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If you have decided that you want a first birthday party that spells color, then you might want to opt for a Rainbow Theme Party. This is a great theme that will allow you to go crazy with color. You can use as much or as little as you want. However, you can't just rely on color to carry the party, you will want to plan some games that will coordinate with this theme.

To help you out in this regard and get you started planning your party games, I have put together this page which contains lots of games that are great for little tots and picture perfect to play at a 1st birthday party. These games are all geared to little ones and several of them offer the opportunity for Mom or Dad to help their child with the game, hence good parent and child interaction. So, if you have decided or are considering a rainbow theme party, here are some fun and colorful games to check out:


RAINBOW POT OF GOLD HUNT – Hide some fun items around the party area, such as cute stuffed rainbows, rainbow coloring books or other age appropriate, rainbow themed toys and goodies. Make them easy to find, since you are dealing with young, little guests. Have a treasure hunt and allow all the little ones to search around the party area for the “pot of gold.” You can even have the parents help out a bit if the little ones are having a tough time finding their “loot.” Make sure every guest finds something special to take home.

RAINBOW TREAT BAG PAINTING – You will need a lot of help for this game, and you’ll also need to be brave, but this is tons of fun. Take fabric treat bags and allow the little ones (with the help of their parents) to decorate their own treat bag in rainbow colors. After decorating the bags with pain, hang them to dry while you enjoy the rest of the party, allowing them to “collect gold” that comes from the rainbow’s end. Fill them with fun favors at the end of the party and let little guests take their fun painted treat bag home.

Rainbow Party Games

PIN THE CLOUD – This game is a bit like the old favorite, Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You will need to make a big rainbow on poster board, and then cut out a lot of little fluffy clouds, ensuring that you have one for every guest. Have parents lift up their baby and have them place the cloud on the rainbow. No need for a blindfold with this game, it will just be fun to see where all the little clouds end up when all the babies are done with the game. You could even make this a photo booth where parents could take pictures of their little one’s with the rainbow and clouds.

OVER THE RAINBOW DANCE – Let all the little ones dance away all that energy with this fun game. You will need a copy of the song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” which is easy to find on CDs or on music downloading sites like iTunes. Turn on this adorable rainbow tune and have all the little ones dance around the room to the song. It will be cute to see them dancing and toddling around the room, so be sure to have a camera handy to catch those candid dancing moments.

Rainbow Party Games

RAINBOW COLORING STATION – Create your own rainbow coloring station by covering a table with white butcher paper. Fill some buckets with plenty of crayons in all colors and place them on the table. Have parents take their little ones to the coloring station to color on plain paper or on rainbow themed coloring pages. Parents will love getting to take the art home that their little ones made at the party.

EDIBLE RAINBOW NECKLACES – Not only are these necklaces fun to make, but the little ones can even eat them if they want to. You will need plenty of thick string along with plenty of Fruit Loops, which are the perfect choice because they come in all colors of the rainbow. Have parents help their little ones place Fruit Looks on the string to create bracelets or necklaces. When done, the ends of the string can be tied into a knot. The best part is that you don’t have to worry if the little ones decide to nibble on their necklaces. Just make sure you have enough Fruit Loops on hand, because the little ones are sure to enjoy snacking on them while they work on their little necklaces (and they’re so delicious that the parents might do a little snacking too).

Rainbow Party Games

MUSICAL RAINBOWS - Cut out various colored circles and line them up. As the music play, have the babies walk around them, with the help of an older child or a parent. When the music stops, the babies should each stand on a color. Call out a color and whoever is on that particular color will receive a prize. Be sure everyone eventually wins a prize.

WATER BALLOONS - Fill colorful balloons 1/3 full and let the babies roll them around and play with them on a large piece of plastic.

Rainbow Party Games

RAINBOW TUNNELS - Since little ones love to crawl around, why not capitalize on this and create rainbow colored tunnels for them to enjoy. Gather together all sorts of boxes that are large enough for the little tikes to crawl through. Then attach them to one another to create your crawl spaces using duct tape. Then paint the boxes in a variety of colors. You can also decorate them a bit by painting some large colorful flowers, the sun, a tree, etc. on the outside. Be sure to not join too many together in case someone decides not to crawl through and gets "stuck" and a big person has to perform a rescue.

RAINBOW PINATA - No blindfolds, spinning around, or bats. However, with a little help your little ones should be able to pull the string on a colorful rainbow pinata a few times for fun.

Here are some additional 1st Birthday Games And Activities that you might want to consider incorporating into your party. They don't have a rainbow theme, but little ones are sure to enjoy playing them.

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