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Fun And Fabulous Sesame Street Theme Party
The Perfect 1st Birthday Choice!

If your little one loves any of the Sesame Street characters, then he or she will love having a Sesame Street birthday party. Go the extra mile and make it a special party to remember.

If this happens to be your child's first birthday, then be sure to take lots of photos and shoot oodles of videos so they will re-live all the festivities through the memories you create.

Create a memorable Sesame Street first birthday party using some of the birthday party ideas listed below. The little ones will thank you for taking a walk down one of their favorite streets - Sesame Street.


A great party starts out with a fun invitation. If you plan on making your invites, then here's a few ideas for you to consider:

Sesame Street Invitations

SESAME STREET 1ST BIRTHDAY INVITATIONS – Take some yellow card stock, cutting it into four pieces of equal size. Use a piece of complimenting scrapbook paper to type or write out all the party details. Cut down these pieces to about 3” by 4.5”. Attach to the invitations with a bit of glue. Add some fun Sesame street stickers to the corners and add some glitter to the edges if desired. You can decorate with Sesame Street stickers and die cuts of different numbers and letters on the other side.

SESAME STREET THEME PHOTO INVITATIONS – Using yellow card stock, cut the paper in half. Fold each piece in half like an invitation. Take a photo of your little one wearing a favorite Sesame Street costume, then cut it out so it is just a little smaller than your invites. Use some glue to secure the photo to the very front of your invite. Write a fun line over the picture. You can write party info inside or write on another piece of complimenting paper and attach it on the inside. Use some of the following ideas:

(Baby's Name) birthday brought to you by the letter (first letter of baby's name) and the number "1."
Time and Date:
Sesame Street’s World Location:
Sesame Street Invitations

EMBELLISHED READY-MADE SESAME STREET THEME INVITATIONS – Find and purchase Sesame Street theme invitations and have fun embellishing the pictures on the invites. Add some wiggly eyes, use some glitter on the bodies and use other embellishments to make the invitations even cuter.

VARIATIONS - Download Sesame Street character and glue to card stock. Embellish picture, e.g., yellow feathers to Big Bird, blue yarn loops to Cookie Monster, green glitter to Oscar the Grouch, etc.


You can either dress your baby up in a Sesame Street character costume and request all your guests do the same, or have the babies wear shirts with Sesame Street characters on them.

If you really want to get into the Sesame Street frame of mind and make the party extra special for your little ones, Mom and Dad or teenage siblings could dress up and bring some of the Sesame Street characters to life.


Here's some ideas to help you decorate your party room in Sesame Street style:

  • In yellow, green, blue or yellow, create balloon clusters and twist streamers and use them to decorate the walls or ceilings.

  • Use red, blue, green, or yellow sheets tied back with pretty ribbons on the bigger walkways.

  • Make fun signs, saying, "Elmo's World", "Sesame Street, "Elmo Welcomes One and All", "Welcome to Sesame Street" or "Oscar says "SCRAM!"

  • Cover the tables using red, blue, green, or yellow tablecloths. Tie corners with pretty curling ribbons in any of these fun colors.

  • Use Elmo or Sesame Street cups, plates, tablecloths, centerpieces and napkins.

Sesame Street Decorations

  • Hang up Sesame Street happy 1st birthday posters and banners.

  • Set out some Sesame Street stuffed toys in the party room.

  • To the guest of honor’s highchair, tie some Sesame Street Mylar balloons. Then, add regular helium balloons to the rest of the high chairs in fun party colors.

  • Create a fun photo-op with an Elmo or Big Bird jumbo air walker. These 50" tall balloons are especially fun because they will float as they walk around the party room.

  • Use Sesame Street character pinata and some streamers and balloons to make a cool centerpiece for your tables.

Sesame Street Decorations

  • On the walls, put up some letters and numbers made out of construction paper.

  • Take Sesame Street Mylar balloons and some alphabet blocks to make a centerpiece.

  • Take pictures of Sesame Street characters, laminate them, then use them for placemats.

Sesame Street Decorations

  • Create a bunch of balloons in party colors, then take them outside, hanging them from a tree or from the mailbox so guests find it easy to figure out where the party is being held.

  • Draw Big Bird footprints with chalk on sidewalk leading to front door.

  • Use stakes to attach some balloons, using them along the walkway.


This page offers many fun Sesame Street Games and Activities which include the following:
  • Pin The Cookie Game
  • Trash Tossing Game
  • Sesame Street Coloring Fun
  • Sock Puppet Show
  • ABCs Hunt
  • Elmo Says
  • Big Bird's Yellow Balloons
  • Pass The Sesame Street Toy
  • Ernie's Rubber Ducky Race
  • Elmo's Counting Game


GERBER GRADUATES – Check with the parents and ask what stage of graduates their child is eating.

BIG BIRD PUNCH – Stir together 1 large can pineapple juice and 1 liter of 7-up or sprite in a punch bowl. Add a few dollops of pineapple sherbet right before serving.

ELMO PUNCH – In a big punch bowl, mix 46 oz. apple juice, 46 oz. Hawaiian punch, 46 oz. cranberry juice, ice and a two liter bottle of ginger ale.

BIG BIRD MACARONI & CHEESE – Make up your favorite recipe for mac and cheese.

DUCK BURGERS – Make hamburgers with cheese, cutting into duck shapes.

GRILLED CHEESE – Make up some grilled cheese sandwiches, then cut into shapes like squares, circles and triangles.

OSCAR GARBAGE PAILS - Cover paper cups with foil and fill with a mixture that includes Honeycomb cereal, goldfish, Chex cereal, and some Cheerios. Give a pail to each baby.

SESAME STREET JELL-O – Mix up some gelatin, adding an extra envelope and add to a big rectangular pan. Allow to set and then cut up into exciting shapes for kids to enjoy.

SESAME STREET COOKIES – Whip together a batch of sugar cookie batter. Roll out and cut into cool shapes using some Sesame Street cookie cutters. Ice using white frosting. Then, have fun decorating with sugar, gel icing, edible glitter, sprinkles and other fun decorations.

SESAME STREET JUICE - Individual boxes of juice decorated with Sesame Street stickers.


Sesame Street Birthday Cake

ELMO CAKE – Make one oval cake as well as three cupcakes. Use red icing for the cake. Cut the cupcake tops off and ice one orange to make the nose and two white to make the eyes. Put the cupcakes on top of the red cake, creating the face of Elmo. Then, use some black licorice to make the pupils for the eyes and the mouth.

SESAME STREET CAKE – Bake up a sheet cake, or purchase one. Frost it with white, then add a Sesame Street cake topper for an easy, beautiful cake.

SESAME STREET PHOTO CAKE – Give a photo of your child to the bakery and have them put the photo on your birthday cake.

Sesame Street Birthday Cake

BIG BIRD CAKE – Use a Big Bird cake pan to make the cake, then follow the instructions to decorate it. There are also individual mini Big Bird cake pans available.

SESAME STREET CUPCAKES – Using Sesame Street cupcake liners, make some cupcakes. Frost them in white. Use different colors of frosting for fur, using a grass tip to make all the fur on the cupcakes. Use candy to make the mouth and eyes.

ELMO CUPCAKE STAND - Make your favorite cupcake recipe and top them all off with brightly colored frostings and then display them on a fun Elmo cupcake stand.

Check out our visitor-submitted SESAME STREET CAKE photos and how-to tips.


Find Sesame Street print cellophane bags, or you can decorate clear bag using some Sesame Street stickers. Fill bags with Sesame Street memo pads, Sesame Street stickers, temporary tattoos, ABC blocks, play doh, Sesame Street finger puppets, coloring books or a rubber duckies.

Sesame Street Theme Ideas

Do you have some favorite Sesame Street Theme Ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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