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Sometimes it’s exciting to throw a party that takes you across the world where you can experience new cultures and all they have to offer.

If you want to throw a unique party that almost requires a passport, a Scottish theme party is the perfect theme idea. Many people have enjoyed a renewed interest in Scotland with the recent release of the movie, “Brave.” This rich culture has much to offer and you can take notes from this country as you plan your Scottish parties.

You might not be very familiar with Scotland and its culture, so here are some helpful ideas you can use to help get your party just right. Enjoy great tips for invitations, cakes, fun games and activities and even decoration ideas to make sure your party looks amazing.


READY-MADE INVITES - Since you’re throwing a Scottish party, make sure you let your guests in on that theme by carrying out the theme in the invitations that you choose. Find premade invitations with Scottish designs on them to make it easy to get your invites in the mail.

DIY SCOTTISH FLAG INVITE OPTIONS - If you have a bit more time to plan and you enjoy getting creative, making the invitations yourself is a wonderful idea. One simple idea for DIY invitations is to create invites that look like the Scottish flag. You can download a picture of the flag, print out a picture and glue it to the invites, or you can actually draw and color the flag on the front of the invitations yourself. Don’t forget to include important party details on the inside of these invitations.

TARTAN INVITES #1 - Another wonderful invitation idea is to make some lovely tartan invitations. You can find scrapbooking paper in a tartan pattern or you can find tartan material. Make the tartan the front of your invitations and then add the party info inside.

TARTAN INVITES #2 - You may also want to try creating invitations in the shape of a tartan hat. Cut out the hat shape and decorate it with a beautiful tartan pattern that looks incredible. Then add in the details to the invitation.

SIMPLE SCOTTISH THEME INVITES - Printing out invitations with Scottish themed clip art will also make cheap, easy invitations that look amazing.


Scotland has some very distinctive traditional clothing and it can be fun to have your guests dress up in traditional costumes for your Scottish parties. For the men, trews or kilts are traditionally worn on the lower half of the body. Trews are high waisted trousers that Scotsmen wear when the weather is colder. While some men may be willing to try wearing the kilt, others may feel more comfortable wearing trews. For the upper body, men usually wear simple collared, sleeved, white shirts along with a black bow tie. A short jacket is generally worn over the shirt. Some of the items often worn with the traditional male dress include the sporran, which offers a way to carry personal items, since kilts offer no pockets.

The traditional clothing for Scottish women is not as widely known, but it will be fun to have the women dress up in these exciting costumes for the party. Women traditionally would wear tartan skirts that reached the ankles along with a shawl or a tartan sash. Ghillies, a type of shoe, were worn on the feet. Married women usually wore a linen head square called a kerch while single women wore a snood, which was basically a ribbon that goes underneath the hair and is then tied into a bow on top of the head.


To bring a bit of the Scottish heritage to life, you'll want to be sure to allow sufficient time to gather and create your decorations to bring a feeling of Scotland homeward bound.
  • Decorating for a Scottish party can be exciting and you’ll want to start by using plenty of tartan to help decorate the party area. Tartan is basically different types of plaid fabrics. Traditionally, they were used to represent different families or clans. You can find a nice tartan pattern and then use it for a table cloth or a nice table runner.

  • Pay close attention to the colors used within the tartan pattern. You can use those colors for the rest of your décor.

  • Use those colors for candles, streamers, centerpieces and other décor items.

  • Since Scotland is known for the lovely countryside with plenty of lush greens, consider adding a rustic feel by using lush greenery to help decorate the area.

  • Try adding heather to the décor as well as some moss and lovely river stones, which will make the area feel like you are outdoors.

  • Hanging up the Scottish flag and some nice Scottish themed balloons is another great idea to give your party room instant Scottish style.

  • You can also purchase some paper goods in tartan looks to add something to the overall décor of the party. If you can't find the tartan pattern, then opt for using solid green, red, gold or a combination thereof.

  • Create a plaid table runner to accent the party table and add a clear bowl of apples that is accented with bits of greenery. Then attach a large bouquet of balloons to coordinate with your party colors to the bowl.

  • Research what your family crest is and create a banner to hang on one of the walls.

  • Cover the walls with tartan-printed fabric to give the room an instant Scottish theme.

  • You could also opt to accent an empty wall by hanging St. Andrew's crosses on it.

  • Keep the lighting low with the use of candles, mini strands of white lights, and perhaps a kerosene type lamp or two.

  • Be sure to play some folk or bag pipe music in the background--not too loud as you want it to complement the party and not take it over unless of course it's time to get down and get funky in the traditional Scottish way.


Some great games and activities will certainly add something special to your Scottish parties, along with adding to the theme and festivities.

HIGHLAND GAMES - One idea is to have your own version of the Highland Games that are held in Scotland. This could be games that include seeing how far individuals are able to toss and throw various objects.

HIGHLAND DANCE - Learning some highland dance moves is a fun idea as well. You can easily find Highland dance videos online and have guests try their hand at learning some of the steps and kicking up their heels a bit.

COSTUME CONTEST - It’s nice to have a costume contest, having the guest of honor choose the man and woman with the best costumes.

HAGGIS-EATING CONTEST - While haggis is one of the main foods eaten in Scotland, you might not be brave enough to give this dish a try as far as your party food table is concerned, but you could certainly present it as a part of a Scottish themed game. Rather than let them eat cake--let them eat haggis and see who dares to take a bite and whoever eats the most wins the prize.

BAGPIPE ENTERTAINMENT - If possible, hire someone to play the bagpipes at the party. They can play a few numbers as a segment of your entertainment or wander throughout the party playing softly in the background.


Plan out a delicious menu that will allow guests at your Scottish party to enjoy a little taste of Scotland. One well known appetizer that is Scottish smoked salmon. This can be used to make canapés, tartlets and mini quiche. You may also want to use salmon as a main course or you can use another type of local fresh fish instead.

Of course, you’ll also want to serve up some desserts, which are sure to be fun and tasty. Shortbread is essential at a Scottish party. Start by making shortbread and then have a bit of fun with it by dipping it in chocolate and then adding some nuts or sprinkles to it. Empire biscuits are a shortbread delight that guests are sure to enjoy.

Scottish tablet is another dessert idea, which is a tasty treat that is a lot like fudge.


Having a nice cake that is decorated to go along with the party theme is a great idea for your Scottish parties.

SCOTTISH FLAG CAKE - One easy idea is to bake a sheet cake and then decorate it with icing to look like the Scottish flag.

TARTAN FLAG - Another idea is to take any size or shape of cake and then decorate it to look like beautiful tartan.

SCOTTLAND SCENE CAKE - You may also want to decorate a sheet cake with a scene from Scotland that includes plenty of lush greenery. To make it easy on yourself, you could take a photo to your local bakery and have them put it onto a cake.

"BRAVE" CAKE - If the guest of honor was a fan of the recent movie, “Brave,” you could have the cake decorated with a Brave theme as well.


When you send your guests home from the Scottish party, it’s nice to send them away with not only a heartfelt thank you for coming, but also a little gift to show your appreciation.
  • One great idea for your party favors is a beautiful Scottish bagpipes bottle stopper.
  • Can covers in that look like kilts make a cute favor idea as well.
  • Scotsman bottle openers and key rings are cute little favors that your guests can use.
  • Musical tartan bagpipe shaped air fresheners are beautiful as well.

YOUR Favorite Scottish Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Scottish party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your Scottish cakes and costumes.

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