Redneck Party Ideas - Heinekin Cake

by Mae-Lan Mejia
(Santa Clarita, CA)

This Cake Is What I Call A 6-Pack Of Yummy Fun!

This Cake Is What I Call A 6-Pack Of Yummy Fun!

The tops of the beer bottles are made from rice crispy treats, covered in fondant, and then painted. The box is a fondant covered cake and then painted.

If you're having a redneck party and you aren’t serving beer, here's a great alternative!

What fabulous talent it took to make this redneck cake! If you have the talent, you may even want to try recreating a cake similar to it for your own redneck party. Of course, you don’t have to make a Heineken cake. You can make a Corona cake, a Guinness cake, a Dos Equis cake, a Tecate cake, a Coors cake, a Budweiser cake or even your own Moosehead cake. All you have to do is change up the color palette to go with the type of beer you choose and you can personalize the cake to your own “taste.”

If you need some great redneck party ideas for decorations, take your cue from the cake you make. Obviously, if you are making the Heineken cake, you’ll want to choose green as a main color, maybe accenting it with red and white. If you go with a Corona cake, you can use blues for your colors of choice when decorating. Have fun with it and make the cake the main event.

Since it’s a redneck party, why not use some old glass beer or soda bottles as one of the redneck party ideas for decorating. Add a few flowers to a longneck bottle and you have some fun centerpieces that are sure to go along with your redneck theme. Bottle caps should be used to decorate your tables instead of using confetti for some redneck fun. You could even create your own redneck candle holders. Purchase taper candles in colors that go along with your color palette. Stick the candles in the necks of soda or beer bottles and use them as candle holders that will not only add some soft lighting to the room, but will do so redneck style.

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