Homemade Scooby Doo Birthday Cake Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Scooby Doo Birthday Cake Ideas
To Help You Create That Mod Mystery Scooby Party!

Creating a Scooby Doo cake is an exciting undertaking for those preparing for a birthday celebration for someone that adores Scooby Doo and all of his friends.

Scooby Doo Cake – Bringing Your Favorite Animated Dog to Life at Your Next Birthday Party

Scooby Doo is a cartoon that features four teenagers that spend their time solving a wide assortment of mysteries, which their talking dog, Scooby. The crew encounters a wide array of creatures that are supposedly supernatural; however, most of the creatures are individuals looking to make people believe that they are something that they are not. They conduct most of their travels in the ever-popular van named, the “Mystery Machine”.

On this page, you will observe many photographs of Scooby Doo cakes that our readers have submitted. If you are looking for ideas on how to create your own cake, these pictures will prove to be highly beneficial.


scooby doo birthday cake images
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scooby doo birthday cake images
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scooby doo birthday cake images
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scooby doo birthday cake images
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scooby doo birthday cake images
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Scooby Doo Cake

scooby doo birthday cake

I made this cake for my nephew's seventh birthday party this year! You can find the pan for this cake at almost any large craft supply store or cake store. I recommend decorating it with a #19 star tip and a #3 writing tip, as it makes it easier than trying to spread the whole cake with icing and filling in everything. My favorite kind of icing to use for these types of cake is definitely a basic buttercream frosting. My favorite recipe to use is the Wilton buttercream icing recipe.

Enjoy, and happy cake decorating! :)


Now that you have looked through all of the pictures that we have posted on this page, your mind is probably spinning with ideas on how to create the perfect Scooby Doo birthday cake. You can create a cake using a Scooby Doo cake pan, a cake utilizing Scooby Doo cake toppers, those that use toys and even cakes that have drawn images of Scooby Doo and the gang on them. The choice is yours! Creating Scooby Doo cakes takes a little thought and consideration. If you need a little help, the instructions below may help you out:

Instructions on Creating a Scooby Doo Doggie Cake

Items Needed:

  • Scooby Doo Birthday Candle Cake Topper
  • Chocolate Cake Mix
  • Chocolate Icing
  • Brown Fondant
  • Black Fondant
  • Square Cake Pan
  • Cake Tray

Step 1: Create the chocolate cake mix, pour the batter in the prepared square cake pan, bake, and then, allow it to cool before applying the frosting.

Step 2: Once the cake is cool, cover it in chocolate frosting.

Step 3: Roll out a large piece of brown fondant and place it over the entire cake.

Step 4: Cut out “spots” from the black fondant and apply the “spots” to the cake so that it looks like Scooby’s fur.

Step 5: Put the Scooby Doo birthday cake topper candle on top of the cake.

When creating a Scooby cake, you must consider the aspects of the animated series that the person celebrating their birthday enjoys and the age of the celebrant. Then, you can use the pictures and/or instructions that we have put on this page to get you going.

Once you have finished creating your cake, be sure to pull out the camera and snap a few shots of the birthday dessert before people start digging in! Then we would love for you to come back to this page and upload them so that we can check them out! We will also share your images with our readers so that they may experience inspiration in creating their own Scooby Doo birthday cake!

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I can't wait to see a photo of your homemade Scooby Doo birthday cake, along with reading the story behind your masterpiece. Thank you sharing!

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