Rubber Ducky Birthday Party - For A Splashing Good Time!

Fun And Fabulous Rubber Ducky Birthday Party
That Will Have Everyone Quacking Up!

There is just something about a yellow rubber ducky that makes everyone instantly smile, especially little tots. This iconic toy has also been a long-established classic toddler birthday party theme.

So if you are looking to create a just ducky, splashing, fun-filled good time for your little duckling, then waddle on over and let's quack about it. Below you will find ideas for invitations, decorations, games and activities, cakes, and favors, all of which will ultimately help you to host a memorable rubber ducky birthday celebration.

rubber ducky birthday
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RUBBER DUCKY INVITATIONS - Purchase enough rubber duckies for each guest, along with either a box large enough to fit the duck inside for mailing, or a small basket if you plan on hand-delivery.

Create a party tag on decorative rubber ducky scrapbook paper, cut the edges using decorative scissors, laminate, and attach it around the duck's neck with a coordinating ribbon. Suggested wording:

It's Little Bobbie's Birthday & He's/She's Turning 3!
So waddle on over & join us for a splashing good time!

Date & Time:
Pond Location:
RSVP To Mama Ducky:

Finish, by putting blue shredded paper (water) in the bottom of the box or basket and place ducky on top.

RUBBER DUCKY BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITATIONS #1 - Use duck-shaped stencil or cookie cutter and create duck-shaped invitations on bright yellow card stock. Glue on wiggly eyes and accent "feathers" with yellow glitter. Suggested wording:

On front write, "Rubber Ducky You're The One, To Make My 3rd Birthday So Much Fun!"

On the back put party details: Splish, Splash! It's (child's name)'s Rubber Ducky Birthday Bash!
You're sure to go quackers with all the rub a dub of fabulous fun.

Time & Date:
Location Of Pond:
Give Us A Quack - RSVP To Mama Duck:

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party Invitations

RUBBER DUCKY COOKIE INVITATIONS – Using a duck shaped cookie cutter, make your own rubber ducky cookies out of sugar cookie dough. After baking them, decorate them with yellow icing and be sure to add a duck bill and some eyes to the ducks. Wrap individual cookies in some pretty, colored cellophane, tying them off with a pretty blue ribbon. Then, using pale blue cardstock, make some pretty cards where you can write all of the information for your rubber ducky birthday party. Hand deliver or place in small boxes and send out to all of your party guests.

Suggested Invite Wording:

"(Child's Name) is all quacked up over his/her Rubber Ducky Birthday Party.
Waddle on over to the (last name) Pond.
Your presence would be just ducky!

Date & Time:
Give Us A Quack - Contact Mama Duck To RSVP:

BATHTUB AND RUBBER DUCKY INVITATIONS – Start out with a piece of plain white cardstock. Draw the shape of a bathtub (or find a nice template of one online to trace). Outline the bathtub in black marker. Then, color some blue in the bathtub or use some blue paper to make it look like the tub is full of water. Using some rubber ducky stickers, add some rubber ducks to the water inside the bathtub. At the top of the invitation write, “You’re Invited to a Swimmingly Fun Party! Come in, the water’s fine!” Then, inside of the invitation, write all out the important party details for your guests.

Invite Wording:

Waddle on over for a pool party. We're sure to have a splashing good time.
Date & Time:
(Last Name)'s Pond Location:
RSVP to Mama Ducky:

EMBELLISH READY-MADE RUBBER DUCKY BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITATIONS - Embellish the picture of your Rubbery Ducky invites. For example, add wiggly eyes, yellow glitter around edges to accent the feathers, orange glitter on duckbill and feet, and blue glitters to accent the water.


Be sure to invite everyone to wear their rubber ducky attire. If you are planning and water activities you will of course want to make note of that in the invites so everyone comes prepared.

Craft a homemade costume that is just ducky by making the following rubber ducky costume, not only for your child, but also for Mama and Daddy Ducky. Start with a yellow sweat suit and sew or glue a large, white felt oval to the front of the top.

Glue orange felt to the top and bottom of the cap's brim for the duckbill. Glue wiggly eyes to 1 1/2" white pom poms. Glue the pom poms to the hat just above the brim. a yellow baseball cap. Finish off the hat by gluing small, yellow feathers around the eye area.

Add a pair of bright orange socks or slippers and you'll be ready to quack them up!


Rubber Ducky Birthday Party Decorations

Create a festive Rubber Ducky birthday party atmosphere by turning your party room into a large "bathtub" or just opt to decorate with lots of ducky accents.
  • Loosely hang white sheets all the way around the room.

  • String lightweight fishnet across ceiling and fill with clear and pearl white balloons to create "bubbles."

  • Tape/string clear balloons together (bubbles) and hang them down the walls to represent your over-flowing tub of bubbles.

  • Make an extra-large faucet to hang off of a wall. Use either PVC pipe or cardboard taped together and covered with aluminum foil. Put "HOT" in red on left handle and "COLD" in blue on right handle.

  • To give your faucet the appearance of running water, attach white iridescent curling ribbons to spout.

  • Cover the floor in light blue sheets to represent the water.

  • Hang bathrobes and towels around the room.

  • Hang bath toy bags filled with rubber duckies around the room.

  • Hang washing puffs and back scrubbers around the room.

  • Make rubber ducky "feet" prints from yellow or orange foam and place on the blue sheets.

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party Decorations

  • Purchase a rubber ducky bath mat at the store or online. Place it out in the front of the party area, using it as a welcoming mat to your rubber ducky party.

  • On the sidewalk outside of the party area, use orange and yellow sidewalk chalk to make duck footprints. Make them go all the way down the sidewalk, ending at the front door. You could make paper duck footprints out of construction paper and have them throughout the party area on the floor.

  • Help set the mood for your rubber ducky birthday party by playing fun duck themed music in the background. Great ideas for rubber ducky tunes include “Splish-Splash,” “Rubber Ducky You’re the One,” “Ernie and His Rubber Ducky,” and “Do the Rubber Ducky.”

  • Another idea is to use a relaxation tape that sounds like a stream. Play it during the party to make it sound like moving water, which goes wonderfully with the decoration idea of decorating the entire room like a pond.

  • Make your own cool bubbles out of clear balloons. After all, bubbles go perfectly with a rubber ducky theme. Blow up plenty of them and hang them and place them all around your party area.

  • To create place settings at your tables, you can use some small rubber duckies for the name cards. Using black marker, write the name of your guests. That way they know where to sit at the table. Then, they can take the adorable ducky home with them at the end of the party as a personalized party favor.

  • Since Rubber Ducky always shows up on Sesame Street, consider making your own centerpiece with one of the Sesame Street characters and some rubber duckies. You could place Ernie or Bert in a small baby bathtub. Then, add some wadded up blue tissue paper to look like water. Add several toy rubber duckies to the “water” in the tub with the Sesame Street character. This will be an adorable centerpiece that everyone will love.

  • Cut out ducks from construction paper, or use real small rubber duckies, and hang them from the ceiling. If you are using toy rubber duckies, make sure you tie some string around their necks and hang them from the ceiling that way. They will really add to the party décor and will be out of reach.

  • Consider covering your party area floor with blue butcher paper. That way it looks like water. Then add stuffed ducks around the area to make it look like they are swimming around the “pond.” You could also add other items, such as mini boats, other wildlife, or paper water lilies to make it really look like you have created a pond in the party area.

  • Use bubble wrap to cover your food table, sprinkling feather confetti or some duck confetti across the table. You could also cover chairs with the bubble wrap, but if you do so, make sure it is secure so it won’t slip while your young guests are sitting on the chairs.

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party Decorations

  • Cover tables with a rubber ducky birthday party themed tablecloth or you can use a solid one that is yellow, orange, blue or white. Accent the corners by tying them off with various colors of curling ribbons.

  • Make some "bubble" placemats by using pieces of small-sized bubble wrap.

  • Decorate your tabletops with little rubber duckies and rubber ducky confetti.

  • Cut duck shapes out of yellow foam. Make the duckbills and feet with orange foam. Hang them off the ceiling using ribbons or fishing line.

  • Set small "tubs" around the room with rubber duckies floating in water dyed blue with food coloring. Glue cotton balls on the outside of your containers to create your tubs.

  • Hang some fun giant rubber ducky wall decals on your party room walls to instantly transform your room into something just ducky!

  • Attach some rubber ducky helium or Mylar balloons to all the kids' chairs to add a splash of some of the party's colors and give the little ones something to feast their eyes upon.

  • For a centerpiece, fill a large galvanized oval basin with ping-pong balls or cotton balls (bubbles) and a large rubber duck. Tie balloons to the duck and set it on a piece of bubble wrap.

  • To make a "pool" centerpiece, start by filling a glass container with water that has been dyed blue with food coloring. Float various sized rubber duckies in the pool. Tie balloons to container.

  • Cover the ceiling with a large lightweight fishnet and then fill it up with clear balloons to create "bubble" atmosphere.

  • Greet guests with a sea of bubbles. Set up a bubble machine at the front door. Once all your little ducks have arrived, transfer the machine into your main party room so the bubble-fun may continue.


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RUBBER, RUBBER, DUCKY - Play this game like you would play Duck, Duck, Goose. Have kids sit in a circle. Birthday child starts the game by tapping each child's head in the circle, while calling them "Rubber" until they pick one to be "Ducky." "Ducky" then gets up and chases the "Picker." Picker tries to run around the circle and sit down at "Ducky's" spot before getting tagged. If the "Picker" succeeds, then "Ducky" is the new "Picker." If "Ducky" succeeds in tagging the "Picker," then the "Picker" must repeat the process.

PIN THE BILL ON THE DUCK OR PIN THE DUCKY ON THE TUB - Hang a large poster of a duck on the wall and give each of your little ducklings a duckbill to pin onto the duck. Use double-stick tape on the duckbills. In the alternative, you can put a big bathtub on the wall and have the kids pin their rubber duckies into the tub.

DUCKY BEAN BAG TOSS - Cut a large duck shape from plywood. and cut out the portion of the plywood where the beak is located. Be sure to cut it large enough for bean bags to be thrown through the opening. Paint the duck to look like its beak is open. Then have the kids throw bean bags through its beak.

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party Games

RUBBER DUCKY CAKE WALK - Make duck-shaped feet out of yellow card stock or construction paper. Glue them in pairs onto a piece of butcher paper to create a circle. Mark each pair with a number. Write these same numbers out onto individual pieces of paper and place the papers in a bowl. When the music starts, all the toddlers walk in a circle on the duck feet. When the music stops, they all find a number to stand on. Then you draw a number out of the bowl and the winner receives a prize or a cupcake decorated with a rubber ducky. Play continues until everyone wins.

RUBBER DUCKY EGG HUNT – Purchase a bunch of plastic eggs and call them Rubber Ducky Eggs. Before the party, fill them with some small, age-appropriate prizes for your young guests. Hide five eggs per guest around the party area before guests arrive. Then, when it’s time for the game, start the Rubber Ducky egg hunt. Tell kids they are supposed to find five eggs and when they find five, they are out of the game. That way everyone gets the same number of prizes.

RUBBER DUCKY STORY BOOK TIME – Since you have young guests, rubber ducky story time is a perfect activity for your rubber ducky birthday party. You will find plenty of great books that have a duck theme, such as “Make Way for the Ducklings,” “10 Little Rubber Ducks,” and the well-known story, “The Ugly Duckling.” Have someone read the story dramatically, but keep it fairly short so you don’t lose the attention of your young guests.

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party Games

BLOW THE DUCKY RACE – This is such a cute little game that your guests are sure to enjoy. You’ll need a small tub for this game, as well as a couple of rubber ducks. Place two ducks at one end of the tub. Then, have a child stand on either side, instructing them on which duck is theirs. Give them a straw and then have them blow air towards the ducks, making them float to the other side of the tub. The person who gets their duck to the other side first will win that round. The person who loses is out and another person comes in to challenge the winner. Continue doing this until you have a final winner for the game.

BALANCING DUCK RACE – For this game, you will need two rubber ducks. Divide your young guests into two teams. Have them stand at the starting line. Make the finish line be about 10 feet away. When you start the game, the first person on the team has to put the duck on their head and go to the finish line as quickly as possible and back to their team. Each team member does the same thing until one team finishes, winning the race. DO THE DUCKWALK MUSIC GAME – Play some fun music for this game. When the music is on, all the kids are supposed to do the “duck dance” (just like the chicken dance) to the music. When the music stops, they have to stop.


PRINGLE DUCK BILLS – Purchase some Pringles potato chips and place them out in some bowls. Place a label in front of the bill that says, “PRINGLE DUCK BILLS!” Make sure to tell the kids that the chips are “duck bills,” since they may not be able to read your label. They’ll giggle at having the chance to eat the “duck bills.”

CHEESE & QUACKERS – Cheese and crackers are always a party favorite and they are great finger foods that will be easy for your young guests to eat. Use yellow cheese and call the crackers, “Quackers.” Ask the kids if they would like some “Quackers and Cheese” on their party plate.

DUCK WINGS – Make some chicken strips yourself by coating chicken strips with some egg, then dip in flour and coat with some Panko bread crumbs. Bake them at 350F for 12-15 minutes, or until crispy. Serve up with tasty dipping sauces and call them “Duck Wings.”

YELLOW DUCKY PUNCH – Make up a big batch of lemonade, but add some yellow Gatorade to it, which will make the color even more intense. Serve it up and call it Yellow Ducky punch.

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party Food

JUST DUCKY BURGERS - Shape your hamburger patties into duck shapes and then grill up your hamburgers and cheeseburgers.

RUBBER DUCKY SANDWICHES - Make peanut butter and jelly or tuna fish salad sandwiches and cut with cookie cutters into the shape of ducks.

ANIMAL QUACKERS - Have bowl of animal crackers to munch on or give them out as a party favor.

JELL-O DUCKS - Make some yellow Jell-O in a large pan using an extra box of the Jell-O granulars. This will insure everything holds together. After it has set-up, then use various duck-shaped cookie cutters to cut out your ducks. Serve them on top of a bed of mini marshmallows (bubbles).

DUCK-SHAPED COOKIES - Cut your cookie dough into duck shapes using cookies cutters. Frost with yellow icing and add chocolate chips for eyes.


EASY YELLOW CUPCAKE TOWER – If you need a simple cake idea that doesn’t require you to be a pro cake decorator, this is the cupcake idea for you. Start by baking a batch of yellow cupcakes, making sure you have at least enough for each guest to have one cupcake. Then, simply decorate each of the cupcakes with some blue buttercream icing, so it looks like water. Sprinkle the top of the cupcakes with some blue edible glitter to really make them look pretty. Place all of the cupcakes on a multi-tier cupcake stand. Arrange them nicely on the stand. At the very top of the stand, place a plastic rubber ducky toy, which will make it look like the duck is on top of a tower of water. It looks great and takes very little effort on your part. Kids are sure to love the cupcakes and you’ll love this easy, timesaving cake idea.

JUST DUCKY TUB CAKE - This is a perfect cake for a Rubber Ducky Birthday Party, courtesy of Family Fun.

beach cake
Photo courtesy of: FamilyFun
Rubber Ducky Cake

  • 2 3-ounce boxes of Berry Blue Jell-O gelatin
  • 2 9- by 13-inch cakes
  • 2 16-ounce tubs of white frosting
  • Licorice pipe
  • 2 large marshmallows and 8 mini marshmallows
  • Decorators' gel
  • 1 or 2 small rubber ducks


Prepare both boxes of gelatin according to the Jiggler recipe on the packages. Pour the mixture into an 8-inch square pan and chill it. Halfway through the chilling time (about 45 to 50 minutes), whisk the gelatin vigorously to create ripples and bubbles, then let it finish chilling.

rubber ducky cake
Stack the cakes, spreading a thin coating of icing between them. Trim the corners to create more of a rounded tub shape. Next, carve out a 1 1/2--inch-deep basin, using a knife to first outline it and a spoon to scoop out the cake. Leave a 2-inch-wide border around the sides and end of the tub and a slightly wider border where the faucets will go.

rubber ducky cake
Frost the tub, including the walls, but not the floor of the basin. Now, for a faucet, turn the licorice pipe upside down and insert the thin portion of the stem into the wall of the basin as shown.

rubber ducky cake
For each faucet knob, use kitchen scissors to snip 4 V-shaped notches in the top of a regular-size marshmallow, then gently press a mini marshmallow into each notch, as shown. The freshly cut marshmallow surface will be sticky enough to keep the pieces in place. Place the knobs atop the cake and use decorators' gel to label them H and C and outline the bases.

Spoon the Jiggler water into the basin and set the duck or ducks afloat.

RUBBER DUCKY BATHTUB CAKE - Bake 2 rectangle sheet cakes and cool. Transfer to cake boards. Cut out center of one cake leaving a 3" rim and freeze. Frost uncut cake with white frosting. Place frozen cake on top of the frosted cake and then frost the two cakes together; this will create the "bathtub." Put birthday message along 3" rim. Fill center with "water" made from vanilla pudding tinted blue with food coloring. Alternatively, make blue Jell-O in pan using 2 boxes of Jell-O mix and half the water to keep it holding well. After it sets, scoop into "bathtub". Top it off with rubber duckies.

3-D RUBBER DUCKY CAKE - You can either make a 3-D rubber ducky cake using a 3-D duck pan and decorate it in accordance with the pan's instructions and serve it on a platter surrounded by white frosting or Fondant bubbles, or chopped, blue Jell-O (water), or use the rubber ducky cake as a cake topper on a sheet cake. In that case, you would need to airbrush the cake light blue or use blue Color Mist. Add white "bubbles" around the ducky using either white frosting or Fondant. This is a perfect idea for a first birthday. Party Works also offers some cute little ducky cupcake holders if you would like to opt for individual "cakes" for each of the little ones.

RUBBER DUCKY BIRTHDAY PARTY CUPCAKES - Frost the cupcakes with blue frosting, airbrush them light blue, or cover them with blue Color Mist. Top each cupcake with a yellow Easter Peep, a mini rubber ducky, or the rubber ducky pick.

RUBBER DUCKY BIRTHDAY PARTY CAKE - Frost a sheet cake with light blue frosting, or use blue Color Mist, or airbrush the cake light blue. Add white "bubbles" to cake using either white frosting or Fondant. Top with rubber duckies in various sizes.


Use some rubber ducky print cello bags or decorate clear bags with rubber ducky stickers. Fill bags with anything ducky like rubber ducks in various sizes, duck-shaped soap and sponge, ducky bubble bath or bottle of bubbles, duck-shaped sunglasses, duck tattoos, Goldfish crackers, or a duck stuffed animal.

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party

Do you have some favorite rubber ducky birthday party ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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