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Fun And Fabulous Rainbow Theme Party
For A Colorful Party Adventure!

Somewhere over the rainbow there is the opportunity to create a wonderful first birthday party that is not only full of bright beautiful colors, but also makes for a vibrant party atmosphere.

A rainbow party makes for beautiful surroundings with the use of all the various colors of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple). It gives you the opportunity to go wild with color and you will see how easy it is to create a fun-filled, colorful first birthday party for your little one. He or she will certainly enjoy being surrounded by all the pretty colors. At this age, this party will be pure eye candy!

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RAINBOW INVITATIONS #1 - Cut out a large semi-circle from white cardstock. Using various colored markers, highlighters, colored pencils, or crayons, create the rainbow stripes on one side. Then write on top of your rainbow, "Somewhere, Over The Rainbow..." On the back write, There's a First Birthday Party For (Baby's Name). Then add the party details of date, time, location, RSVP, etc.

RAINBOW INVITATIONS #2 - Download a clipart rainbow and enlarge it to the size of whatever you want your finished invitation to be. Print the rainbow out on cardstock and put the party details on the reserve side.

RAINBOW INVITATIONS #3 - Make a rainbow from one of the above methods and then glue a large white cloud-shape to on the ends of the rainbow and write the party details on the cloud.

RAINBOW INVITATIONS #4 - Make a rainbow from one of the above methods and then glue a large gold pot on one of the ends of the rainbow and write the party details on the back of the rainbow.


Invite the parents to dress their children in all one color of the rainbow. You can either assign colors or let them choose freely.

As the little tots arrive, you could have a helper set up to paint on one of their cheeks or their hand, a little colorful rainbow.


Create a festive, colorful rainbow atmosphere with some of the following ideas:
  • Create your own balloon rainbow canopy. You can attach the balloons together with some string. Make strings of balloons in each color of the rainbow. Then, attach the strings of balloons together to make the full rainbow. Attach the balloons to the ceiling using a net so it looks like the ceiling has a big rainbow on it.

  • For centerpieces, take clear jars and fill them up with big lollipops in various rainbow colors. You can also use rainbow colored candy to fill up pretty clear jars as well. Use some pretty rainbow ribbon and tie it around the jars of candy or lollipops.

  • Buy Japanese lanterns in all of the rainbow colors. Hang them all around the party area, including from the ceiling, ceiling fans and other high areas around the party area. They’ll look pretty and add to the rainbow décor for your rainbow theme party.

  • Cover a wall with butcher paper and then color in a large rainbow to use as a backdrop for photos, or make it easy on yourself and buy a ready-made rainbow mural instead.

  • Cover your ceiling with various colored twisted streamers to create a rainbow of color.

  • Create clusters of helium balloons that contain all the colors of the rainbow, add a balloon weight and place them in various corners of the party room.

  • Decorate your walls with photos of your child or create ceiling danglers by hanging photos off of ribbons that are attached to the ceiling. Try to incorporate photos of those all-important milestone events in your child's first year of life. These photos can be used later for a party trivia game.

  • Another fun photo idea would be to create a collage of photos from your child's first life. You can use it as a focal point on one of your main walls and after the party is over, have it framed and enjoy it all year round.

  • Use a different color for each of the following items to create your rainbow table: tablecloth, table runner, confetti, and partyware.

  • Attach various colored helium balloons to the babies' high chairs.

  • Create a centerpiece using brightly colored Beanie Babies, shred, curling ribbons, and helium balloons.

  • Hang a rainbow pinata from the ceiling.

  • Create party placemats by laminating a picture of a rainbow.

  • Decorate your walkways that lead to the front door by taping some rainbows to them.


    If you need some ideas for some Rainbow Party Games, then click on over to this page and you will find all the necessary instructions for the following:

    • Rainbow Pot Of Gold Hunt
    • Rainbow Treat Bag Painting
    • Pin The Cloud
    • Over The Rainbow Dance
    • Rainbow Coloring Station
    • Edible Rainbow Necklaces
    • Musical Rainbows
    • Water Balloons
    • Rainbow Tunnels
    • Rainbow Pinata


    Create a rainbow of colors using food. Here's a few ideas to help get you started:

    MINI RAINBOW PIZZAS – Create some mini rainbow pizzas for your little guests to eat at the rainbow theme party. Use crescent roll dough that is cut into circles. Add some sauce and then decorate the mini pizzas with bits of cheddar cheese, pepperoni, green peppers and other rainbow colored toppings. Bake according to the crescent roll directions and serve while warm to your little guests. You can make a few plain cheese pizzas as well for little ones that may be a bit pickier.

    RAINBOW M&M COOKIES – Mix up some delicious rainbow M&M cookies for your little guests. Cookies are a tasty treat. If your guests are too young to eat cookies with M&Ms, you could make sure sugar cookies with sprinkles baked into them, giving plenty of color without the M&Ms.

    RAINBOW TOPPING ICE CREAM BAR – Most little ones enjoy ice cream, so consider making a rainbow topping ice cream bar for your rainbow theme birthday party. You can start with vanilla ice cream and have different toppings, such as strawberry topping, sprinkles, pineapple topping, chocolate topping or other colorful toppings. This offers a cool, tasty treat that is easy for most little ones to enjoy eating.

    MACARONI & CHEESE - This is always a favorite among kids and 1-year-olds are no exception. You can opt to leave it yellow or tint it to match one of the colors contained in a rainbow.

    RAINBOW BREAD SANDWICHES - Make your own bread and tint the dough using food coloring. You can make mini loaves so you can have several colors. Add peanut butter, and various colored jams and jellies. Then make mini sandwiches using two different colors. That way everyone will have opportunities to have multiple-colored sandwiches.

    RAINBOW JELL-O - Place various colors of Jell-O into a mold or a clear bowl, letting it firm up in between layers. If you use the quick set method of making Jell-O, you will be able to accomplish this task in an afternoon.

    RAINBOW JUICE - Give everyone a yellow drink like pineapple juice, lemonade, or Gatorade. Add blue ice cubes which consist of water with blue food coloring. Be sure to serve in clear cups. As the ice melts, their drinks will turn green!


    Photo courtesy of: Jay Monster

    RAINBOW CUPCAKE CAKE – Bake tasty cupcakes in any flavor, or you can purchase them from a local store. Frost cupcakes in different rainbow colors, Make 8 red cupcakes, 7 orange cupcakes, 6 yellow cupcakes, 5 green cupcakes, 4 blue cupcakes and 3 purple cupcakes. On a large pieces of cardboard that is covered with aluminum foil, arrange the cupcakes in the shape of the rainbow, starting with the red cupcakes and working to the purple cupcakes. It makes a great presentation and since the cupcakes are all together, they almost look like a cake instead of cupcakes. Make the cupcake cake the centerpiece of your food tables. The little ones will have an easy time eating the cupcakes too, making them a great selection for your party.

    RAINBOW CAKE BATTER CAKE – This cake will be all about how it looks when you slice it. Make two boxes of cake mix or enough cake batter for two round cakes if you’re making the cake batter from scratch. Divide up the batter into six different bowls. Tint one bowl of batter red, another orange, another yellow, another green, another blue and another purple, using gel food coloring. Layer the different colored batters into cake pans, adding the red to the bottom of the first pan, then orange and then yellow. In the second round cake pan, add the green, then the blue and top it with the purple batter. After baking the cakes and allowing them to cool, place the red, orange and yellow cake on the bottom, topping with the other layer of the cake. Frost the cake with white icing, adding plenty of rainbow colored sprinkles. When you cut the cake, each slice will have all the colors of the rainbow on the inside.

    RAINBOW-SHAPED CAKE - Bake round white cake. Cut in half to create 2 rainbow semi-circles. Spread white frosting between layers to hold together. Frost entire cake with white frosting. Draw out rainbow on top of cake and create rainbow colors with edible glitter. Right before serving, dollop Cool-Whip around bottom of rainbow to create a cloud.

    RAINBOW CUPCAKES - Make or buy some cupcakes and cover them with white or light blue frosting. Top each of them off with a rainbow sugar shape.

    If you would like to check out some photos of some great RAINBOW CAKES, then click on over to this page; you're sure to get lots of fun ideas!


    Create a pot of gold to hold the favors. If you can't find a gold pot, then spray gold paint onto a black Halloween pot. Fill with cellophane bags decorated with rainbow stickers that contain your party favors. Ideas for favors: Bubbles, baby sunglasses, alphabet book, animal crackers, goldfish crackers, stuffed animal, bath crayons.

    Rainbow Theme Ideas

    Do you have some favorite Noahs Ark birthday party ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc.

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