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Since the Romans are well known for their over-indulgence in drink and food, as well as their love for great games, a Roman theme party makes a wonderful idea for an adult birthday party.

Basing your entire party on Roman times can definitely be exciting and it’s sure to be a party that all your guests will enjoy and remember in the future. You can do a lot with a Roman toga party theme, especially if you begin planning early. Coordinate your invitations, games, decorations, costumes, foods, favors and more to go along with the theme so you really make guests feel that they have gone on an adventure to ancient Rome.

The following are excellent, helpful tips and advice you can use to throw an incredible party that is unique and full of Roman fun.


One of the first things you’ll need to do is choose your guest list and then send out the invitations for your Roman party. Consider checking local party stores or online stores for quality invitations that reflect the theme. Premade options are great choices if you don’t want to make them yourself. Of course, it can be exciting to come up with unique invitation ideas that will show off your party theme.

GLADIATOR GAME INVITATIONS - One fun DIY invitation idea is to create invitations that look like gladiator games invitations. Use Latin in the invitations but make sure you give the information for the party in English as well. It’s also fun to substitute in Roman numerals for numbers in the invites.

SCROLL INVITATIONS - Another great invitation idea is to create your own scroll style invitations. In ancient Rome, papers were often rolled into scrolls. Use a beautiful Roman style font to print out the invitations. Once they are printed out, roll them up and then use a ribbon to tie them so they won’t slip open. You can hand deliver these invitations or stuff them into paper towel tubes and send them off to guests.

ROMAN IMAGERY INVITES - Download a picture that depicts ancient Rome like the Roman coliseum or perhaps one of Emperor Julius Caesar onto a piece of card stock. Put the party details on the reverse side. Punch two small holes at the top of the invite and tie a bow using twine.

ROMAN GOVERNMENT INVITE - Send guests a demand letter in the form of an ancient tablet that is from Emperor Julius Caesar stating their court appearance is required before the Roman government and then specify all the party details.

SLAVE INVITES - Dress up like a Roman slave and hand-deliver the written invites in person.

ROMAN COLUMN INVITES - Download a picture of a roman column onto a piece of cardstock and cut it out. Put all the party info on the reverse side.


You’ll definitely add to the feel of your Roman party theme by having guests dress up in costumes. Just ensure you note in the invitations that guests should be wearing appropriate costumes to the party that go along with the theme. Togas were very popular back in ancient Roman times and togas are a wonderful costume idea for both men and women. Guests can purchase actual togas or it’s easy to make their own by using bed sheets or some fabric from a fabric store. Add some fun belts or jewelry to the mix to provide an excellent look.

Guests can also dress as Roman gladiators, Roman empresses, Roman emperors or even Roman centurions. For inspiration, guests can watch a few Roman movies or look up Roman costumes online to get some great ideas.

You can also add a Roman Laurel wreath headpiece which could be made out of green or gold ivy leaf garland. If your sandals don't lace up the leg, fake it by attaching a ribbon to the back of the sandal and lacing it up the leg. As appropriate, you can also add a sword and centurion helmet.


It’s important to make sure your party area really makes guests feel like they have entered ancient Roman times for the Roman party. There are several excellent ways you can decorate the party area to go along with this theme.

  • One idea is to turn the entire area into a stunning Roman coliseum. Find faux marble paper that can be used on the walls or to help you make columns.

  • Foam columns can be made and then you can cover them with the faux marble paper to make them look more realistic.

  • You can also use foam and the faux marble paper to create roman arches at different places in the party area.

  • For the party colors, gold and white are great options. Use these colors throughout the décor. You can purchase streamers and balloons in white and gold to decorate the area.

  • Candles or oil burning lamps can be used to set the mood in the party area too.

  • You can also find fake ivy and fake grapevines to hang from the ceiling and around the tables, adding more of a Roman feel to the party.

  • Some plastic pedestals and busts can be used or you can make your own with paper mache to add some class to the décor.

  • Add to your Roman theme party atmosphere by hanging white Christmas lights around the room, along with a few well-placed, safe and secure candles and perhaps a lantern or two.

  • Drape strands of ivy garland around the door and window frames, wrap around banisters and table legs. You can also hang it in the actual opening of doorways so your Roman guests must walk through it to get from room to room.

  • As appropriate you might want to hang some gold lame fabric on walls or over tables.

  • Play some soft music in the background preferably flutes, harps and the lyre.

COSTUME CONTEST - Spice up the party with some excellent games and activities that go with your Roman party theme. One idea is to have a costume contest, having someone pick out the woman and the man that show up in the best costumes. You can also have other winning categories for costumes, such as the best accessories and most authentic.

TRIVIA GAME - A trivia game that includes trivia questions about Rome is another great idea. Come up with questions about Roman traditions and customs to try and stump your guests.

GLADIATOR GAMES - You can opt to have the war of the sexes or divvy up your guests equally and have everyone do a tug-of-war. You can also have your guests try their hand at a bit of arm wrestling. Another option might be to have your guests try to get an olive or a grape out of a glass of sparking water without using their hands.

MOVIE - You may also want to show the movie Gladiator for your guests to enjoy as well. Or perhaps find another good movie with a Roman theme and allow guests to watch it if they are interested.


No Roman party will be complete without some great food for everyone. Make sure you plan a menu that goes with the theme. Romans usually ate foods that were locally produced, such as grapes, olives and cheeses.

Start out with a nice selection of tasty Italian olives for your guests to enjoy. It is also nice to have some crusty Italian bread and some high quality olive oil for guests to dip the bread into.

Some Italian artisanal cheeses are a tasty selection to serve and they go well with grapes and other fruits.

A nice salad with Feta cheese and other tasty ingredients will be a big hit as well.

Traditional Italian dishes can be served for your Roman party too like fresh roasted vegetables and shellfish.

For drinks, enjoy serving up some white grape juices and red grape juice, along with water and other drinks your guests may enjoy.


ACCENT ON GRAPES CAKE - Have some fun with the birthday cake by making it compliment the Roman party theme. One idea is to have a cake in any shape or size decorated with lovely grapes and grape vines.

ROMAN COLISEUM CAKE #1 - You may also want to have a sheet cake or square cake decorated to look like the Roman coliseum or another piece of ancient Roman architecture.

ROMAN COLISEUM CAKE #2 - Make 3 or 4 round cakes and stack them up. Cover the cakes with white fondant and then ad black fondant on 3 or 4 layers to create windows in the coliseum.
ELEGANT ROMAN CAKE - A simple cake done with the party colors of white and gold will look elegant on your party tables and is easy to make if you are making the cake yourself.

MADE TO ORDER ROMAN CAKE - Of course, if you don’t feel like you can do the cake yourself, you can find a bakery to make the cake for you. Many may have some themes that you can look through so you can choose one that goes with the party. If they don’t have a Roman theme, give them an idea of what you would like for the cake.


After a night of fun and food, make sure you let guests know how much you appreciate their attending the party. Send them home with a nice “thank you” and favors that they will enjoy. You can find many great favor ideas to go along with your Roman party.

One idea is to hand out beautiful gold sandals to your guests. You can even hand these out at the beginning of the party so they can be worn with their costumes.

Jars of high end Italian olives make a great favor option too.

Flasks of wonderful flavored olive oil can be sent home with each guest as well.

Perhaps a basket of cheese, fresh bread, and a few bunch of grapes of various varieties. Use straw as the base and decorate with a few ribbons to coincide with your party colors.

YOUR Favorite Roman Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Roman party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your Roman cakes and costumes.

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