Scooby Doo Party Ideas To Get Everyone's Tail Waggin!

Fun And Fabulous Scooby Doo Party Ideas
To Bring Back The 70's Scooby Style!

Can you dig it man? I hear you need to create a Scooby party, but there is no need to be such a spaz about it. I've got your back Jack. I'll catch you on the flip side; just keep scrolling.

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Just chill. I know you are looking for some great Scooby Doo birthday party ideas to help you create a totally groovy party? Keep on truckin' and keep on reading for some far-out birthday party ideas. Don't buzz off as you'll be creating a memorable Scooby Doo party in no time and you'll be looo-king goooooood!

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SCOOBY DOO PAW PRINT INVITATIONS – Start with bright yellow cardstock. Cut the cardstock in half crosswise. Fold each piece in half, creating your invitation. Using brown cardstock or construction paper, draw a dog paw print. If you don’t want to draw it freehand, find a template of a dog paw-print online, print it out and use it to trace your paw prints. Cut the paw prints out, placing one paw print in the middle of each yellow invitation. On the front of the invitation, write “Scooby Doo Requests Your Presence at a Mystery Inc. Birthday Party.” Inside of the invitation, write the following:

Scooby Dooby Doo Invites You!
Join Scooby and the rest of the Mystery Inc. Gang at: (Address)
We’ll start looking for clues on: (Date)
Jeepers don’t be late! (Time)
Jinkies! Don’t forget to RSVP (add RSVP information)

SCOOBY SNACK PARTY INVITATIONS – Pick up some mini boxes of cookies, ensuring you buy enough to send a box to each of your party guests. Create your own labels to cover the box of cookies. The front of the labels should say “Scooby Snacks.” On the back of the label, write out all of the information for the party. Use glue or double sided tape to attach the label to the box. Hand deliver these tasty, fun invitations to the guests you are inviting to your Scooby Doo birthday party.

Scooby Doo Party Ideas For Invites

MYSTERY MACHINE INVITATIONS - Create Mystery Machine (van) invites using cardstock. Decorate with retro flower stickers. Put across the top, "Zoinks! (Name) Is Turning (Age)! Put party details on back.

SCOOBY DOO BONE INVITATIONS - Using decorative scissors, cut an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of yellow cardstock into fourths. Write party details on each piece of cardstock. Laminate, hole-punch upper left-hand corner, and tie it with yellow ribbon to a dog bone. Hand-deliver.

EMBELLISH READY-MADE SCOOBY DOO INVITATIONS - Buy ready-made Scooby Doo invitations and embellish picture. For example, glitter on the various characters.


Be sure to invite your friends to come dressed in their favorite Scooby Doo character. A blast to the past might include tie-dyed shirts, bell bottoms, and mini skirts.


Flower power decorations and a retro style of the 70's is a must for a Scooby party. You can use just about any color that is bright or neon like red, blue, green, yellow, purple, hot pink, lime green, bright orange, etc. In the alternative, you could make your party have "spooky" overtones.
  • Pull out all of your Halloween decorations and use them to decorate for your Scooby Doo birthday party. You can hang up bats, spider webs, ghosts and any other spooky decorations that you may have on hand, adding to the spookiness of the party. After all, the Mystery Inc. gang has a habit of walking into haunted houses and other scary, spooky situations.

  • Add some Mystery Inc. accessories throughout your party area to add to the décor. For example, you can add binoculars, magnifying glasses and other spy or mystery themed items to your tables.

  • Make your own cool Mystery Machine to decorate the party area for your Scooby Doo birthday party. Start with a refrigerator box. Cut out two windows in the box. Then, use lime green paint to paint the entire box. Using some bright orange paint, paint the words “Mystery Machine” on the side of the “van.” With extra cardboard, design some bright pink, bright blue and bright orange flowers. Glue them to your “Mystery Machine” to really make it pop. This makes a great photo area too. Kids can crawl behind the van and have their pictures taken as they stick their heads out the Mystery Van windows.

  • Since the Mystery Inc. gang and Scooby Doo always had a 70s retro look, consider adding some retro items to your space. Add some flower cutouts in retro colors, add beaded curtains to the doorways and add a lava lamp or two to the party area.

  • Create your own ghost decorations, since Scooby Doo and Shaggy seemed to always end up running away from ghosts in the Scooby Doo adventures. To make your own ghosts, start by with a plastic table cover in white, cutting it into four pieces. Take a black latex balloon (about 11 inches), inflate it and then place one of the white table cover pieces over it. Put the tied end of the balloon at the top, then cut a tiny slit where you can push that end through. Cut out some holes for eyes. Using some curing ribbon, hang the ghost from the ceiling by attaching the ribbon to the balloon’s tied end that is sticking out. Whenever someone walks by, the ghosts will move, adding some spookiness to the party.

  • Place some rawhide bones around the area. Cover some cereal boxes with paper and write on them, “Scooby Snacks.” Place the boxes of “Scooby Snacks” around your party area as well.

Scooby Doo Party Ideas For Decor

  • Make your own birthday banner to hang up. However, make it special by using Scooby Doo wording, such as “Rappy Rirthday (child’s name).

  • You can find many Scooby Doo posters on Amazon for a great prize. Buy a few of your favorites and then hang them up around your party area. You could even give them away as prizes for your Scooby Doo party games, making them do double duty.

  • Decorate archways or doorways with streamers in your party colors for your guests to walk through.

  • Decorate wider walkways with colored sheets tied back with rope.

  • Make signs that says "Scooby Dooby Doo," "Zoinks," "Rokay," etc. and hang on the walls.

  • Cover tables with either a theme tablecloth or one that is in one of your party colors. Tie the corners with curling ribbon in any combination of your party colors.

  • Hang clusters of balloons in your selected party colors throughout the party room.

Scooby Doo Party Ideas For Decor

  • Change your light bulbs to colored bulbs.

  • Add a Scooby Doo happy birthday banner on wall.

  • Use Scooby Doo plates, cups, napkins, tablecloth, party hats, honeycomb centerpiece, and wall cutouts.

  • Attach Scooby Doo Mylar balloons to the birthday child's chair and helium balloons in party colors to guest monkeys chairs.

  • Hang Scooby Doo posters and large colorful flowers on the walls. You can make the flowers out of various colored paper.

  • Hang colorful balloons outside to alert guests of party location. Tie them to the mailbox, car antenna, or tie them to a tree.


PRINTABLE GAMES - – Find fabulous, fun Print & Play Birthday Party Games on this site to add to any great party.

Here's an entire page with nothing but Scooby Doo Party Games and Activities including:
  • Face Paint
  • Flashlight Tag
  • Hot Bone
  • Mummified
  • Stomp Out The Ghosts
  • Freeze
  • Jell-O Eating Contest
  • Scooby Doo Movie


If you're looking for some Scooby Doo party ideas that will add some fun to the party food, then try serving up some of the food in clean, new dog dishes. The kids will love it!

SCOOBY SNACKS – Serve up chips, crackers, mini cookies and other tasty munchies in dog food dishes (make sure they are new and clean, of course) and call them “Scooby Snacks.” Kids will enjoy munching on “Scooby Snacks” throughout the Scooby Doo birthday party.

SCOOBY AND SHAGGY SIZE SANDWICHES – Scooby and Shaggy are known for eating big sandwiches. Buy some small sub rolls and allow kids to make their own Scooby and Shaggy size sandwiches to enjoy. This can be done buffet style so kids can pick what they want for their sandwiches. Put out a variety of meats and cheeses for kids to choose from. Add condiments as well, such as mustard, ketchup, mayo and pickles.

MYSTERY INC PIZZA BUFFET – Pizza has always been one of Shaggy’s favorite things to eat, so make your own Mystery Inc. pizza buffet. Pizza is filling for your young guests and you can put out a variety of toppings for kids to choose from, so they can make a pizza that they will like. Start with small pizza dough or you can use English muffins as the base for your pizzas. Top with sauce, then allow kids to add toppings. Put out bowls of yummy, kid-friendly toppings, such as different cheeses, peppers, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, ham, pineapple, tomatoes, chicken and any other favorite toppings you think your guests may enjoy. Place pizzas in the oven and they will be ready in no time.

Scooby Doo Party Ideas For Food

SCOOBY BISCUITS – Make a batch of biscuit dough, but instead of making round biscuits, use cookie cutters to make the biscuits in fun shapes, such as flower shapes (like the flowers on the Mystery Inc. van). Bake the biscuits. Serve them up on a platter and label them as “Scooby Biscuits.” Serve with butter and a selection of kid-friendly jams, such as strawberry, grape and blackberry.

GHOSTLY LOLLIPOPS – Kids are sure to love these fun lollipops. Start out with basic Tootsie Pops, or lollipops that have gum in the middle. To turn them into ghosts, use a tissue to cover each lollipop. Using some ribbon, tie off the tissue to make sure it sticks to the lollipop stick. With a black marker, add eyes to your lollipop ghosts. Place them in a large jar and use a label to label them as “Ghostly Lollipops.” Tell the kids to try them if they dare.

DOGS IN A BLANKET – Slicing lengthwise, cut hot dogs almost in half, adding a little strip of cheese inside the slice. Roll with a piece of crescent roll dough. Bake using the directions on the crescent roll package.

Scooby Doo Party Ideas For Food

DOGWICHES - Make grilled cheese or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cut them into the shape of dog bones.

SCOOB-A-RONI & CHEESE - Most kids love macaroni and cheese, so serve up your favorite recipe.

DOG BONES - Using refrigerator dough bread sticks, form each one into the shape of a dog bone and bake according to the package directions. While your "bones" are warm, brush them with melted butter and sprinkle with Parmesan and Romano cheese. Serve with warm spaghetti sauce.

PUPPY CHOW - Chex mix.

Scooby Doo Party Ideas For Food

JELL-O HOUNDS - Make Jell-O jigglers following the directions on the Jell-O box and cut out the jigglers in the shape of dog bones using a cookie cutter.

DOG BONE COOKIES - Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe and cut the cookies out using a bone-shaped cookie cutter.

SCOOBY PUNCH - Combine into large punch bowl 46 oz. Hawaiian punch, 46 oz. apple juice, 46 oz. cranberry juice, 2 liters ginger ale, and ice.

SWAMP PUNCH - Prior to the party, make ice cubes using fruit juice. Serve the kids Sprite and place a cube into the glass, which will begin melting and magically transform their Sprite into a different color.


scooby doo cake images
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SCOOBY DOO SHEET CAKE #1 - When you're short on time, you can "create" a quick and easy cake. Start by making or buying a sheet cake and then decorate it with a Scooby Doo cake decorating kit.

SCOOBY DOO SHEET CAKE #2 - Here's another quick and easy cake idea that will look like you had the cake made professionally. Make or buy a sheet cake and add a Scooby Doo edible sugar art image for instant cake success!

SCOOBY DOO CUPCAKES - Here's a fast option that also makes it easy to serve your guests. Make or buy cupcakes and frost them with chocolate frosting. Either decorate them with Scooby Doo cupcake picks or create Scooby Doo decorations out of fondant.


Either purchase Scooby Doo favor bags or create your own by placing Scooby Doo stickers on clear cellophane bags and tie off with ribbons. Fill them with Scooby Doo stickers, notepads, Scooby Doo coloring book and crayons, a Scooby Doo book or puzzle.

Another favor idea would be to take a small dog dish and fill it with a Baggie of "puppy chow" for people, aka Chex Mix. If you're short on time and are in the market for an all-in-one Scooby Doo favor kit, there are several options on the market, some of which are pictured above. They might contain any combination of stickers, Scooby Doo ears headband, tattoos, notepad, pen, bone straw, and a tote bag.

Scooby Doo Party Ideas

Do you have some favorite Scooby Doo party ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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