Simple 1st Birthday Cake Idea

by Bobby Anna

Simple & Made With Love

Simple & Made With Love

I made this simple cake in a square shape and covered it with white frosting. I piped out black lines to decorate it with writing and to make it more beautiful I put one red rose with green leaves on it. Then I added the #1 candle.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

This lovely 1st birthday cake by Bobby Anna definitely shows the beauty of simplicity. If you are making a cake for your little one’s first birthday, you don’t have to make anything fancy. Something simple and tasty is a perfect choice. After all, you know your small guests are going to make a huge mess with the icing anyway.

As I enjoyed the simplicity of this 1st birthday cake, it gave me some wonderful 1st birthday party ideas. One fun idea I had, and this one is only for the brave moms, is to allow your child and their guests to have some fun decorating cupcakes. You can go ahead and make a simple cake like this one to have as a centerpiece. However, make up some cupcakes out of a similar type of cake. Have some icing in different colors, some sprinkles and other edible decorations that the kids can use to decorate cupcakes.

If you decide to try this activity, make sure you have parents helping their child and have some big t-shirts they can wear while decorating to avoid creating a mess on their clothes, which definitely wouldn’t endear you to any of the moms attending the party. When all is said and done, let the kids enjoy eating the cupcakes that they created. Then you can serve the birthday cake to the adults or send each guest home with a slice of cake in a nice bakery box so they can enjoy it later. Sending guests home with a slice of cake tied up in a bakery box can double as a favor for the party as well.

As you can see, some of the best 1st birthday party ideas aren’t difficult at all. Keep your party simple and your new one-year-old is sure to have a blast.

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