough time or energy or skill to make a really good Asian dinner and eveyone was willing to chip in so instead of cooking I got takeout. I started with sushi appetizers and it worked out great. All I had to do was serve it up in nice dishes as sushi is already colorful and kind of festive looking on its own. I also went over to Panda Express and picked up some Kung Pao chicken, thai chicken, broccoli and beef, orange chicken, egg rolls, fried rice, and noodles.

I got some cool looking lanterns that I hung around the dining room for the lighting. I played some oriental sounding music in the background. I also found this really need stuff online called gossamer and they had some that was oriental looking so I took down all my pictures and covered my dining room walls with it. I also used red and gold fabrics to decorate the tables. I put these cute little bonsai trees on the tables as centerpieces. Its hard to believe theyre little trees.

I setup some Mahjong and Chinese checkers on a couple of tables for people to play if they wanted. I gave everyone fortune cookies that I wrapped up in red cellophane and tied off with gold ribbons.

This party was pretty low key which was nice after a hectic week. It didn't really require a whole lot of early preparation which made it easier to pull off. I think everyone should have at least one Asian party in their life.

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