Puppy Birthday Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Puppy Birthday Party Ideas
For Baby's 1st Birthday Party!

Although your little one is not yet old enough to "hound" you for a dog, you can still create a dog-gone good time for your tot's first birthday. You might want to take a look at these puppy party ideas as this is a theme that will make for an adorable 1st birthday to remember.

Your guests will be alerted to expect a fun filled time when they spy the personalized puppy banner hanging over the door. As guests arrive, greet them wearing puppy ears and for an added touch, give yourself painted whiskers and a black tipped nose. Be sure to adorn your little pups by tying on to each little guest a dog collar made from crepe paper with their name.

As you begin to scroll down this page, you will soon discover that there are a host of puppy party ideas that will help you to insure party success for all your little pups.


READY-MADE INVITES - If you're short on time, you might want to consider sending out some ready-made invitations like any of the ones pictured above. As you can see, these invites are not only adorable, but also come in both blue and pink designs, along with an option to personalize. For added touch of fun, accent the picture with glitter. You can even "tie" a little bow around the puppies' necks.

PAW PRINT INVITES - Making your own invites is always fun and sometimes challenging, however, if there are siblings in the family this is a good way to include them in the planning process. Construction paper cut to card size with paw prints on the front and party details inside is an easy to make invitation idea. Purchase a paw print stamp or draw one large circle and four small circles onto the construction paper, fill them in, and that will do the job of making a cute little paw print.

PHOTO INVITES - Another invitation choice is to paste a picture of the guest of honor on the front of the card and put all the party info on the reverse side. Be sure to dress your little one up in appropriate puppy attire and adorn your invite with little paw print stickers.


A novel idea would be puppy pajamas for a puppy party. There are different patterns and the little tykes, with the help of a parent or teen could show off their garment. Face painting of a black nose and whiskers would add to the fun. Another choice might be a puppy t-shirt with a party hat. Give those out as guests arrive and they can take them home later as a favor.


  • Festoon your doorway with paw print balloons.

  • Hang a signature matte message board with a photo of the guest of honor in the center of the board. This will became a treasured keepsake in years to come.

  • You can have an outstanding puppy party room with a multitude of banners and pictures of puppies on the walls of the room.

  • Make groupings of plush stuffed playful puppies, sleeping puppies, and different breeds of puppies and whatever other little doggies you might have on hand or can borrow.

  • Search magazines, tabloids the internet, etc. for pictures of puppies. Cut them out and mount onto colored construction paper and use two-sided tape and tack to the walls.

  • Balloons in groups of 3’s or 5’s anchored with a small plastic toy floating in mid-air or tied down to chair backs or other furniture help to create a festive atmosphere.

  • Add crepe paper streamers in a variety of colors to match the balloons and your partyware.

  • Create large dog bones from cardboard and attach them to the walls intermingled with the puppy pictures.

  • Create banners that read, Wipe Your Paws, No Cats Allowed, and Puppy Crossing.

  • Play background music like, Where has my Little Dog Gone, How much is that Doggie in the Window, Bingo, and the all-time favorite Puppy Love.

  • Fill the room with as many plush animals as you can. Be sure to ask your puppy party tykes to bring their favorite toy puppy to the party.

Puppy Birthday Party

  • Hang a birthday banner over the cake or present table to help jazz up the wall in that area.

  • Cover the table with some butcher paper and adorn it with little puppy paw prints. You can use a rubber stamp, draw and color them on, or even cut them out of construction paper and glue them to the paper.

  • Don't forget to create a puppy party centerpiece. You can start by placing your child's favorite stuffed puppy upon a bed of green Easter grass, toss a few dog bones into the mix, and tie a bouquet of balloons to the neck.

  • The playful puppy collection pictured above has a complete line of paper goods for setting a puppy party theme table. This includes plates, cups, napkins, centerpieces, cake plates, table covers, favor boxes, and cone-shaped party hats.


To entertain your little tykes at your puppies party, here are a few games and activities to keep them amused:

TREASURE HUNT - Make small cardboard bones and hide them around the room for a “Bone Treasure Hunt. Have a teen accompany the child to help find the treasure. Reward each child with one of the floating balloons with an attached toy as a prize.

OBSTACLE COURSE - Clear out an area for an obstacle course crawl race. Put green balloons on the course for the little ones to crawl around to the finish line. Reward all with a puppy cookie.

PUPPY CONTEST - Have a puppy barking and howling contest.

PUPPY PINATA - Use a pull-string pinata and have all the little ones take a turn pulling the string to try and open the puppy's belly which will be filled with all sorts of treats.

MOVIE TIME - When all is said and done, settle the tykes down by playing a DVD like Disney’s Lady and the Tramp.


What is a puppy party without food and we have a few suggestions, aka puppy party ideas to get you started. Be sure to serve up your treats in new little dog bowls for added fun.

You could serve the all-time kid favorite of mac n' cheese with tiny bits of hot dog on top.

In the alternative, sandwiches cut with a dog-shaped cookie cutter.

Bake your favorite cookies and frost them in puppy colors of white, brown and yellow. You can also frost some of them in a combination of colors to represent the spotted color puppies. Use different size dog cookie shaped cutters to add variety. The large ones could represent labs and Dalmatians and the smaller ones could be for poodles and terriers. Be sure to serve a cup of flavored milk to go with the cookies.

Snacks like goldfish crackers, pretzels and M&M's are always a big hit with the small fry.

Don’t forget some fruit; thin slices of apple, kiwi, strawberries, and a few grapes are mighty tasty.


Puppy cakes are fun to make and decorate especially if you use a puppy shaped cake pan. First, apply a thick coating of frosting and then comb the frosting so it will look like puppy fur. Use M&M’s for eyes, a black Jelly Belly for the nose, and a thin strip of licorice for the mouth. The cake can easily be made with a Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines cake mix.

Not enough time to bake? Well, you can always opt for a professionally made cake that is decorated to order from a bakery of your choice.

A tiered plate filled with tiny decorated cupcakes is a nice treat for your 1st birthday party guests. The cupcakes are easier for the little ones to manage then a slice of cake. Serve a scoop of ice cream in a cone along with the cake.


When it comes to puppy party ideas for favors, as mentioned above, you might consider giving your little guests a puppy t-shirt as they arrive. In addition, you could also send them home with a little plush doggie, puppy stickers or tattoos, balls, balloons in all colors, or perhaps a puppy printed Mylar.

Before your party ends take pictures of the group in their puppy pajamas or puppy t-shirts with the toy puppies they brought to the party. Have one of your helpers make copies and include them in their favor boxes.


As you can see, it is easy to create a fun little puppy party and it's a perfect 1st birthday option. It will be a sweet remembrance of the good time and fun everyone had at your child's most memorable and fun puppy party.

YOUR Favorite Puppy Birthday Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite puppy birthday party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your puppy cakes and costumes.

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