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Fun And Fabulous Rubber Ducky Cake Ideas
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The rubber ducky birthday cake is quickly catching gaining an immense amount of popularity. In the past, this type of cake was created for baby showers and even first birthday parties. Today, it is now being created for the birthday parties of those that have a love and appreciation for toy shaped ducks.

Rubber Ducky Birthday Cake – Creating a Splash-Tastic Birthday Cake

In most instances, the rubber duck is a toy that is yellow in color. In the past several years, many new novelty variations have been produced of the toy. If you know a child, teenager, or adult that loves these iconic toys, a rubber ducky birthday cake is the perfect way to create a splash-tastic cake that will bring excitement to the party and also make it memorable.

I've pulled together many photos of cakes that have the rubber duck theme. If you are trying to figure out what to create for that special party that you're hosting, scroll on down and see if any of these darling little duck cakes spark your interest. I'm sure you'll find a unique and crowd-pleasing cake that would be perfect for that special someone's birthday.


rubber ducky cake images
Photo courtesy of: Karen Portaleo Highland Bakery


rubber ducky cake images
Photo courtesy of: SpoolSisters


rubber ducky cake images
Photo courtesy of: Mighty Fine Cakes


rubber ducky cake images
Photo courtesy of: Akwerner


rubber duck cake
Photo courtesy of: Kristina


rubber duck cake
Photo courtesy of: Charley And The
Cake Factory


rubber duck cake
Photo courtesy of: MsMouse


rubber duck cake
Photo courtesy of: Cynhalo


Throughout the years, many of our readers have been inspired to create their very own rubber ducky cakes by looking through the pictures that I've shared on this page. In looking over these photos, you too may have experienced some inspiration on how you can combine the elements of rubber ducks, cakes, and icing to create your own spin of this popular birthday cake.

Regardless of what theme that you elect to integrate – a basic floating rubber duck, a duck in a tub, or even a duck that reflects some sort of job or hobby – the pictures that we have shared will assist you. If you are still in need of some help, I've put together the following instructions that will guide you for creating a successful rubber ducky cake:

Instructions For Creating A Bubbly Rubber Ducky Cake

Items Needed:

  • Two Boxes White Cake Mix
  • White Icing
  • Whipped Cream
  • Pastry Bag
  • Light Blue Fondant
  • Square Cake Pan
  • Multi-Colored Sprinkles
  • Two Toy Rubber Ducks – One Small, One Large
  • Cake Tray

Step 1: Start by making up the cake batter according to the directions on the box of the two white cake mixes.

Step 2: Fill a square cake pan with the batter and bake in accordance with the box instructions.

Step 3: Roll out the light blue fondant while the cake is baking and place it to the side. It will be placed on top of the iced cake and will act as a little pond area for the rubber duck toys.

Step 4: After the cake is done and has cooled, transfer it to a cake plate and cover it with white icing.

Step 5: Cover half the cake with light blue fondant to represent the water.

Step 6: Use the whipped cream to create large piles of “bubbles” around the blue fondant on the cake. Use the pastry bag to create small “bubbles” with white icing around the blue fondant. Create a couple of small white bubbles directly on the blue fondant.

Step 7: Place each of the rubber duck toys on the blue fondant.

Step 8: Around the bottom edges of the cake, add the multi-colored sprinkles to enhance the appearance of your rubber ducky cake.

After checking out the pics I've posted on this page, along with providing you with instructions for creating a fun rubber ducky birthday cake, you are fully equipped with the knowledge required to make your very own rubber duck dessert! After you make your cake and take some photos, I'd love for you to share your creation with my readers so you can inspire others just as you have been inspired. It won't take too long, all you need to do is return to this page and upload a photo into the submission form below and then share a little party tale about your cake. This way you'll way it forward and help others create their very own splash-tastic rubber ducky cake!

Share Your Fun & Fabulous Rubber Ducky Cake

I can't wait to see a photo of your homemade rubber ducky cake, along with reading the story behind your masterpiece. Thank you sharing!

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