Relay Pool Party Game

Start With A Ball...

Start With A Ball...

Divide people into two teams and then the teams get in line and you set out a beach ball and make them toss it up ten times.

Then have everyone jump onto a pool noodle and ride it to one end of the pool and back.

Then they could twirl their way down to one end of the pool and back.

Another thing that they could do is to push a whole watermelon to one end of the pool and back and not let it touch the bottom. If it goes down you could require they start all over again or just pick up where they are at.

Then the next step is to set out some bubbles and they have to blow ten bubbles then run to the next station.

Come up with some more beach themed challenges to have them all do.

After they do all the steps, then the next person goes and the first team to finish gets a prize. Have fun.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Relay games make great choices for teen pool party games. This game is such a fun idea. Of course, you need to have several games on hand to keep teen guests busy, so I came up with a couple more you can use to keep everyone having a great time.


Split your teens into teams and give each team a ball. On "Go", the first person of each team shall push a ball with their nose while swimming across the pool and back to their teammates. The next teammate shall repeat the relay and whichever team finishes first shall be the winners. Hands can't touch the ball; if the ball starts to get away from someone, they have to use anything but their feet (e.g., elbow, feet, head, etc.) to get it back on track.


Why not have a pool piñata? Hang a piñata up over your pool. Have guests line up by the pool. Give the first person a whacking stick, have them jump in and then take a hit at the piñata. Everyone has to jump in to hit the piñata. When the piñata breaks, everyone jumps in and collects the goodies. Of course, you don’t want to put candy in a piñata that is hanging over a pool. Instead, fill it up with fun gifts like swimming goggles, mini bottles of sunscreen, sunglasses and squirt guns.


Another of the fun teen pool party games you can try is the Splashing Cannonball game. Split teens up into two teams. The first team will do cannonballs and the second team will judge them. One person in the cannonball team will do a cannonball to see if they can make the biggest splash. The judging team will give each person a score from 1-10. Once everyone jumps into the pool, the person given the highest score wins. Then switch the teams, having the first team judge and the former judges go compete to see who does the best cannonball. Be sure to have your camera on hand to capture all this hilarious moments.


Basically, this game is played the same way as regular tag except you will use an inflatable beach ball to tag people. One person starts out as "IT" who can throw the ball at someone to tag them out or touch the ball to a person and they will become "IT".

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