Scarecrow Costume

by Alexandra Knaub
(York, PA)

Here's A Costume That You'll Crow About!

Here's A Costume That You'll Crow About!

My daughter wanted to be a scarecrow and I thought that it would be an affordable and fun costume to make myself. At a local craft store I picked up some raffia ($2), bandana ($1- if you have extra fabric lying around this would be FREE), 2 different colors/patterns of fabric (again, free if you have it on hand already. For us it was $3 for both), felt in light and dark tan (about $1 for a few sheets), a fake sunflower (on sale for $.50) and face paint ($3). I also needed a hot glue gun, which I had on hand and some old clothes.

For the bandana around her neck I cut up the raffia to the sizes I wanted and glued it to the underside of the bandana. Then I cut the head of the sunflower off and glued that to the front. This could be tied and untied (therefore removed if it was bothersome) easily.

Next, I cut strips of the felt and glued it to cuts of ribbon to fit her wrists and ankles. I randomly placed the two different colors of felt to make it look more natural. I glued them to ribbons instead of her shirt and pants so that her clothes could be reused after dress-up time was over, since I didn't really have any "old" clothes to use. These could easily be pinned together and removed quickly and were made to look like straw coming out of her shirt and pant legs. I used leftover raffia, tied it with ribbon and pinned it to her pockets so more straw would be coming out of her pockets. Using the leftover fabric I cut pieces and pinned them to her pants for patches and tied one around each pig tail. Last, we painted her face to look like a scarecrow.

This costume can easily be customized for a boy or girl in a variety of styles and you don't even have to ruin any nice clothes! This costume was a hit everywhere we went!!

Reply: Great Costume Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Alexandra certainly turned her daughter into a darling little scarecrow. Her costume sparked a few ideas of my own for decorating the walkway of your home.

If you're having a party at night, greet your guests with a walkway of mini pumpkins that have been hollowed out and fall designs carved into the pumpkins. Insert a candle inside of each one and you'll have a fun, glowing walkway. If the party isn't being held at night, then you could draw faces onto each pumpkin and tie a plaid ribbon bow on the stem.

Line the walkway with fall-colored butcher paper to instantly add a splash of color and fun to your entranceway.

Of course you also add a large birthday or party banner to your garage door or a smaller one over your front door area.

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