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Of course a Sesame Street Theme Party is A-OK for a first birthday. All you need to do is get ready for a sunshiny day, plan some great games, and serve up some yummy chow for little mouths to enjoy.

To give you a bit of a kick start, I've created this page that has a lot of game choices that are great options for your little tykes. In fact, they are a perfect add-on to a first birthday party. Everyone is sure to have a good time and enjoy the interaction and interplay that is sure to result. So, if you have a Sesame Street Birthday Party slated for any time soon, here are several fun games geared to this theme to check out:


PIN THE COOKIE GAME – This is a really simple, fun game that even the little ones will enjoy. You’ll need a drawing or a poster of the Cookie Monster, as well as some cutout cookies. Make sure you have enough for each child. Use some double sided tape so the cookies can be attached to the poster. Have the adults help the little ones try pinning the cookie on the Cookie Monster to see who gets the cookie the closest.

TRASH TOSSING GAME – Oscar lives in the trash can, so let kids toss some trash at Oscar’s trash can for a fun game. You’ll need a few small trashcans to use as Oscar’s home. Then, scrunch up some old newspapers so you have plenty of balls of trash. Let the kids pick up the “trash” and have them toss the trash into the trashcans as best they can. For your young guests, you can even let them toddle or crawl up to the cans to put the trash in the can. It’s sure to be fun and the adults will get a giggle out of watching this game.

SESAME STREET COLORING FUN – Print out some fun Sesame Street themed coloring pages from the internet, which are very easy to find. Then, make sure you have some thick crayons available for the little ones to use. With help from the adults, let them work on coloring the coloring pages, which they can take home at the end of the party. Going with the thick crayons is important, since kids this age can’t grasp regular crayons very well.

SOCK PUPPET SHOW – Make your own sock puppets that look like Sesame Street characters, such as the cookie monster or Oscar. You could also buy some Sesame Street puppets to use for this fun activity. Have a couple of the adults put on the sock puppets and act out a fun scene for the little ones.

ABCs HUNT – Buy some large wooden ABCs, making sure they are very colorful. Hide the letters all around the party area. Then, you can let your young guests enjoy crawling around to find the ABCs, which goes well with the Sesame Street theme. Have parents help direct the little ones in the right direction.


ELMO SAYS – This is a fun game that helps little ones learn to follow directions, even though they’ll probably need a little help. Have adults help the little ones and have someone to lead the game, saying things like, “Elmo says crawl” or “Elmo says wiggle your leg.”

BIG BIRD’s YELLOW BALLONS – Blow up several yellow balloons for the party. Let kids enjoy patting at the balloons, trying to keep them up in the area, with the help of the adults of course. If balloons pop, make sure you pick up the pieces so none of your guests get them and put them in their mouth.

PASS THE SESAME STREET TOY – Pick out a small Sesame Street toy for this game. Have adults sit in a circle, holding the little ones. Then, play some Sesame Street music. With some help, have the little ones pass along the toy. You could even have several toys so the person who ends up with the toy gets to keep it as a fun favor.

ERNIE’S RUBBER DUCKY RACE – Buy some small rubber ducks. Have the little ones push them along to the finish line, which should be only a few feet away. They may need some direction to keep them going. See who reaches the finish line first.

ELMO’S COUNTING GAME – Have different toys, making sure you have different numbers of each toy. Have adults help the kids have fun counting how many toys there are of each type of toy.

first birthday party gamesAdd'l 1st Birthday Games - They don't have the Sesame Street theme to them, but they are geared towards one-year-olds. Perhaps you can think of a way to give them a Sesame Street game twist.

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