Sesame Street Cake

by Mae-Lan Mejia
(Santa Clarita, CA)

Extraordinary Sesame Street Theme Cake

Extraordinary Sesame Street Theme Cake

This cake is fondant covered with different colored fondant circles attached all around it. The characters are all store bought. The cake base is a custom made box with baby books attached all the way around.

What a beautiful masterpiece Mae-Lan created! This is one of the most beautiful, creative Sesame Street cakes that I have ever seen. Just seeing this cake got my mind whirling and made me think of some more fun ideas for a perfect Sesame Street birthday party.

If you decide to make your Sesame Street cakes similar to this one, consider making sure that the baby Sesame Street books are all easy to detach from the base. After the party, the books can simply be pulled off the base and then handed out to all your small guests as the perfect party favors. When you buy the books for the cake, you’ll save money because you are using the books for favors too.

While Mae-Lan created this cake with a variety of Sesame Street characters on it, remember, your Sesame Street cakes don’t have to include all the characters. In fact, you can make your own cake and concentrate on your child’s favorite character from Sesame Street. If your child loves Big Bird, then consider making a bright yellow cake complete with Big Bird figures on it. If your child is a huge fan of the Cookie Monster, consider a cookie monster cake. Another idea is to make cookie monster cupcakes, using blue icing and piping it on the cupcakes to look like the Cookie Monster’s fur.

The cake is definitely the big event at your baby’s Sesame Street birthday party. However, don’t forget to have some fun activities. Consider making a playlist of Sesame Street tunes or playing a favorite Sesame Street episode that your little one loves. You can even print out Sesame Street coloring pages to keep the little sweeties occupied.

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