Shark Costume

by Luka

SharkBoy Luka

SharkBoy Luka

This is me in my cool shark costume my mother made for me for my seventh birthday party!

We cut it out of a big piece of cardboard folded in two (to make both sides of the head). We all had fun painting it - especially the teeth with extra blood.

We also cut out and painted a fin, and attached them to my grey shirt with duct tape.

Thanks, Luka

What an awesome shark costume! Luka’s mom obviously took some time to make this great costume. If you’re having a shark or fish themed birthday party, then having some fish costumes is definitely a cool idea.

Angler Fish Costume

One great idea is to make your own angler fish costume. It’s pretty easy to make with some poster board, mesh framing wire, black, brown and white felt, hot glue, tan colored fabric and a black sweatshirt or t-shirt. You’ll need enough tan material to go all around the body in a circle and the wire will help give the costume it’s shape. The felt will be used to create the teeth, fins and eyes. Attach the round fish to the t-shirt or sweatshirt so it can easily be slipped over the head.

Another Idea For A Shark Costume

For a shark costume, consider one that makes it look like the shark is eating the person who is wearing it. Create the costume out of a thick grey material. Make an opening for the neck and have the mouth of the shark open up on either side of the neck and head area. Be sure to add arm holds for easy maneuvering. Also add some white material in the mouth area, cutting it to look like sharp, jagged teeth.

Fast & Easy Shark Costume Idea

For a simpler costume, simply take a cardboard box, cover it with grey butcher paper and cut it to look like the mouth of a shark. Cut a hole for the head through the top so the shark head can be set on the shoulders, looking like the shark is eating the wearer’s head.

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