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If you want to throw a party that allows your guests to let loose and have some fun, a redneck themed party is sure to be unforgettable. Redneck parties aka hillbilly parties allow you to get a bit outrageous and celebrate everything in redneck style.

If you have never thrown a redneck themed party, you may not be sure how to begin the planning process. To give you some great redneck party ideas to work with, here are some super tips and party ideas that will surely make Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy proud. Just remember, when hosting a hillbilly party that tacky is good, a trashy eyesore is great, and cheap funky food is wonderful!


Start by cluing in your guests that you’re having a redneck party with some great redneck party ideas for invitations. Don’t worry about being fancy or classy with these invites. You want them to reflect your redneck theme. You can find great redneck invitations that are pre-made, complete with redneck sayings and pictures that will make everyone on your guest list laugh.

Of course, you can also have a blast if you decide to make your own redneck invitations. One hilarious idea to consider is to make your invitations from newspaper. Use newspaper as the background for the invitations and feature a square of white paper in the center that includes all the relevant party information.

You can also make guests laugh by making invitations out of toilet paper. Use cheap toilet paper and use a sharpie to write the party details on a few squares of the paper. Brown paper bags can be used to make redneck worthy invites. Send everyone a brown paper lunch bag complete with all the party information written down.

You may even want to “repurpose” old Christmas or Birthday cards and turn them into your own corny invitations.

Have some fun with the wording in your invitations. If you’re unsure what to write, here are a few great redneck wording ideas to consider using:

- Everyone’s favorite redneck, (Name), is having a birthday.

- You might be a redneck if…you’re invited to (Name’s) birthday party.

- Get edumacate

d. It’s (Name’s) birthday and we’re having a big redneck bash.

- What would Bubba do? He’d come right over to (Name’s) big birthday party.


For redneck parties, you might as well have all your guests dress the part. No formal wear is needed for this party. Encourage your guests to show up in trucker hats, overalls, flannel shirts, sleeveless shirts (you know, the Larry the Cable guy’s favorite fashion statement) or even some neon orange hunting apparel. Mullet wigs can add to the redneck look, as can ripped jeans and shirts.

Cut off shorts for the women and cheap high heels may make up a great costume. Hair done with curlers or really big hair will look great.

Blacked out teeth, tattoos, big belt buckles and work boots are great accessories for redneck costumes. Just have your guests have a great time with their costumes so everyone can have a hilarious time checking out each other’s costumes at the party.


If you need a few redneck party ideas for decorations, start with an old pickup truck or an old trailer in your driveway or your back yard.

Add some broken furniture, old tires and maybe an outhouse to your property.

If you don’t want to buy the real thing, make these items out of cardboard and decorate them to add to the redneck feel.

Anything that looks tacky and cheap will be sure to add to your overall décor.

Mismatch your colors, giving everything a throw together look.

Use plastic cups filled with plastic flowers for the table centerpieces.

Old, holey sheets make great tablecloths.

String up a few blinking Christmas lights here and there and use garbage bags to cover chairs and other available seating.

Add some candles to the party area by stuffing tapered candles into used soda cans.

Save those Mason jars as they are a part of a Redneck's fine dining utensils.

Make tables out of stacked plastic milk crates and plywood.

Cover with a camouflage, red and white check or patriotic tablecover.

Instead of decorating the table with confetti, use some soda can pop tops and shotgun shells.


Redneck parties should be full of funny games and activities to keep everyone busy and entertained. Have a hillbilly themed karaoke contest. It’s sure to be fun to hear everyone crooning out some old redneck or hillbilly tunes at the top of their lungs.

Another funny game to try is a spam carving contest. Cans of spam are cheap, so have everyone carve something out of their spam. The one with the best carving can win the “grand prize” – a can of spam!

Instead of traditional horseshoes, purchase a couple of cheap toilet seats and use them as the “horseshoes.” Put a couple stakes in the yard and turn everyone loose for a game of “redneck horseshoes,” which is sure to make everyone laugh.

Serve up some watermelon and then have everyone engage in a watermelon seed spitting contest. See who can spit those seeds the furthest.

Gather together some real down-home trailer trash party food and have a contest to see who will eat everything on their plate first. Serve up things like pigs feet, pickled eggs, spam sandwich, fried dill pickles, etc.

Be sure to have some redneck prizes on hand, such as plungers and fly swatters.


Of course, you’ll want to use redneck party ideas for food that go along with the theme. Have some fun with the food as well as how you serve it up to guests.

Of course every good trailer trash party serves up fried chicken which is a perfect food choice for the party and pigs in a blanket are another great choice.

Serve up some pork rinds, hotdogs, spam, ribs or maybe even some baloney and cheese sandwiches.

Macaroni and cheese is a great side dish and you can even have a platter of crackers, along with some cheese whiz spray cheese.

For some desserts, Twinkies, ding dongs, ho hos, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on white bread of course, a red, white and blue Jell-O ring, and other similar sweets make great for great redneck treats.

Make sure you go redneck with the drinks that you serve up at the redneck themed party too.

Set out some juice boxes.

Generic label sodas are a great option too.

Red and blue Kool-Aid can be mixed and served up to guests.

Fill your washing machine with ice and use it to keep those sodas nice and cold. It will be a blast to see your guest’s shocked faces when you tell them to get their drink from the washing machine.


No party is complete without a cake, and redneck parties are no exception. One great option for a Redneck theme cake would be to start with a sheet cake and decorate with “You Might Be a Redneck” quotes.

A blue and white checkered cake is another fun option that would surely be a hit with this type of party too.

Another cake idea starts with a sheet cake and decorate it to look like a pair of overalls.

Get creative with the cake. Use one of these fun ideas or create something unique of your own. You can also look for bakeries that will make a good redneck themed cake if you don’t have time to bake the cake yourself.


Once the party is over, thank all your redneck partygoers with some fun hillbilly party favors. If you need some redneck party ideas for favors, here are a few great options that you can use.

A great redneck idea is to hand out bottle openers to each of your guests.

A stick of beef jerky makes a funny favor as well.

Rolls of toilet paper are sure to make guests laugh when you hand them out.

For the guys, a dress shirt with the sleeves cut off will be hilarious.

Give all the women a pack of hair rollers, in bright pink of course.

Used trucker hats, used clothing items made of polyester, plastic flowers or boxes of toothpicks are other ideas that will definitely go along with your redneck theme.

YOUR Favorite Redneck Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite redneck party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your redneck cakes and costumes.

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