Fun Purse Scavenger Hunt - Great Ice Breaker Game!

Fun And Fabulous Purse Scavenger Hunt
A "Treasure Hunt" For Females Only!

The average purse is the perfect breeding ground for many a game. This scavenger hunt game is one in which the purse is the target for obtaining items. This is a game in which the bigger the purse, the better the game. The larger purses have a way of creating opportunities for more embarrassment and more options to come up with crazy things that some people might assume would never be in a purse.

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We all know what it is like to reach into the deep caverns of a purse, seeking out that coveted item that we have determined we need at the moment. The question that rings in the back of our minds is, "Where in the world did I put _____?" "I know it is in here somewhere." Meanwhile, we come across things we have forgotten about, thought were lost, or have no idea how they ended up in our purse.

purse scavenger hunt
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A purse scavenger hunt isn't anything new, depending upon your age, some of you may or may not recall, that there used to be a segment on the game show called "Let's Make A Deal that involved women scavenging through their purses for specific items. Although the show was not centered around a woman's purse, they did have a short segment in which they would have contestants competing for prizes and $$$ for coming up with just the right item from their purse. This hunt, in essence, is a spin-off from that show.

Prior to party time, you'll want to make a list of things that might be found in a purse, along with some things that are generally not found in the average purse. To help get you started creating that list, I've outlined below some suggested items for you to consider. Obviously, you know your women and you know how crazy to get with what you put on your list.


  • __________Address book (nothing electronic)

  • __________* Airplane ticket

  • __________* Antibiotics

  • __________Baby photo

  • __________Band-Aid

  • __________Batteries

  • __________Book

  • __________Breath mints

  • __________Business card

  • __________Calculator

  • __________* Camera (not digital)

  • __________Chap Stick

  • __________Coupon

  • __________Dental floss

  • __________Flashlight

  • __________*Fold-up fork

  • __________Grocery receipt

  • __________Grocery store discount card

  • __________Gum

  • __________Highlighter

  • __________Key that is a color other than gold or silver

  • __________Library card

  • __________Measuring tape

  • __________*Passport

  • __________Peppermint candy

  • __________Perfume sample

  • __________Postage stamp

  • __________Prescription

  • __________Recipe

  • __________Red lipstick

  • __________Rice cakes

  • __________Sewing kit

  • __________Sunglasses

  • __________*Thermometer

  • __________Ticket stub

  • __________$2 Bill

  • __________Toothbrush

  • __________Tums

  • __________Tweezers

  • __________Water bottle (Half full)

  • __________White-Out

Whoever has the most items in their purse within the allotted time, is the winner. If you want to award bonus points for certain items, then you can make the winner be the person who ends up with the most points within the allotted time.


  • Each item found is worth 1 point.
  • The first person to find all the items shall receive 5 bonus points.

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