Race Car Cake

by Mae-Lan Mejia
(Santa Clarita, CA)

Start Your Engines & Get Ready For A Nascar Birthday Party!

Start Your Engines & Get Ready For A Nascar Birthday Party!

I actually made the cake out of Rice Krispy treats because they are really easy to cover with frosting, gum paste, fondant, etc.

This race car is covered with gum paste and fondant. You can color the gum paste to whatever color you want to use. Both gum paste and fondant are easy to work with and very forgiving if you make a mistake. They can easily be cut into shapes or molded into whatever shape you want. The details of the car are painted on.

I added cupcakes each topped off with a race car, all around the main car cake.

Boys just seem to love race cars and this is one of the race car cakes that any boy is sure to love having at his party. This makes for a great cake to use at a Nascar birthday party. Need some other cool Nascar cake ideas? Well, this one gave me a few more.

The Cars Cake Idea

One idea is to get a Cars cake pan (Cars is a cool kids movie). You can find Cars cake pans that will make it easy to create a cake in the shape of a race car. Follow the instructions that are included for decorating the cake to make it even easier. You may even be able to find a 3D race car cake pan, which is sure to look incredible at a Nascar birthday party.

More Nascar Race Car Cakes

Another great idea is to let some toy race cars help you out with your race car cakes. You can make a simple round or square cake. Then, decorate the cake with a cool color of icing. Then add toy race cars to the top of the cake. You can also find Nascar themed cake toppers, which you simply place on the cake. The great thing about toys or toppers is that they will help you to achieve a professional looking cake without having to do a lot of work with icing, which sometimes can be challenging.

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