Safari Birthday Party Ideas - Your Child Will Go Ape!

Fun And Fabulous Safari Birthday Party Ideas
It's A Jungle Out There!

If you want to host a party full of wild fun and adventure for your little tyke, then you are sure to enjoy the jungle party ideas that I have laid out on this page. This is a great theme for a toddler's birthday party especially if your little one enjoys exploring.

So grab your pith helmets, slip on your bush jacket, and let's start planning your super safari party. You know it's a jungle out there, so you will want to take precautions to insure that your party gets off to a roaring start! Let your imagination run wild as you begin to scroll through all my safari party ideas.


KING OF THE JUNGLE SAFARI BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITATIONS – Print out a lion head online to use for a template. Then, trace the lion head onto dark yellow cardstock. Add all the details of the lion, including the eyes, ears, mouth and nose. Color the nose red and use a dark orange for the name of the lion. At the bottom of the lion write, “You’re Invited to Have a Roaring Good Time!” Then, on the back of the lion, be sure to include all the important details for the party, such as date, time, place, etc. Mail out the invitations, folding the lion head in half if you have to for it to fit in an envelope.

ANIMAL STAMP BORDER SAFARI INVITATIONS – Take a piece of cardstock in the color of your choice and fold it into the shape of an invitation. Use animal stamps in different colors to create a border of different animals all around the outside of the card. You could also use animal footprint stamps along with or instead of the animal stamps. In the middle of the front write, “We’re Throwing a WILD Safari Birthday Party and You’re Invited!” Write the party in on the inside with a pretty gel pen.

safari birthday party ideas
Photo courtesy of: Joe Shlabotnick

FUN ANIMAL PRINT INVITATIONS – Use white cardstock to create invitations. Buy some fun animal print fabric, which is easy to find at fabric or craft stores. Add some animal print fabric to the front of the invitation using some hot glue. Then, use some sticker letters on the front to write, “Join Us for a Walk on the Wild Side!” Inside of the invitations, write, “You’re invited to a safari party. Prepare for an adventure and plenty of fun.” Then, be sure to include the details as well.

SAFARI SCENE PARTY INVITATIONS – Make your own safari scene invitations. Start with brown construction paper, then add some grass with shredded green paper. Add the animals by using animal magazine pictures, printed pictures from the web or some animal cutouts. On the front write, “You’re Invited By the Great Explorer to Attend (Child’s Name)’s Safari Adventure.” Inside, write down all the info for the party.

ELEPHANT INVITATIONS - Cut a large elephant head with a long wide trunk out of gray construction paper or cardstock. Glue goggle eyes to the face. Write on the trunk, "Friends Of The Jungle Have Gathered To Say, Join Us In Celebrating (Name's) (Age) Birthday!" On the back you'll need to put your party details. Then fold up the trunk in an accordion fashion and place into a safari colored (brown, tan, forest green) envelope that is embellished with safari animal stickers. If necessary, fold down the elephant ears to make your invite fit.

Safari Birthday Party Ideas For Invitations

PLASTIC ANIMAL INVITES - Follow the instructions for the stuffed animal invites except attach the invite to a plastic jungle animal.

ANIMAL CRACKER INVITES - Follow the instructions for the stuffed animal invites except attach the invite to a box of Animal Crackers.

EMBELLISH READY-MADE SAFARI BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITES - Buy some jungle/safari theme invites and decorate up the picture in different colors of glitter to match the animals. Glue tiny goggle eyes onto some of the animals, a ribbon around the neck of an animal, or perhaps a tiny silk flower near the ear of an animal.


For your fun safari birthday party, you can invite all of your young guests to dress up in their favorite jungle animal, such as a lion, tiger, zebra or other fun animal. Another costume idea would be for the kids to wear safari attire like khaki shorts, polo shirt, vest, thick socks, lace-up boots, bush hat, binoculars, and a knapsack. Remember, if you want your guests to come in costumes, be sure to let parents know when you send out the invitations.

Another option--You can always have some fun costume accessories on hand at the party to outfit your guests, such as animal ears, animal noses, animal tails and other fun accessories. Kids can even keep the accessories as a keepsake when the party as over, making the costume items a fun favor too.

Last but not least, you could set-up a table and as guests arrive, transform them all into wild animals with face paint. Hire a few teenagers to do the deed. If you aren't sure how to paint up their little mugs and turn them into fun animals, this Face Painting Guide will help make the task at hand easy peasy.


Generally, your party colors for a safari birthday party will be brown, tan, yellow, and green, with perhaps some vibrant colors for flowers. Here are some fun safari birthday party ideas for decorations:
  • Find natural items for your décor, such as old branches, rocks, leaves or acorns. They won’t cost you anything and you can use them on party tables and around the party area.

  • Purchase some cheap mosquito netting and hang it around the party. You could even drape it from the ceiling.

  • If you’re holding the safari birthday party in your home, cover your furniture with some cool animal print blankets, which will transform your furniture into cool pieces that go along with the party theme.

  • Create “rocks” to place around the party area by using gray butcher paper and crumpling it into large pieces that look like rocks.

  • Set up some small tents in the party area. Place signs over the tents with names, calling one tent a “Lion’s Den” and another one a “Bear Cave.” Inside the Bear Cave, have plenty of toy bears and pictures of bears. In the lion tent, add stuffed lions and other similar toys.

  • Animal piñatas, specifically those of jungle animals, will look great hanging around the party area and you can use them for activities too.

  • Create your own “confetti” for the tables by making your own die cuts of various safari animals.

  • Place green tablecloths on the tables, but use scissors to cut small pieces on the bottom to make the bottoms look like grass.

More Safari Birthday Party Ideas For Decorations

  • Draw big animal footprints on your driveway, up the walkway, and leading up to the front door.

  • Another fun addition to your safari party is a baby zebra standee. Greet guests with your little friend by placing it at the front door or use it to create a photo op corner.

  • If the party is at night, line the walkway with tiki lights.

  • If the party is held during the day, you could line the walkway with helium balloons, in your party colors, attached to wood stakes.

  • Hang a fun theme sign on your entryway door that says, "Safari Adventure--Enter At Own Risk!."

  • Make signs on posterboard and staple to yard stakes and place in yard. Have them say things like, "Zimbabwe--->200 Miles," "Burkina Faso--->55 miles," "Algeria--->750 Miles," etc.

  • Hang leaf vines throughout the party room and in doorways for everyone to walk through.

  • Hang various colors of green streamers in doorways.

  • Cover the walls with various shades of green streamers to create the jungle atmosphere.

  • Water fountains set on tabletops or the floor.

Safari Birthday Party Ideas For Decorations

  • Hang wild animal printed fabrics on the walls, ceilings, or cover furniture with it.

  • Decorate room with jungle stuffed animals.

  • Put a crib in the party room and hang greenery all over it. Put jungle stuffed animals in the crib, along with a sign that says "Petting Zoo" or "Danger! Wild Animals!"

  • Hang posters of jungle animals on the walls.

  • Hang signs on the walls that say things like, "Caution! Buffalo Stampede," "Enter At Your Own Risk! Monkey Business Going On!," "Restricted! Wild Animals Only!," "Beware Of Lions, Tigers, And Bears, Oh! My!," etc.

  • Cluster together tall potted plants to create a jungle look.

  • Hang mosquito netting on the walls or ceiling. You can also lay it on the furniture.

  • Arrange real or artificial jungle fruits like bananas, oranges, and coconuts.


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If you need some safari theme or Jungle Activities & Games, click over to obtain the instructions for these game options:
  • Jungle Animal Transformations
  • Decorate Your Snake
  • Animal Cracker Guessing Game
  • Wild Animal Sounds
  • Wild Animal Safari
  • Snake Jump
  • Wild Animal Charades
  • Catch The Lion By The Tail
  • Pin A Tail On Mr. Zebra
  • The Great Peanut Hunt
  • Jungle Parade


Make signs and put them by each of the foods you serve. Give them all fun jungle food names. Here's some fun safari birthday party ideas for food:


ZEBRA PIZZA - Cover your pizza with mozzarella cheese and then add stripes of sliced or chopped black olives.

SNAKE SUB - Make turkey, roast beef, ham, and cheese sandwiches on French rolls. Cut them into individual servings. Then Lay them all out in a snake-shape formation. Create your snake face by putting toothpicks into olives for eyes and cut a forked tongue out of a red Fruit Roll-Up.

PEANUT BUTTER & JELLY SANDWICHES - Cut sandwiches into animal shapes using animal cookie cutters.

TIGER TAILS - Make bread sticks and lays strips of cheese across the "tails" to create stripes.


ZEBRA CANDIES - Hershey Hugs. They have stripes!


More Safari Birthday Party Ideas For Food

MONKEY GRUB - Bananas or dried banana chips.

TROPICAL FRUIT KABOBS - Pieces of cut-up fruit on bamboo sticks.

SNAKE EGGS - Grapes.

MONKEY TAILS - Cut a banana into 3" long pieces and insert a popsicle stick into each piece. Dip pieces into melted chocolate and roll in chopped nuts.

SPIDER COOKIES - Dip crispy Chinese noodles in melted chocolate and add them to Oreo cookies for spider legs.


MONKEY PUNCH - Your favorite punch.

JUNGLE JUICE - Fruit punch with animal straws.

SWAMP JUICE - Fill a small bowl with your favorite party punch and set it aside. Then place about a cup or so of warm water into a large punch bowl. Add some dry ice to the warm water while wearing heavy-duty gloves and/or use a pair of tongs. Be sure to not touch the dry ice or it will burn you severely. The dry ice will create a foggy effect. Then place your small bowl of party punch into the larger bowl.


SNAKE CAKE - Bake your favorite Bundt cake recipe. After cake cools, cut it into three pieces. Lay the pieces out to form an "S" shaped snake. Cover them with green frosting and add a fun snake face using M&M's for eyes, and a fruit roll-up for the tongue. If you need more cake, just double the recipe and make your snake longer.

ZEBRA CAKE - Make your favorite cake in a round pan. Cover the cake with white fondant. Then cut out of black fondant various sized black stripes and lay on top of the cake to create the zebra print.

TIGER CAKE - Make a cake in a round pan. Cover the cake with golden yellow fondant. Then cut out of orange fondant various sized orange stripes and lay on top of the cake to create the tiger print.

GIRAFFE CAKE - Make a round cake and cover the cake with golden yellow fondant. Then cut out of brown fondant brown circles and lay them on top of the cake to create the giraffe print.

ZEBRA CUPCAKES - Make some white cupcakes and frost them with stripes of white and black frosting.

If you are in need of some visual inspiration for SAFARI CAKES, here is a great collection of photos that are sure to spark an idea or two.


Safari party favors can be anything that have to do with the jungle or jungle animals. Here's a few jungle favor ideas: Finger puppets, stuffed or beanie jungle animals, jungle animal stickers, box of animal crackers, jungle coloring books and crayons, toy binoculars, tiny flashlights, and compasses.

Safari Birthday Party Ideas

Do you have some favorite safari birthday party ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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