Queen Of Hearts - Aeris Costume

by Stephanie
(Pittsburgh, PA)

In Front Of The Baltimore Fountains

In Front Of The Baltimore Fountains

I've always been an avid Final Fantasy player, and the seventh installment is a particularly recognizable hit. I do look a bit like Aeris already, so I thought I could pull off a cosplay as her. However, I wasn't crazy about her character design. I've seen a lot of remakes for other titles she's been in (i.e., Kingdom Hearts), and considered doing my own.

I actually got my "Queen of Hearts" inspiration from an e-mail circulating at my University, advertising the Queen of Hearts Valentine's Day ball. I took that theme, perhaps mixed it with some Alice in Wonderland notions, and started sketchin'.

As for construction, I bought a pink, floor length dress, gathered at the bust. I cut about half of it off, took it in a few inches, gathered up the bottom for the tier like effect (I'm sure there's a tutorial for that somewhere. I just kind of made it up when I did it, though). Then I hand sewed all of the buttons on it. There's also a jacket that I dyed for it (it took forever because the jacket was polyester! Ugh, avoid that if at all possible. Please.) But it was way too hot to wear in the picture, and I unfortunately don't have any other good pictures of me wearing it. The other accessories were just purchased online.

Overall, it was a very successful redesign--many people liked it better than her actual outfit. My best advice: if you want to redesign a character/stylize an outfit, it's always best if they're fairly iconic. It gives a lot more freedom to the design since they already have such a wide recognition base.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Stephanie has a great costume; she is very creative and did a terrific job. Now that the costume is out of the way, I thought I might throw in a few ideas for space-related food.

To keep with the Final Fantasy theme or science fiction theme, you might want to make some cookies and cut them out in the shapes of spaceships, robots, antenna, moon, stars, etc. Then decorate them using edible silver glitter, tiny silver balls, and silver frosting. You could also cut the cookies out in the shapes of the planets and decorate them to coincide with the real deal.

Make star-shaped sandwiches by cutting all your breads, meat and cheese into star shapes using a cookie cutter.

Since just about everyone enjoys pizza, you could serve this up as one of your main space foods. You could either let it come in the traditional round shape, but to make it more fun, see if the pizzeria will reshape the dough into large stars or a rocket. If not, roll up your sleeves and make your own.

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