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If you have decided to host a party that has a focus on Santa, then you will probably want to include a few Santa themed games to help keep everyone having a Ho, Ho, Ho good time!

To assist you in this endeavor, here are a few options for you to consider incorporating into your Santa party:

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STUFFED SANTAS - Start by dividing your guests into two teams and give each team an extra, extra, extra-large--as big as you can find--sweat suit (preferably one red and one green). Then give each team a garbage bag full of small inflated balloons--once again red and green. Each team will select someone to wear the suit while everyone else proceeds to try and stuff as many balloons into the sweat suit as possible within the allotted time. Whichever team stuffs the most balloons into the sweat suit shall be the winners. You can give the teams anywhere from 2-4 minutes to accomplish the task.

RING THAT SANTA HAT - Stuff several Santa hats with paper and set them on the floor and/or a table. Then have the kids toss 8" and 10" wooden embroidery hoops ("x" number of times) and try to "ring" a Santa hat from various distances, each of which will contain a certain point value. Whoever has the most points, wins.

SANTA SCRAMBLE - Have everyone write down "Santa Claus" or "Saint Nicholas" on a piece of paper. Then have your guests compete against one another to come up with the most words using only those letters. To make things more challenging, you can shorten the time that you allot for the scramble to occur.

SANTA SAYS - This game is played like Simon Says except all the commands that Santa makes shall be Christmas, reindeer and Santa-related. Examples: Santa says to say Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa says trot like reindeer. Santa says build a snowman. As with Simon Says, if a command is given without "Santa says" preceding it, no one should do the action; if anyone does follow through that person or person is/are out.

PRINTABLE SANTA GAMES - When it's time to quiet your guests a bit, you can opt to keep your guests busy with printable games that are all about Santa, Rudolph, and his other reindeer. The following games involve cookies, names of Santa, and Santa Trivia, just to name a few of the options from which to select.

Santa Games - Conclusion

Now you have a few ideas for some Santa theme games. As you continue to contemplate other options, just remember that you can take any classic game and give it a Santa twist. For example, Duck, Duck, Goose becomes Elf, Elf, Reindeer. Another idea that you might consider is to have a Santa scavenger hunt; of course this will take a bit of time to create, but it could certainly turn out to be one of the highlight games of the party. Regardless of what you choose, remember to have a jolly good time!

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