Shark Boy

by Barb
(St. Louis)

Terror-iffic Sharkboy!

Terror-iffic Sharkboy!

My son wanted to be Shark Boy from the movie Shark Boy and Lava Girl. However, I couldn't find this costume as a ready-made one that I could buy. So I started looking at pictures for ideas and found one that I thought I could pattern a costume after.

I got some gray material that looked like it was as close to the colors and texture of the costume in the picture. When it comes to costumes, I don't like to spend a lot on them because they just don't get much wear. Therefore, I tend to try and stay with getting inexpensive supplies. I was really happy with the material that I found and it was a decent price. I used a black marker to create all of the line details. I made the fins from sponge board. The costume came out great and my son was very happy with it especially since he was able to be Shark Boy!

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits
Bravo! I agree with Barb--the costume did come out great!

To get a little more mileage out of a Halloween costume, you might think of having a party in the spring using the same theme; in this case a Sharkboy and Lavagirl party.

Unfortunately, coming up with party ware that has this theme is impossible, so you'll have to roll up your sleeves and get a bit creative. You can start by using under the sea party supplies to help create that shark-like atmosphere or you could opt to go with solid colors.


  • If you can find some fabric that would emphasis the shark theme, then you can do a lot of fun things with the fabric to make up for the lack of party ware. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Cover your party table with the shark fabric and use solid colored plates, cups and napkins.

  • In the alternative, you could cover the table in a solid fabric and make placemats out of the shark fabric which can be given out as one of the kids' favors at the end of the party.

  • You can also create a flag banner using the shark fabric. Cut out the flag shapes and turn the top edge over a piece of decorative ribbon or twine and hot glue in place. Obviously, you can make these garlands any length you want so they can be hung around windows, door frames, tables, etc.

  • If the fabric has sharks on it, cut them out individually or cut around them using decorative scissors. Then affix the sharks to a piece of card stock and hang them at various lengths from the ceiling.

  • If you can get your hands on some inflatable sharks and other sea life and/or stuffed sea animals, these would be great for accent pieces.

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