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Rub a dub dub, three ducks in a tub! To help set you on the right path for creating a very memorable 1st birthday party for your little duckling, I have put together this page of ideas that is full of nothing but good clean fun!

The time has come to waddle on over, get those ducks in a row and get to planning your rubber ducky party. As you scroll along, you will soon discover that there are numerous ideas from which to choose--all of which will certainly make a splash with your big old ducky bash! Listed below you will are sure to discover lots of fun ideas that will help you to host a very festive just ducky birthday celebration.


RUBBER DUCKY 1ST BIRTHDAY INVITATIONS #1 – You can either use a piece of yellow construction paper or opt to use a piece of yellow card stock. Then take some cookie cutters or stencils of ducks to make invitations shaped like a duck. Add glitter to highlight the feathers and add eyes. On front, write "Waddle On Over For A Splashing Good Time!" On the back side of your invitation you will want to be sure to tell everyone the necessary party details:

It's (baby's name)'s Birthday & he's/she's turning 1!
So, quack on over for lots of fun.

Date & Time:
Pond Location:
RSVP To The Mama Duck:

RUBBER DUCKY 1ST BIRTHDAY INVITATIONS #2 – Take yellow card stock and cut it into 4 pieces. Then use a piece of textured paper (preferably white), use calligraphy or your own handwriting for the party information. Then, cut the textured paper to fit inside the invitation and then you will need to glue it to the cardstock. Glue pink (girls) or blue (boys) bow to top center of invitation or punch 2 holes at top and thread ribbon through holes and tie into bow. Decorate corners with glitter or fun rubber ducky stickers.

RUBBER DUCKY 1ST BIRTHDAY PHOTO INVITATIONS – Take card stock (8.5 x 11 inch) and cut it into two separate pieces of equal size. Fold the pieces in half. Use a photo of your little tot in the tub with rubber ducks or in a duck costume. Trim the photo with some decorate scissors to ensure it fits in the invitation. Fit on the front and glue it down. Put "Splish-Splash It's A Rubber Ducky Birthday Bash!" over the picture. On textured light yellow or white paper, write in the following or use calligraphy:

(Baby's Name) is all quacked up over her/his 1st Rubber Ducky Party.
Waddle yourself on over for a splish-splashing good time.

Then finish it off with all the party details as noted above.

EMBELLISHED READY-MADE RUBBER DUCK INVITATIONS – Purchase some pre-made invites, then have fun embellishing the invites with glitter, bows and other accessories for cute invitations that don’t take a lot of hard work on your part.


Transform guests into rubber duckies by giving each a rubber ducky hat. To make the hats, make a duckbill by using hot glue to glue some orange felt to the bottom and top of the brim. Add wiggly eyes to two 1.5” white pomp oms, then attach them to the hat over the brim. Note, the hat should be a yellow ball cap. Finish up by adding some yellow feathers around the eyes you attached.


To put smiles on all your little guests, you will want to allow adequate planning and decorating time in order to create a fun-filled and festive Rubber Ducky party atmosphere. The following ideas will certainly do the trick:
  • Decorate ceilings balloons and streamers in any combination of orange, yellow, white and blue.

  • Make signs that say "Duck Crossing", "Caution, Ducks at Play", or "Welcome to the (baby's name)'s Duck Pond" and hang on party room wall.

  • Use Rubber Ducky printed plates, cups, napkins, tablecloth, centerpiece, and wall cutouts to give your party room an instant just ducky appearance.

  • Cover tables with yellow, orange, blue or white tablecloth. Add interest to the corners and insure the table covering stays put by tying them off. An inexpensive way to accomplish this is with the use of curling ribbon.

  • Decorate the top of the table with small rubber duckies.For a table centerpiece, tie balloons to a large rubber ducky and set the little guy onto a piece of blue-colored bubble wrap.

  • Create a centerpiece that looks like a pool. Start by filling a large glass bowl with some water. Then stir in a few drops of blue food coloring until you achieve the shade you like. Then you are ready to add the little rubber duckies to your "pool". Lastly, add a final splash of color to your centerpiece by tying some fun balloons to it.

  • Use yellow foam and cut out some duck shapes. Use orange foam to make the feet and bills. Use fishing line to hang them from the ceiling.

  • Be sure to hang a birthday banner that has both the Rubber Ducky theme and 1st birthday wishes on a wall. You can also add some posters that depict rubber ducks on some of your other walls. Then display some stuffed animals and related duck toys in birthday room(s).

  • Decorate room with duck-shaped inflatable swim rings.

  • Attach Rubber Ducky Mylar balloons to the birthday child's chair or high chair. You can also attach some helium balloons in any combination of yellow, orange, blue and white to guest ducky's high chairs.

  • Hang some giant duck decals on your main party room wall. When the party is over and you're mulling over the fun memories you've created, take a moment to extend those memories and move the decals to the walls of your child's bedroom. This way you'll have a fun reminder of the party every time you go into your child's room.

  • A bubble machine placed at the door would be a super fun addition for all your little duckies to waddle on through the bubbles. You can place the machine in the party area after all your little guests arrive, continuing the bubble fun for everyone.

  • Attach some balloons in yellow, white, blue and orange to your car, outdoor trees or even to the mailbox. This will help guests easily find the party area.

  • Use some chalk to draw some duck footprints on the walkway. Make them lead all the way to the door.


To start planning your Rubber Ducky Games and Activities, I have a page of options that you can check into to see if any of them are "just ducky" in your opinion and worthy of use. You'll find on that page...:
  • Rubber Ducky Pool Fun
  • Rubber Ducky Pool Art
  • Bubbles
  • Go Fishin' In The Duck Pond
  • Ducky Cake Walk
  • Playin' In The Duck Pond


QUACKERS AND CHEESE - Have various cheese and crackers available for little guests to enjoy.

ANIMAL QUACKERS – Place a bowl of animal crackers out for guests to eat, or give boxes of them as favors.

DUCK-A-RONI & CHEESE - AKA your child's very favorite mac & cheese.

JELL-O DUCKS – In a rectangular pan, make Jell-O in yellow. Add one extra box of gelatin so it is thicker. Cut it out with some cookie cutters in duck shapes. Place on top of tiny marshmallows that act as bubbles.

DUCK BURGERS - Create hamburgers and cheese in the shape of ducks.

GRILLED CHEESE - Grilled cheese sandwiches cut into duck shapes.

DUCK-SHAPED COOKIES – Mix together your favorite sugar cookies or buy a tube of ready-made dough. Then cut out your cookies using some cookie cutters that are in various duck shapes. Once baked, decorate with yellow icing, adding eyes of chocolate chips.

DUCK FEED PAILS – Place goldfish in little galvanized pails. You can also add other tasty snacks. You can even mix up a mixture of these delicious munchies and give them to the kids with their name on the outside, saying “DUCK FEED for (Name).”

YELLOW DUCKY-ADE – Make up lemonade, putting it in a punch bowl. Add some lemon lime Gatorade to make it even more yellow. Add little rubber ducks so they float on the top.

DUCK PUNCH – Take one liter of Sprite, add it to a big can of pineapple juice and mix together. Place in a big punch bowl. Before you serve it, add some pineapple sherbet for extra tastiness.


duck cake images
Photo courtesy of: Phil G.

RUBBER DUCKY 1ST BIRTHDAY CAKE – Take a cake pan in a duck shape and bake a cake. Use the instructions to decorate the cake. Top a platter with white frosting and then place the duck cake on top of the frosting. It will look amazing.

RUBBER DUCKY BATHTUB CAKE – Start by baking two sheet cakes in the shape of a rectangle. Allow them to cake and then place on cake boards. Cut the middle out of one of the cakes, leaving a rim of about three inches. Freeze the cake. Take the uncut cake and decorate with white frosting. Top with the frozen cake, frosting them together to make them look like a bathtub. On the rim, write the birthday message. Make a pack of vanilla pudding then use blue food coloring to make it look blue. Add this to the middle so it will look like water. Add rubber ducks to the top.

RUBBER DUCKY 1ST BIRTHDAY CAKE - Frost a sheet cake light blue. Make white "bubbles" on cake with either white frosting or Fondant. Add rubber duckies.

3-D DUCKY CAKE - Make the 3-D ducky cake according to the decorating instructions with the pan or turn the cake into a topper by placing it onto a sheet cake while piping white frosting onto cake to create "bubbles" or use fondant.

RUBBER DUCKY CUPCAKES – Make some white cupcakes and then use blue frosting to frost them. Top with a little rubber duck for cute, easy cupcakes.

RUBBER DUCKY PHOTO CAKE – Take a photo of your little one wearing a duck costume. Then head over to your local bakery and have them work their magic to superinpose it onto a cake of your choice.

For some more fun rubber ducky cake ideas, check out our visitor-submitted RUBBER DUCKY CAKE photos and how-to tips.


Use some of the following rubber ducky 1st birthday party favor ideas to create your party favors:

Start with some see-through plastic bags. Decorate the bags by adding duck stickers. Add duck shaped soaps, bubble baths, sunglasses, stickers, Goldfish crackers, stuff ducks or other duck items to the bags and give them out as the party favors.

Rubber Ducky 1st Birthday Ideas

Do you have some favorite Rubber Ducky 1st Birthday Ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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