Shark Cakes

by Mae-Lan Mejia
(Santa Clarita, CA)

Coolest Shark Cakes

Coolest Shark Cakes

The shark is made from rice crispy treats then covered in fondant and then hand painted. The shark's fins and tail are made from gum paste and then later attached when dried. The bottom tier is an ice cream cake.

Shark cakes are such a cool option for a kid’s birthday party. This is a fabulous shark cake, which is sure to provide some great inspiration. This cool shark themed cake gave me some fun ideas for other under the sea cakes.

Dolphin Cake Ideas

One fun idea is to make a dolphin cake. Here’s an easy way to make a dolphin themed cake. You can get started by baking two 13x9 cakes in the flavor of your choice. One of the cakes will be the base of the entire cake. The second cake should be cut into the shape of a dolphin. Start by locating a simple picture of a dolphin. Your best options would be a coloring page or clipart which you could easily find online. The picture will be used like a template to help you cut the cake in a dolphin shape. You could even put the page over the cake and cut along the lines to make the whole process really easy.

Frost the bottom base cake with swirls of blue and green to make it look like the ocean. Add deeper blue to some frosting and add some waves. Then, frost your dolphin in white icing. Make more icing in a grey/purple and ice the top half of the dolphin to give it that two-toned look. The work is minimal and you have a beautiful cake that any child will love.

Crab Cake Ideas

Another exciting idea for under the sea cakes is to make a crab themed cake. For an easy crab cake, make a double or triple tiered cake. Decorate all the tiers in various shades of blue icing. Add some sea creatures or sea shells to the first tiers. Then on the top tier, add a crab cake topper or make one out of fondant or gum paste.

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