Safari Theme Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Safari Theme Party Ideas
To Help You Create One Wild Party!

A safari theme birthday party is bound to be a roaring success for your little one's 1st birthday party. This is a great theme that offers lots of wild opportunities to create a rip-roaring good time!

As the party guests arrive, ask to see their passport, which was the party invitation. Obviously more for the parents than the little ones. Then have them escorted to the party room. For some more fun safari party ideas, read on to discover how you can turn your dining room into a jungle atmosphere.


There are many choices from which to select for a safari party theme when it comes to invitations. All you need to do is use your creativity and make your own invitations using construction paper and adding glitz with color and sparkle. The following are a few ideas to get you started:

PASSPORT INVITE - Consider creating a passport invite with the guest’s picture and name written on it. Add the party details on the inside page.

WILD ANIMAL INVITE - Since this is a safari party how about creating some invitations by using pictures of wild animals pasted on the outside of a piece of card stock or construction paper and the party details inside.

READY MADE SAFARI PARTY INVITATION - There are a number of commercial invitations from which to select which could certainly be fun. All you need to do is add a little personal touch. For example, embellish the edges with a bit of glitter or glue little bows to the animals' necks.


Mom and/or Dad can dress up in camouflage pants and a jacket wearing a pith helmet with a pair of binoculars around their neck.

Invite your guests to come dressed in safari attire. They can wear tan colored or camouflage garments or they can just come in brightly colored play clothes. Perhaps some may come dressed as jungle animals. A combination of all the different animals would certainly make a good photo op. If you opt to invite guests to be their "beastly" best, then be sure to take pictures and have them printed out for inclusion in the favor bags.

Another option to consider is giving out play eye glasses or binoculars as guests arrive, as these are always in style for a safari party.


Transform your party room into a jungle atmosphere using some of the following ideas:

  • Create a festive jungle theme at your front door with streamers in bright shades of yellow, green and brown made from crepe paper. Twist the streamers together to simulate a vine hanging with clusters of balloons in the same colors.

  • Use a soundtrack from the Jungle Book to create an animal sounding atmosphere.

  • Be sure to add a yard sign to alert your party-goers' parents of your party's location.

  • Prior to the party, start collecting pictures of jungle animals in all sizes and cut them out and paste them onto poster board. Punch a hole in the center of the form and run a string or yarn thru the opening so you can hang them from your ceiling at various lengths.

  • Fill the room with an abundance of green plants and trees, artificial or live.

  • Hang the animal party decorations on the limbs of the greenery. They will serve a dual purpose, first as decorations and later they will be used in a game.

  • Repeat the door decorations of streamers and balloons in the party room.

  • To anchor the floating balloons, tie a small animal to the bottom of each bunch of balloons and have the children take them home as a party favor as they leave. You might consider using some of the animal print balloons or the Mylar's that are shaped like various jungle animals.

  • Place stuffed animals in with the green plants and lower the volume on the Jungle Book sound track using it as a background for the safari party.

  • A safari theme birthday table should be done in bright tropical colors. Use a solid colored tablecloth and jungle theme tableware, cups, and napkins.

  • For a centerpiece, use a large glass bowl on a place mat filled with fresh fruit and a plush animal sitting on top with a Mylar theme balloon tied to it.

Safari Theme Party

  • Hang a birthday banner on one of the main party room walls or perhaps over the cake and/or favor table.

  • Fill your walls with posters of jungle animals or large cut-out pictures found in magazines or downloaded from the internet. Mount them onto jungle colored paper and tape them to the walls with two-sided tape.

  • Make some fun jungle themed signs that say things like Elephant Crossing or Don't Feed The Animals.


For a roaring good time, here are a few safari games that you might consider incorporating into your safari party:

SAFARI HUNT - Have the moms and dads join in the fun by playing a game I call “Safari Hunt”. Very simple, have a parent take their child on a safari hunt to find the animal decorations hanging from the streamers and plants that adorn the party room. Reward everyone, including parents, with a cookie.

BIG GAME HUNT - Hide some stuffed jungle animal toys around the party room and have little ones go on a safari to find the big game. Of course, parents or teen helpers will have to assist in the hunt.

BANANA HUNT - Another game is a variation on a treasure hunt. Buy some very small bananas and hide them for the big game hunters to go on the hunt. Once they locate a single banana, each hunter should return it to the table to make into a banana split treat.

Safari Theme Party

ROARING LIONS - Little one like to make noise so have a lion roaring contest and have them crawl around like a lion.

DVD - When the little ones start to show signs of being tiredm show the Jungle Book DVD to calm them down. It works every time.


ANIMAL SANDWICHES - Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut into various jungle animal shapes using cookie cutters.

MONKEY SANDWICHES - Serve mini buns with slices of banana topped with peanut butter.

JUNGLE FRUIT - Thin slices of apples, along with grapes and strawberries.

JUNGLE MUNCHIES - 1st birthday party goers love Cheerios, along with goldfish crackers, pretzel sticks, Animal Crackers, and mini cookies.

JUNGLE JUICE - Have a pitcher of jungle juice made out of fruit punch. You can also add some ice cubes that have raisins frozen into them so it looks like there are flies floating in the juice.

These foods are not only recommended for 1-year-olds and toddlers alike, but are also nutritious and yummy to the tummy.


ANIMAL SHAPED CAKES - There are a multitude of pans available in animal shapes that make into great cakes; a couple are pictured above. All you need to do is make your favorite cake recipe, pour it into the pan, and decorate it according to the pan's decoration ideas.

TIGER CAKE - An alternate choice is to make a 9-inch round cake for the face and 2 cupcakes for the ears to create a tiger cake. Cover it with orange frosting. Use green jelly beans for the eyes, black for the mouth, and pink for the nose. Using a confectionary bag, create stripes across the face with chocolate frosting; add thin strips of licorice for whiskers. Use a Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines yellow cake mix for ease of making.

CUPCAKES - For smaller servings cupcakes are always welcome, especially when they are swirled with frosting in jungle colors.

JUNGLE SHEET CAKE - A little rushed for time? The neighborhood bakery has a lot of choices and you can always order a cake with a jungle theme. In the alternative, make your own sheet cake and top it off with an edible sugar art jungle decoration or cake topper.


For little ones the favor of choice seems to be a small toy animal, ball, small candy treats like gummy worms and bears, boys like little cars and girls little dolls. Other ideas in keeping with the safari theme birthday could include binoculars, a safari hat, or perhaps a lion headband.

Be sure your little guests take home their special safari balloons, along with any photos that were taken during the party and copied for all to have.

To help keep costs down, many small toys are available at Dollar Stores with a good selection being provided.

Use a brown Kraft bag to hold the treats. Decorate it with stickers or paste pictures of jungle animals onto the bag and add some glitter to sparkle it up a bit.

Cookies are always a welcome addition. You could use jungle animal cutters and decorate them with various frostings and candy toppings. Wrap them up in clear cellophane and tie close with color coordinated ribbons.


A 1st birthday party can be a very special time between child and parent, not to mention the wonderful memory that is created for the parents. 1st birthday parties with a safari theme can be fun for all and is a perfect choice when you're looking to create a roaring success!

Remember, 1st birthday parties with a safari theme can be fun for both the child and the parents by joining in to assist the little ones with all of the activities. The parties can be a very special time between child and parent and a wonderful memory especially for the parents.

YOUR Favorite Safari Theme Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite safari theme party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your safari theme cakes and costumes.

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