Recycle Scavenger Hunt

Fun And Fabulous Recycle Scavenger Hunt
The Perfect Add-On To A Hike!

If you want to host a scavenger hunt why not opt for one that is non-traditional? I've put together this page that focuses on recycling as the items that are to be hunted and as you will soon discover, it's also a great way to have fun and help clean up the environment. It's a perfect game for a camp out, a great added activity during a hike, or at a party that has a nature-related theme. It's also a great activity that can be done on Earth Day.

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This is the type of a hunt that can also double as a learning tool to teach youngsters about being environmentally responsible, while simultaneously allowing them to have some fun as they hunt up the list of items that will ultimately be recycled.

If you're a bit stumped as to what to hunt, I've created a list of items suitable for recycling. As you review the list you can pick and choose whatever items you'd like to have the kids hunt for and create your own list, or you can just print off my list of items and gather the troops so you can give them their marching orders.

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  • __________Aerosol can (empty)

  • __________Aluminum can

  • __________Aluminum foil

  • __________Candy wrapper

  • __________Cardboard

  • __________Cash register receipt

  • __________Envelope (used)

  • __________Flyer

  • __________Foil tray

  • __________Frozen food box

  • __________Glass bottle

  • __________Glass jar

  • __________Gum wrapper

  • __________Magazine

  • __________Metal can

  • __________Newspaper page

  • __________Paper bag

  • __________Paper cup

  • __________Phone Book

  • __________Plastic bag

  • __________Plastic bottle

  • __________Plastic jar

  • __________Shredded paper

  • __________Water bottle

Since everyone will be gathering trash type items, you'll want to give the teams some kind of a garbage bag to place their treasures into. They will also need to have plenty of disposable plastic gloves so everyone has a pair, and Wet Ones.

Before you send everyone on their way, be sure to designate a meeting local and schedule a time for the gang to return from their recycle scavenger hunt. If you want to be sure that everyone makes it back in time, advise everyone that they will suffer a penalty of losing one point for each minute that they are late.

The team who ultimately returns first within the scheduled time frame, has managed to collect all of the items on the list, and has obtained the highest number of points are the winners. If no team was able to secure all of the items, then you could have the team that picked up the most items be the winners, or go with adding up the points for the items obtained and whichever team has the most will be the winners.


  • Allocate 1 point for each item obtained.
  • The team who returns first shall be given 5 additional points as a bonus.
  • Penalize each team 1 point for each minute that they are late.
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