Rapunzle Cake

by Linda

Rapunzle, Rapunzle Let Down Your Long Hair...

Rapunzle, Rapunzle Let Down Your Long Hair...

Rapunzle, Rapunzle Let Down Your Long Hair...
Little Miss Rapunzle In All Her Fairy Tale Glory!

My granddaughter requested a Rapunzle cake for her 5th birthday. I bought a cheap doll, and before removing its clothes and legs, worked out what depth of cake I needed. It was a 1-pint basin and it stood on a 6" round-both Madeira sponge cakes with jam and vanilla buttercream fillings. I carved the cake to the shape of the dress and crumb coated it. After covering it with pale pink fondant, I inserted the doll minus legs and finished decorating using different coloured fondants and white royal icing.

Finally, the hair was made with natural marzipan. After covering the doll's head with the marzipan I plaited (braided) thin long rolls and attached them in stages until it was long enough. To complement the cake I made cupcakes in matching colours and each of the party guests took one home in a single cupcake box along with a slice of the cake.

Other Princess Cake Ideas

Not only is this cake by Linda one of the most stunning Rapunzle cakes, but making the cupcakes so guests could take them home was a wonderful favor idea. Whether you are holding a princess party or a Rapunzle themed party, this cake would make a great choice that your little girl is sure to love.

Throwing a princess party? Rapunzle cakes are one idea, but there are many other Disney princesses to consider as well, if you’re looking for beautiful princess cake ideas. You could use the basic idea of this cake, but instead of Rapunzle, you could turn your cake into a Cinderella cake, a Jasmine cake or even a Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) cake. All cakes could be done using a doll for the top of the cake to make it easy. Just make sure you purchase a doll that has the right color of hair for the princess you choose for the cake.

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