Sack Race & Other Fun Relay Games

by Aireil

Sack Race--Fun For All Ages

Sack Race--Fun For All Ages


Everyone knows about the sack race--so play it now and have some fun!!! It's one of the oldest and funniest activities. Competitive teens are sure to have a great time as they race to the finish line--especially the guys.

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Sack races are awesome teen games to use at your next teen birthday party. There are plenty of other racing games for teens to enjoy that you can add to your party as well.


One idea is the old three legged race, which never gets old. You simply divide all the teens into teams of two. Each team has to have their legs tied together – one’s right leg tied to the other’s left leg. Use thick rope that is fairly soft to tie the legs together. Then, the team has to learn to use their legs at the same time to make the race work. Line everyone up and have them race 20-40 feet. The team that reaches the finish line first will win the game.


Relay races are great teen games as well. If you’re looking for a fun, hilarious relay, consider trying the rice and chopstick race. What you need is several sets of chopsticks and plenty of cooked rice. Break up the group into teams of 5-8 members. Every team should get a big bowl of rice. 15-feet away, there should be an empty 20-ounce bottle for each team.

The first person on the team has to take the chopsticks, grab as much rice as they can and then quickly take it down to the 20-ounce bottle and place the rice into the bottle. Obviously, the rice is going to be tough to carry quickly with chopsticks, so it may take some time to fill those bottles. The team that fills their bottle first wins or you can give everyone 10 minutes and the team that has the most rice in their bottle will win. When making the rice for this game, make sure you make it as sticky as possible, which will help make it easier to hold with chopsticks.


After you've tuckered everyone out with all your relay games, send them on a fun scavenger hunt. If you're looking for some unique ideas, here's a great site that offers lots of fun hunt options.

Treasure Hunts at
Fun Scavenger Hunt Clues

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